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This 18th century Melas or Melez very antique Oriental carpet #7143 measures 4’0” x 5’0”. a very similar example of this rug ... read more
This circa 1875 Melas Turkish Prayer Oriental rug #8158 measures 3’2” x 3’10”. The condition of this rug is ‘as is’. Good ... read more
price:  $2500
Ca. 1900 Baluch Prayer Rug. 180 x 99 cm. The dark blue and orange colours stand out amongst the warm yellow field ... read more
price:  £450
Early 20th century Turkish cicim sofreh Pleasing graphics, good condition. 1.87m by 1.26m Visit link for more images or email me at
price:  sold
East anatolia , Reyhanli tribe. Approximate size; 130x140 cm
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South Persian Rug fragment,74x110cm
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Caucasian rug fragment,50x84cm
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Qashqai saddlebag,49x92cm
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Circa 1915 Antique 3' 10" x 7' 0" Salar Khani Baluch, remaining in full pile condition and retaining original side and end finishes. ... read more
price:  $275 Includes shipping throughout continental U.S.
Second Half 19th Century Azeri Sofreh Woven in a single panel, this kilim cover is executed in just two colours. The empty red ... read more
Very old Ersari Tribal large bedding bag/chuval quite possibly from early 1800. The close up images represent the color more accurately than ... read more
price:  $900
Antique Turkmen Torba
Turkmen Çuval
a very charming antique Luri Bakhtiary bagface. Lovely design displaying a camel caravan surrounding the center. Woven in Sumakh technique with a ... read more
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yatak or sleeping/bed RUG. Use it as meditation or yoga rug. This vintage or older Yatak/sleeping rug is from Konya area. Size is cm ... read more
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ca.1900 Ersari Chuval. Size: 77 x 161 cm. Unusual Elam design. Excellent condition.
price:  £550
ca.1900 Turkoman Torba. Size: 167 x 55 cm. Excellent condition, attractive central design.
price:  £575
ca.1920 Turkoman Chuval, Size: 98 x 161 cm, Good condition and colours, good pile.
price:  £480
caucasian small rug. Size: 142 x 134 cm. Some used pile.
price:  please ask
antique anatolian village rug. Size: 236 x 123 cm. Some used pile.
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Antique Shahsevan Size:124*48 cm Please contac
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late 18th century Anatolian Aksaray Kilim Size:280x80 cm Email:
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Central Anatoian Gelveri (Yatak carpet) Size:225x122 cm Email
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Devianosto deviat’ imen Vsevyshnego. [Ninety-nine Names of God. Classical Art of Islamic World from ix to xix Centuries]. Moscow: Marjani Publishing, 2013, ... read more
price:  $80
Todays Early Turkmen find from a Swiss Eststate, unwashed, has some moth spots, finer then usual weave, lovely purple touch, velvet like ... read more
price:  $ 3000
An Exceptional Antique Uzbek Suzani from Shahrisabz with near perfect silk chain stitched embroidery on a yellow Adras (silk warp / cotton ... read more
price:  SOLD
a vintage Moroccan Berber rug from the middle Atlas mountains, size: ca. 320x165cm / 10‘5ft by 5‘4ft' > link
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Late 19th Century Heriz Carpet Size : 300x360 cm Please contact directly.
a fine antique Persian Senneh rug, beautiful drawing of the Boteh design. Size: circa 200x145cm / 6‘6ft by 4‘8ft' > link
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From an old German estate: Antique Afshar tribal rug from Southpersia, size: ca. 163x138cm / 5‘4ft by 4‘6ft' > link
Tekke rug, 19th century. Sweet floppy feel and an atypical tree of life design in the main border. The width and ... read more
price:  POR
Caucasian Rug,200x120,6.7x3.9 ft.
Ghaghra (Skirt) Fabric Indigo-Dyed Cotton Embroidered in floss silk From Hissar Haryana India.C.1880. It size is W-58cm x 3 Meters.(DSC05900).
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Bijar - Kurdi Persian Carpet Size: 336x162 cm Thickness: Medium (5-10mm) Oldness: 80-100 (Antique) Pile - Warp: Wool on Cotton Node Density: about 90,000 knots per m²
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Indigo Tie Dyed (resist dyed) Odhani from Shekhawati District of Rajasthan India.C.1900. Hand woven cotton with Natural Colours. Its size is 165cm ... read more
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Ersari rug 1,82*2,12
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