lot #5 antique large serapi - heriz, 1890’s 12’6 x 9'7 or 385 cm x 297 cm antique 1890’s original first generation ... read more
price:  $ 5'500
lot #4 antique allover design heriz, 1900’s 9’1 x 6'5 or 280 cm x 201 cm antique 1900’s original nw heriz carpet ... read more
price:  $ 2'900
Antique mahal or sultanabad horse bag. I’m ok condition. Obviously worn has some missing parts. Also has been touched ... read more
price:  $300
lot #2 antique distressed bidjar gerruss, 1880’s 12’4 x 9'0 or 380 cm x 277 cm antique end of 19 century original bidjar ... read more
price:  $ 2'900
Early 19th Century Persian Sautchbulag Runner Rug Size.580x105 Cm
price:  Por
Qajar period (ca.1830-40) papier-mache lacquered Qalamdan
price:  inquire
#1b194 Handmade antique Persian Bidjar rug 4.9' x 7.4' ( 149cm x 225cm ) 1880.c
price:  $3600
a fine Antique Mahal runner , white wefted. Light wear on one side but apart from that ok conditon. Great quality and ... read more
price:  550 gbp
On offer is an antique hand-knotted Marand Persian rug from the 19th century by Master Haj Jalili Size:300 cm × 206 cm ... read more
price:  1200
Complete set of miniature South Persian, Luri bags. Size: 12 x 23 inches. Full, glossy pile and good dyes. 19th century.
price:  $750
On offer is an antique handmade Afshar Persian rug from the first half of the 20th century. age: about 80 years Size:164 cm × ... read more
price:  480
On offer is an antique handmade Hamadan Persian rug from the first half of the 20th century. Size:142 cm × 185 cm ... read more
price:  700 Euros
An Exceptional antique Afshar Rug with Moharramat design, South Persia, ca 1870, 5'3" x 8'6" (160x260 cm)
#1c248 Handmade antique Persian Malayer rug 3.9' x 6' ( 120cm x 184cm ) 1920.c
price:  $950
Persian rug, Azerbaijan area, 137/144 x 206 cm, circa 1930: don't know what it exactly is (i collect Tibetan rugs), but it ... read more
price:  Please ask!
Qashkai Tea / Chai khalta gabbeh little ethnograpic rug. Supposedly it is used under the cups when drinking Chai -Tea. Center brown ... read more
price:  O.R.
antique Persian saddlebag 19th century On offer is an antique Persian saddlebag from the 19th century. This saddlebag belongs to Kalat from Khorasan ... read more
price:  400euuro
price:  Sold
Shahsavan (Mianeh?) jajim/blanket. Cm 215x215 ca. Late 19th, early 20th c. Four widths sewn together. Checkered pattern. Very fine wool. Very fine ... read more
price:  please inquire
4.4 x 7.6 Antique Kurdish rug from the Bidjar area. Circa 1895. Please, visit link
price:  Please inquire
#7334 Serab Runner antique Persian runner This circa 1880 Serab runner measures 3’8” x 13’5” (115 x 410 cm). It is an absolutely ... read more
#1c243 Handmade antique Persian Kashan rug 4.6' x 6.9' ( 140cm x 212cm ) 1920.c
price:  $1350
Afshar and Turkmen bags Size: 42x36cm and 52x27cm Made in period 1910/20, the Turkmen bag has fine quality
price:  €125
Afshar rug, Sirjan region, se Persian. 3.8ft x 3.4ft (117 x 115 cm) late 19th. century. Quaint, camel ground vase Afshar, ... read more
price:  SOLD, Thanks
Heriz Carpet 10.3 x 14.1 3.13 x 4.29 An unusual green bent leaf and rosette border tonally matches the large, elaborately pendanted, strapwork medallion. ... read more
price:  Price On Request
Mahal Carpet 10.6 x 13.1 3.23 x 3.99 The open rust field sets off a tall floral wreath and, in turn, is surrounded by a ... read more
price:  Price On Request
Mahal Carpet 10.4 x 13.0 3.16 x 3.96 This well-woven and attractively coloured west Persian village Mahal has a pattern of alternating rust/rose ... read more
price:  Price On Request
Heriz Carpet 10.2 x 13.8 3.10 x 4.20 This all natural dye, nw Persian rustic caroet displays a large ivory octogramme medallion with a dark ... read more
price:  Price On Request
Kashan Carpet 9.0 x 11.7 2.74 x 3.56 The almost blue-black field displays an ivory medallion around which swirl layers of forked rinceaux with a ... read more
price:  Price On Request
#7763 Sarouk This circa 1920 palace size Sarouk measures 11’0” x 17’10” . It has a maroon colored field with an all over ... read more
Heriz Carpet 9.8 x 12.9 2.98 x 3.93 We might term this a 'Serapi', but 'Heriz' will do. This rural nw Persian carpet presents a ... read more
price:  Price On Request
An old Gashgai rug in good shape. 240/150 cm.
price:  por
Size: cm 505 x 103 cm A Persian Malayer runner in perfect condition. Original colors and full pile for this ... read more
price:  ask please !
