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aksaray kilim pre 1900- first half of 1900 or earlier- Aksaray Kilim Fragmented - Original Condition!!! 390x153cm or 12‘79“x5‘01ft
price:  P:O:R
Stock #a164 | Baluch Bag | Circa: 1920's | Size: 2 x 2.1
price:  sold
Stock #a163 | Baluch Prayer Rug | Circa: 1920's | Size : 3 x 4 feet
price:  $350.00 USD
Stock #a159 | Konya | Circa :1870s | Size: 4.2 x 8.4 feet Info: This piece has good pile and it has ... read more
price:  sold
Early East Anatolian Kurdish Rug,size is 300x140cm.please ask for more detail photos
price:  POR
a pair of small qashqai rugs, ca 1900, aprox 2.8 x 4.7
price:  £250
south persian tribal rug, 6,5 x 4,5 ft, good condition, ca 1900
raffia textile #9, kuba people, dr Congo, circa 1950, cm 55x48 a genuinely vintage piece of so-called Kub@-velvets showing nice age ... read more
price:  SOLD
Bergama-türkish prayer rug pre- 1900 123x092cm Antique,pre ... read more
price:  P.O.R
kagizman-kÜrt pre-1900 Size is 185x107 cm Grote-Hasenbalg(1922,S23)Brüggemann&Böhmer-S288- Regardless, it is a great old rug, with strong, bright natural colors on high quality ... read more
price:  P.O.R
risvan Kilim (sivas Environment)PRE-1900Eskenazi(Kilim Anatolici-Nr:76) Size; 358x163cm Original Condition-
price:  P.O.R
Dyrnak gul yomud main carpet, first half nineteenth century. New sides, some old reweaves. Pile height mostly very good. Incredible green and ... read more
price:  SOLD
Superb Old Sind Wedding. CholiThis is a spectacular heavily embroidered dress or choli from the Sind region, probably made and used by ... read more
price:  SOLD
Moghan rug mid 19th century 3'6" x 7'7" Complete, no repairs. Selvedges have been overcast. Finely woven like a Shirvan, but ... read more
price:  POR
Pre-1900 Elibelinde- Nigde/ Aksaray Kilim!!! 90x400 enderlein;S67 Eskenazi-K.Anatolici s78 Petsopoulos-Ab.157
price:  P.O.R
Pre-1900 Aydin Kilim 90x340//84x355
price:  P.O.P
Old Baluch Timuri Bagface 057x60
price:  neither cheap nor expensive
Old Baluch Timuri Bagface
price:  neither cheap nor expensive
Old Indian Zanskar Himalayan Coat. Beautiful old handwoven wool (yak?) coat from the Zanskar region in the Indian Himalayas near the Tibetan ... read more
price:  SOLD
Antique Indian Tribal Embroidered Bag. Late 19th/early 20th. 13 x 11.5 inches.
price:  $400
Antique Mushwani or Hazara Baluch bag face Pros: This piece is distinguished by its handsome combination of purple and green and ... read more
price:  $450.00
Antique Hazara Baluch prayer rug 37" x 62" 94 x 170 cm Pros: The darker color in all the leaf forms ... read more
price:  $1,100
Antique Taimani/Baluch prayer rug 37" x 42" 94 x 120 cm Pros: This piece has 9 ... read more
price:  $1,500
Post-Modern Antq Baluch prayer rug 37" x 46" 94 x 114 cm Curious pattern of small cruciform devices on a white
price:  $1,800
Stock# a157 | Baluch | Circa: 1910 | Size: 2.7 x 2.10
price:  $350.00 USD
Quality clouds khaden Tibet late 19th. holes between the clouds, like in the sky.
Lot 63: Rare Tree Kazak Rug, mid 19th century; 7 feet 8 inches x 5 feet 10 inches; This rug sold at ... read more
price:  $11,500
Lot 59: Bakshaish Rug, Persia, 19th century; 7 feet x 5 feet 10 inches; Sold at Grogan and Company's December 2007 ... read more
price:  $26,450
Konya Kelim.120-130 years old.All Naturel colors.157x390cm
price:  SOLD
Lot 119: Mohtasham Kashan Garden Carpet, Persia, late 19th century; 12 feet 9 inches x 10 feet; Sold at Grogan and ... read more
price:  $48,875
Rare pair of palanquin cushions Northwest china, mid 19th c.
Lot 79c: Fine Shirvan Rug, Caucasus, mid 19th century; 4 feet 8 inches x 3 feet 3 inches; Sold at Grogan and ... read more
price:  $80,500
raffia textile #11, kub? people, dr Congo, circa 1940, cm 56x52 a genuinely vintage piece of so-called Kub?-velvets showing nice age patina, ... read more
price:  SOLD
Antalya Zili&Cicim Kilim.120 years old.All naturel colors
price:  1500$plus shipping
Baluch Saddlebag Fragmented a meaty old piece with some unusual features.
price:  POR