a late 18th century ningxia rug with beautifull colours and very fine wool in very good original condition. missing one row of ... read more
Gansu carpet, 41'' x 24''(104 x 61cm)
price:  SOLD
Ninghsia, China, 65 x 118 cm/ 26 x 46 inch, 1st. half of 19. cent., little repairs; see more: link
price:  POR
Chinese Ningxia Square with Fret Dragons and Lotus Border on a yellow ground. 71x72cm / apx. 28"x28"
price:  SOLD
Sitting mat in excellent original condition 70x83cms, usually attributed to the Ningxia area of China this throne seating mat would have been ... read more
price:  SOLD
a ningxia square including hundreds years of meditation experience, but still under the protection of the holy peaks. china late 18th c.
price:  transcendental
bold late 18th century chinese ningxia square with strong yellow and shiny blue.
price:  worn
Rare upper part of Khotan saddle cover; Ca. 1830, 31'' x 21''(79 x 53cm). Saddle covers from this region comprise a lower two-piece ... read more
price:  ON REQUEST
well balanced mid 18th century chinese double ningxia mat, beautifull early center and clear colors.
Number: 195 Outstanding baby Carrier, applique, Pedi point, embroidery and stitch work on hand made cotton fabric. Miao people in absent ... read more
price:  Sold.
Very nice Chinese Peking pictorial rug. Circa 1920. Size: ca 245x105cm / 8'1'' x 3'5'' link
chinese textile metal threaded on black ground round 28cm co348.
price:  POR
189 Fine silk embroidery on a hemp. Yao Minority group Guangxi province China. late 19 century. 43 x 38 cm
price:  POR.
Unusual small Chinese rug with auspicious bats and flower pots. Uncommon use of madder red and un-dyed brown wool pile. cotton foundation. ... read more
price:  SOLD
striking southwest china silk panel. pieced silk with outlining made of silk wrapped animal hair (possibly horse hair; maweixiu embroidery in mind).
finely woven with top quality wool chinese ningxia under saddle. 4 lion-dogs medaillon design rarely seen on saddle rugs. mid 18th ... read more
chinese or tibetan stork crane tapestry embroidery 25 x 10 inches
price:  SOLD. Thank you
large early chinese dragon embroidery textile. 24 x 60 inches
price:  SOLD. Thank you
Blue brocade and silk jacket with Shou- and bat- design, china 19th century
price:  P.O.R.
Two waterpipes, with cloisonné-decor showing rabbits and cranes, china, late Qing dynasty
price:  P.O.R.
18th century Ningxia Throne-Back Fragment. Exceptionally elegant both in drawing and construction. Fret-dragons are drawn both in the border and field. Great ... read more
price:  SOLD, thanks
Chinese Woman's Jacket, late 19th century
price:  P.O.R.
chinese belt 19th century silk embroidery.size 232 x7 cm
Antigue china Needlework 182CM X50CM Ask about this Price: on reguest
price:  SOLD
Mid 19th century Tibetan Prayer rug in Ningxia yellow, size 84cm x 141cm, Fringes on both ends are not original there are ... read more
price:  POR Sold thanks
Antique silk Chinese needlework skirt, in excellent condition.
price:  On request
Central Asian Silk embroidery Sassainan style... probably 6th/9th Century. This is a very fine and beautiful poetic textile.
price:  please ask
Beautiful early 19th Century Ningxia mat
price:  800
rare white ground silk brocade fragment (lower panel of a robe) china kangxi era. the gold threads are mostly in good shape, ... read more
Early Chinese fragment fragment. Yellow, yellow, yellow. Thin, thin, thin. High degree of floppiness. 1'9" x 3'4"
price:  sold
link This circa 1850 Ningxia Chairback measures 2'2" x 2'5". The buyer pays the shipping. Please visit our website at link ... read more
price:  $5000.00
Mirror with Ram Handle, Central Asia, Bronze, 4th/3rd Century bce,
price:  POR
a beautyful blue chinese dragonrug with 2 dragons fighting over a pearl. It's a big rug: 300cm x 430cm Hand knotted. It has some stains ... read more
price:  to be agreed
Chinese Antique Blue Baotao Rug circa 1900 1,62 x 0,85m The carpet is depecting the eight Buddhist Emblems of Happy Augury.