“Color which, like music, is a matter of vibrations, reaches what is most general and therefore most indefinable in nature: its inner ... read more
price:  fair
Rare Heriz poshti, size 53.5 x 34. 2 inch (136 x 87 cm). Glowing colors, fat wool, mint condition, only the ... read more
price:  Please inquire
Baluch Afshar double khorjin in mint condition. Size 50.39 x 30.71 inch (128 x 78 cm). Fat meaty pile. Original closure system, ... read more
price:  Sold, thank you
Mahal Carpet 9.0 x 12.3 2.74 x 3.74 The yellowish ivory central lozenge medallion is filled with a scatter of disjoint floral devices and is ... read more
price:  Price On Request
Bidjar Runner 3.4 x 12.1 1.03 x 3.68 In the Caucasian style, this Kurdish Persian runner displays five columns strips in navy, red and ivory ... read more
price:  Price On Request
Mahal Carpet 8.11 x 12.3 2.47 x 3.74 a navy four pendanted medallion dominates the old ivory field with a small floral pattern organised around ... read more
price:  Price On Request
Kashan Carpet 8.8 x 12.0 2.68 x 3.65 This very good condition central Persian city carpet shows a very slightly abrashed ruby red field ... read more
price:  Price On Request
Antique Persian Veramin Bagface Size.70x57cm
price:  Por
Persian bag face size 25x35cm
price:  Por
estate fresh antique persian kashan rug measuring 8' 10" x 11' velvet like feeling pile all around excellent even dense pile not ... read more
price:  please ask
An 'Hadji Jalili' Tabriz Prayer Rug, 175 x117 cm. (5.75ft x3.8ft.) nw Persian. Circa 1850. This extraordinary rug, only shows ... read more
price:  $650 USD
Masculine Bagface. Probably Afshar. Size is 2'3''x2'5''. Minor nick nack.
price:  $375
Kurdish carpet, Kelardasht, Hamadan area, 300 x 120 Cm. Nice abrash, firm knotted meaty rug, good condition. Small symbols of Simorgh, the ... read more
price:  $ 450,00
Mahal Carpet 8.5 x 12.0 2.59 x 3.69 This high quality west Persian village carpet displays a good madder red field with an allover ... read more
price:  Price On Request
The Garden of Eden: Antique Persian Bakhtiary tribal rug displaying a tree of life design with lot of animals, wool foundation. Age: ... read more
Antique Persian Jaff Bagface Size.100x64 Cm
price:  Por
#7298 Heriz This circa 1930 Heriz measures 9’1” x 12’4”. It has a navy blue medallion with a red center on a ... read more
220 x 145 cm is the size of this antique persian capet knotted in the village of TUDESHK. extra fine knot for ... read more
price:  ask please!
Tappeto orientale persiano vecchia manifattura di heriz da metri 3,66 x 2,81. Condizioni ottime. Colori naturali. Bella misura e ottimo impianto. Original Carpet knotted ... read more
price:  2350 euro
old Persian Karadje rug 145 x 100 cm
288 x 137 is the size of this old malayer Iran Carpet. Very good condition. Original patter. Shiny wool and fastened colors. More pictures and ... read more
price:  ask please !
Shashavan,c.1860, West Persia,Kurdish Tribe. 293x92 cm. This is not a runner,but one of the traditional formats of ancient Persian Nomad-rugs. Restaurations: sides ... read more
price:  600 euro, incl. shipping
4.6 x 4.6 Antique Heriz rug, circa 1910. Please, visit our Quadrifoglio Gallery website: link
price:  Please inquire
2 x 2.2 Antique Northwest Persian Kurdish Bag Face, Circa 1890. Acquired directly from a private New England collection. Great range and quality of ... read more
price:  Please inquire
An antique 'Hadji Jalili' Tabriz carpet fragment, 5ft x 2.85ft (153 x 87 cm.) circa 1870-1880. The pale blue ground with arabesque, ... read more
price:  160 USD
Large Afshar, 274 x 225 Cm. 9.1 feet x 7.5 feet. Worn right top corner and left bottom corner. Rare size.
price:  650
Persian Silk Rug size 272 cm 180cm
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