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Antique Anatolian Kilim Fragment Size:75x80cm
price:  $ 300 + shipping
Antique West Anatolian Ushak Rug Fragment Size:110x65 cm
price:  $ 300 + Shipping
Antique West Anatolian Ushak Rug Fragment Size:90x156 cm
price:  $ 450 + shipping
Baluch rug, late 19th century. Good pile and kilim ends intact. Nice use of purple. Excellent border with beautifully articulated eight-pointed stars. ... read more
price:  POR
18th Century Cappadocia Fragment size 115x110 cm
price:  POR
Two mid-20th century Naga body cloths from the Angami group, India. These two got wet in storage which caused the field to ... read more
price:  $120.USD
Dramatically Tibetan Buddhist Hand Painted Wood Panel depicting symbols of Tibetan mythology such as Tigers Dragons and Lamas From Tibet. C.1875-1900. Its size is 56cmX81cm
price:  On Request
Circa 1900 Baluch camel hair rug, 2'10" x 5'4". Nicely drawn lattice field pattern with a clear blue in alternating diagonal ... read more
price:  Sold
#7770 Antique Chodor Rug Size: 6’8″ x 9’3″ (203 x 282 cm)
#7481 Antique Tekke Turkomen Rug Size: 6’2″ x 9’6″ (189 x 290 cm) Age: Circa 1800 This rug is essentially mint condition!
Shahsevan banded jajim with designs drawn in float technique. 3'6"x5'8"
price:  $300
Squarish shaped camel ground Baluch prayer rug, probably Zabol area, Sistan and Baluchistan, Southeast Persia, nice thing, 2'8"x3'4"
price:  $450
Symmetrically knotted Baluch rug with a Mushwani type diamond design. Some wear and old attempts at restoration. Dynamic and fun with nice ... read more
price:  $450
Yemouth Bouchtscha Turkmen knotted circa in 1905 antique, collector's item. 72 x 71 (cm) 2' 4" x 2' 4" carpet id: ... read more
price:  CHF 12'000.-
Beautiful 19th century Baluch sofreh with complete kilim ends. Great condition but it was cut and shut on the two sides. Still ... read more
price:  $290, domestic shipping included
Size: 123x225cm, Central anatolia , Sivas (Sarkisla).
price:  Ask
Another beautiful antique Kashmir shawl dated 1800-1850 in excellent condition. Colours are also good pictures taken at night so somewhere black ... read more
price:  1600$
Antique Ravar Kerman rug circa 1880s size is 4'6" x 7'6"ft. very good original condition, professionally hand washed and cleaned.
price:  Please ask
Exceptional antique Kashmir shawl dated 1850 in very good condition and fine weave bright Colour . i ship it would wide ... read more
price:  1500$
Very rustic Baluch bagface. My guess is Sistan. Great soft wool and vibrant color. weft is varied with areas of cotton and ... read more
price:  $450
Qashqai bagface, mounted and conserved
price:  $650
Very good and dramatic Central Anatolian Hotamis kilim with no repairs or restoration. c. first half 19c. 5.5 x 11 ft (165 ... read more
price:  on request
Antique Anatolian Aksaray Rug Size 95x 140cm
price:  please ask
Pabuji Ki Phad Hand Drawn Scroll Painting Opaque Vegetable Colors on the Cotton From Rajasthan India.India. They were painted in bhilwara n ... read more
price:  On Request
Talish Rug Circa 1870 Size: 110x226 cm
price:  POR
Bolivian Aymara male mantle ( llacota) 16th/17th century, 38 x 39 inches. This mantle has decorative multicolored embroidered finishing on all 4 ... read more
price:  POR
Bolivian Aymara small tunic, 16th/17th century, 25 x 28 inches ( each side). The tunic garment type is characterized by having side ... read more
price:  POR
Anatolian kilim woven in two pieces patterned with 10 bands containing double niche saf type designs/motifs. Central Anatolia, before 1800, 155 x ... read more
price:  POR
Anatolian kilim woven in one piece patterned with 10 bands containing double niche saf type motifs, Central Anatolia, 17th/18th century, 168 x ... read more
price:  POR
Symmetrical knotted dukhtar e qazi design Baluch prayer rug. Some cochineal, the only 4 ply wool on the piece. Natural dyes. Beautiful. ... read more
price:  Please ask.
Namakdar Belutch Persian, knotted circa in 1935, semi antique, collectors item, 40 x 55 cm carpet id: EMME-1 The black knots are ... read more
price:  CHF 385.-
Qashqai Persian knotted circa in 1905 antique, collector's item, 251 x 170 (cm) 8' 3" x 5' 7" carpet id: K-3445 The ... read more
price:  CHF 950.-
a good Moroccan Rabat rug
price:  POA
Norwegian kilim, size: 51*59cm, This is a museum piece
price:  €15110 + shipping
Size : 98 x 150 cm, Central anatolia, Cappadocia. Fragment !
price:  Good price
Shirvan Prayer Rug Circa 1870 Size: 120x150 cm
price:  POR