price:  450 Euros
Grey Ming covered dish with blue-black floral decoration. 2 inches high , 3 inches wide. No cracks or repairs. ... read more
price:  $150.00
No.CL025 * Chinese Antique Rug . Origin: Baotou-Suiyuan Shape: Rectangle. Age: 19th Century. Size: 100x165cm(3'3"x5'5"). Material: 100% Wool Woven: Hand-knotted Background Color: ... read more
Chinese Paotu 152 x 81 cm with landscape design, animals, birds, vases and symbols. Perfect condition. Price: on request, more information: link
1910's Chinese Rug in exellent condition 10x19.9
Ningxia rug,ca. mid 19thC?, 3 ply handspun cotton warps, ivory wool wefts, Western China, an attractive golden mustard with shades of ivory ... read more
price:  $175.00US
Panel from an Imperial robe, late Ming, or early, Qing dynasty, silk velvet ground with gold embroidered roundel, 14x41 inches.
price:  SOLD
19 th. century Peking chinese rug 98 y 173 cm. Nice lustrous wool ... read more
price:  Sold
Chinese textile panel 99x82 cm co574,1-2
price:  POR
Pair of Chinese Mats Each 31"x32" Mid 19th Century
price:  $1,500 for pair
Pair of Small Chinese Ningxia Squares with Roundels. Almost dainty, nicely drawn with two blues. Warp is hand-spun cotton. Weft is a ... read more
price:  SOLD
Chinese Chairback + Seat (attached) 26" x 52.5" Late 19th Century
price:  1500
Small Chinese Rug 50.5" x 26" Late 19th Century Medallion with Buddha hands
price:  2000
Tibetan Lamas waistcoat in 19thC Chinese silk and 19thC Chinese silk trousers
price:  $600us each
Type: Chinese Origin: Chinese Circa: 1900 Size/Feet & Inches: 5'0'' x 6'10'' Size/Meters: 1.52 x 2.08 Very soft wool, some old repiling,
price:  POR
Small Khotan rug 36x66 inches. Unwashed. Well preserved with generally good pile.
price:  Sold
ningxia fragment, i ll wash it too, nice late 18th c colors. china.
chinese robe, ca. 1920, some damage around the neck
price:  P.O.R.
Type: ninghsia. Origin: west china. Circa: 19 Century. Excellent condition re woven ends. Size/Feet & Inches: 2'9'' x 5'3'' Size/Meters: 0.83 x 1.6
price:  POR.
Festival apron colorful cotton cross-stitch on cotton, with added rickrack and some satin stitching.  Hmong Miao Minority group Yunnan Province, China. Early 20th century. This piece is ... read more
price:  POR.
Type: ninghsia Origin: west china Circa: 1900 Size/Feet & Inches: 2'1'' x 8'9'' Size/Meters: 0.63 x 2.66 Thank you . Sold.
price:  Sold
about 12" square and circa is first quarter 20th c. no issues, clean.
price:  $100+shipping
early 18th century silk brocade fragment with gilded paper threads. probably lower part of a dragon robe. china.
rare old sleeping rug enterely made of bactrian camel hair. long pile of 50cm. north west china, probably alashan area.
18th century Chinese Seating Square with Mirror-Back Shaped Medallion Lotus Center. Dorje and Arabesque Corners. Color is very good with salmon-pink and ... read more
price:  SOLD
Chinese Ningxia Dragon Seating Square, probably 18th cen. Qianlong period. rough condition and could use a wash but very compelling drawing. (size ... read more
price:  SOLD
an old bold miao fragment showing their old central asian roots. south-west china. 20th century.
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