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malayer early 1920 in good condition and beautiful drawing 500 x 200
Malayer 1920 in excellent condition and beautiful drawing 200 x !26
Tekke Torba-Fragment,0.38x0.72,beginning 19.cent.
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Kazak 43" * 56". moth damage, stain and some wear.
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East Anatolian Kurdish fragment with Memling guls. Blue wefted circa 1880. Part of the missing side border has been attached to form ... read more
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19th Century Tekke Turkoman Camel Trapping Amulet.This was part of a larger trapping. Size 11.43cmX11.43cm, 4 1/2" x 4 1/2".
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Antique Qashqai 3'8" x 5'4". Great borders and original (not degenerate) medallion. Appears to have been (perhaps literally) put through the ... read more
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Ottoman Towel ( Peshkeer ) wonderful colours and excellent condition Circa 1870 or 1880
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Ningxia Rug 19th cent.
price:  P.O.R.
channik xx sec. perfect 295 x 107 cm
Tekke xix sec. 117 x 71 cm
Jajim - Persia Shahsevan early 1900
Jajim - Persia Shahsavan early 1900
Antique super fine Baluch Saddle Bag.. In very good condition.
furoshiki cloth, Japan, late Meiji (circa 1910), cm 119x126. Furoshiki were (and still are to some extent) wrapping cloths used when carrying ... read more
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antique morrocan high atlas shawl. new england find. dirty and rough but real. 3' x 5" 6"
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antique bessarabian kelim fragment. neat flat weave with vibrant natural color. good condition. late 19th c. weaving. 3' ... read more
price:  SOLD
My other Brimfield purchase. One end of a complete beautiful late 18th/early 19th century Ottoman towel (The piece is complete). Please feel ... read more
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Ottoman Towel ( Peshker Tel kirma) gold and thread work wondrful Circa 1900
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Ottoman Towel ( Peshker) wonderful colours nd excellent condition gold and thread and silk on hand made linen Circa 1900
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Ottomantextile Towel (Peshker) wonderful gold and thread all orgial Circa 1900
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Antique Yomuth asmalyk moth demadge needs repair 124 x 66 cm
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Central Anatollian kilim border fragment 185x20 ca 1700
Missing Carpet: Exhibited at 43a. Mostra Mercato Antiquari Milanesi October 2005 An important Bakshaiesh carpet, Persia, circa 1860,cm 4,60x3,30 please if you have ... read more
Antique 1870 dated Kazak. Rare Purple. 267/156 cm. Holes, demages, reweaves...but wonderfull village rug.
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Yomuth bag frontside old repairs
price:  sold
mousul small bag face size 33*39 cm
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Manchester Kayseri Antique Begin 1900 size 139 x 181 cm
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Persian High Quality Gabeh Central of Persia origin at Ghashghai area Shekarloo tribal. soft full pile in mint condition,Shiny and light wieght ... read more
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Oriental Carpets in the Philadelphia Museum of Art By Charles Grant Ellis
 edited by Sherry Babbitt

304 pages
195 illustrations (78 in full color, 7 ... read more
price:  US$ 45.00+S&H $11
Nomads in Anatolia: Encounters with a Vanishing Culture By Harald Böhmer with Josephine Powell and Serife Atlihan

 Foreword by Walter b Denny
 Number of ... read more
price:  US$ 115 +S&H $11