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This is possibly a unique textile from the Aymara tradition. Purchased in Bolivia in 1984 and said to be a saddle blanket. ... read more
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This small rug, woven by a Turkmen Kizik Ayak ethnic woman, was used in Afghanistan to cover the rider’s saddle. To weave ... read more
price:  295 EUROS
This antique Qashqai mafrash has been woven using only natural dyes. In mint condition. It is slightly smaller than the average Qashqai ... read more
price:  650 EUROS
This antique Qashqai horse or camel band has been woven with finelly spun wool. Soft and shinny wool and natural colours. The ... read more
price:  125 EUROS
Shasavan bag face pile in good condition. 65 x 65 cm
Antique Turkmen Yamut Chuval .Size.80x140 cm Contact at.
price:  por
Antique AvsarRug Bag Face Contact at.
price:  por
90x62 Savak east anatolian rug
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Shahsavan Khamseh sumack mafrash side panel. Size is 19’x37’ or cm 48x94. End 19th century. In great condition. Lovely “abdal-burun” main border ... read more
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Kurd flatweave—probably a large deep bag face (cuval). 33” x 26” (84 cm x 66 cm). Superb colors. Tapestry ... read more
Yomud Asmalyk Circa 1870 Size: 66x91 cm
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Shasavan mafrash panel, 19th c, in good condition
This antique balisht or cushion was woven by a woman from the Baluch tribe of Afghanistan. The wool is soft and silky ... read more
price:  SOLD
19th Century Shahsavan Bagface size 50x60 cm
price:  POR
Shahsavan bag face size 61x65cm
price:  Por
An antique Qashqai bag. The pompoms are original to the bag and are in good condition. You can buy this rug directly ... read more
price:  75 EUROS. SOLD
This antique Qashqai chanteh is woven with extremelly finelly spun wool. It has a metal buckle. All natural dyes. The tassels are ... read more
price:  125 EUROS
World class Shahsavan Star sumak bagface (detail) Early 19th century. Please email me:
complete shahsevan small khorjin circa 1890,all good natural colors and in good condition,size 50x25cm
Baluch Balisht with dripping colors, greens, blues, purple and yummy apricot, excellent condition, well kept and preserved. -
price:  on request
Baluch Bagface with lovely colors, shaggy pile with some corrosion and old moth nibbles, mixed wefting, cotton, wool and camel hair? -
price:  on request
Colorful Baluch Balisht in full pile except some damage on the selvage -
price:  on request
Antique Türkmen Yamut Chuval Contact at.
price:  Por
Early 19th Century Yomud Chuval Size: 75x95 cm
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snowflake small Afshar bag, rather unusual, good condtion, apart from some traces of use in the kilim. 47x 36 cm. please try ... read more
price:  € 110
Birds on special chanteh - vanity bag, Veramin. Beautiful kilim backside, The border has been made of two differens colours of blue ... read more
price:  € 195
Antique Baluch Saddle bag face, ca.1870s, size is (1'9" x 1'8" ft) (53 x 52 cm.) tightly woven.
price:  $450.
Antique Baluch Balisht (1'4" x 2'3"ft)
price:  $275.
Rare and beautiful antique sw Persian Qashqai inspired Khalaj salt bag. W40 x h47 cm. Superb colors and graphics. For some thoughts on Khalaj weavings ... read more
price:  POA
Torba or bag woven by women from the Yomut tribe of Turkmenistan used to store household items and hung on the wall ... read more
price:  360 EUROS
Antique Senneh saddle rug. Good condition, the fabric is thin, tautly woven and in good pile (see detail), with original sides, good ... read more
price:  Affordable
Shahsevan soumac bagface circa 1870 all good natural colors. woven with silver thread in the center,very good condition,size 54x62cm
Antique Luri bag, late 19th Century. 110 x 64 cm. incl kelim back. Published: "Seltene und antike Teppiche, Kelims, Flachgewebe und Textilien" Rippon Boswell ... read more
price:  SOLD thx!
Antique nomadic east persian saltbag (namakdan) from the baluch tribe. The kilim / sumakh bag is from ~ 1920. In the middle ... read more
price:  95 Euro
Antique Persian bagface. 21" x 23". i would say Qashqai due to the ivory warps and red-brown wefts. I've only seen ... read more
price:  Sold
Small Baluch Bag/Chanteh with nice saturated colors and design - 17" x 16" - 43 x 41 cm
price:  on request
complete Luri Bakhtiyari small khorjin circa good condition,size 45x24cm
Baluch Bagface with Stars in Tile pattern - 27" x 27" - 69 x 69 cm
price:  on request
19th century turkmen tentband fragment, likely Yomut. 11" x 1'3"
price:  Sold, thanks!
Two 19th century Turkmen tentband fragments from the same tentband, possibly mid 19th. 10"x 21" and 10" x 16". Nice green
price:  Sold, thanks!
Jomuth tent stap. 9 inch 46 feet. 22 cm x 14 metres. good condition.
price:  $ 450,00 plus shipping
Small Baluch Bag/Chanteh with kilim back - 14" x 14" - 36 x 37 cm.
price:  on request
Qashqai Bagface Circa 1870’s Size: 50x70 cm
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Saryk Schemle Gül torba, in excellent condition from a european collection, with lots of silk knots in white, yellow, green and blue. ... read more
19th Century Anatolian Sivas Yastik size 60x90 cm. There is a problem with my rugrabbit Account. Please send me private mail
price:  On Request
Beautiful Varamin bag Circa 1880 all good colors a and perfect contidion size 34x37cm
Armenian? bagface, super soft and shiny wool, very finely woven, a darling
Antique Turkmen Ersari Chuval
price:  por
Yomud Chuval Circa 1870’s Size: 80x130 cm
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Antique Anatolian Kilim Chuval
price:  por
Konya yastik, in very good condition, complete with back. Interesting drawing, shiny wool like silk,a pleasure to look at.
Size: 45x80 cm. Persian Afshar / Bag face Panel If you do not get an answer when you ask directly, my alternative ... read more
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Pre- Columbian quiver bag, Peru, Early Seguas culture, Dept of Araquipa, circa 0-300 ad, dimensions, 9 x 20 inches interlocking discontinuous warp ... read more
price:  POR
a Dynamic Antique small kurdish Saltbag, circa 1920,a wonderful range of colors with an original back, in excellent condition, size 9" by
price:  $220 +shipping
Beluch fragment band size 47x7cm
price:  Por
qashqai bag face with wonderful natural colours. The backside is not matching. and can easily be removed.60 x 54 cm.
price:  € 195
Yomud torba, the bright red is synthetic, the torba has a few small holes for hanging. 41 x 86 cm.
price:  € 125
Beautiful complete Luri Bakhtiyari Gabbeh khorjin circa good condition size 65x35
Shahsevan sumak bag face 32x31cm
price:  Por
Antique Avsar Rug Bag Face
price:  por
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