Asad Khan


  • Baluch saddle bag face. Late 19th century. 23" x 30" (inches) Good pile, soft wool and glowing
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  • An early Baluch rug, 3'7" x 5' remnants of Killim on both ends. Old overcast on the sides. Extremely glossy and deeply ... read more
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  • An early Timuri, Baluch prayer rug. Ca. 19th century. a finely woven blue ground prayer of exceedingly rare type. The wool ... read more
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  • An early n.w. Persian, Kurdish small rug 3'4" x 5'8" Ca.1800 An amazingly graphic design, beautiful early drawing of ... read more
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  • An eighteenth century western Anatolia prayer rug, 42" x 66". a rare so called keyhole or re entry design. Original untouched condition.
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  • Turkoman, Tekke, Juval face. An early Turkoman with extremely rare design. The mushroom head shrub design in the skirt is not known ... read more
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