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Second 19th Century Central Anatolian Karaman Prayer Rug Size.128x105 Cm
price:  Por
Antique Persian Jaf Saddle Bag . Over 80years. More info https:// link
price:  Ask
Rare & Beautiful. 7/seven sided Yomud Asmalyk. For more infos and photos please see my previous post: link
price:  please inquire
Nice old Laotian blanket from the Tai Dam ethnic group. The embroidered face and backing is made from all hand spun and ... read more
price:  $90.USD
Antique Afshar salt bag. All natural dyes and in good condition. Circa 1890
price:  Please enquire
small Luri bag, made into a pillow, i have a pair, soft shiny wool, glowing colours, mint condition, 41x 39 cm.
price:  € 85
Antique Persian Kurdish Jaff fragment Rug Size.140x100 Cm
price:  Por
7/seven sided Yomut asmalyk. Cm 79x102, or 31"x40". Full 19th century. a very unusual asmalyk. Apart from being 7/seven sided, a big ... read more
price:  please inquire
Antique Marasali Shirvan Prayer rug from second half of the 19th Century or earlier. All natural dyes with a good variety of ... read more
price:  POR
wonderful Pre-Columbian Peruvian tapestry textile framed 16th century or earlier textile size 24''x 17'' frame 34''x 27''
price:  1200
Rare Anatolian yastik fragment, 18th c
Antique Ersari Bagface. Nice example.. Condition is a bit worn and rough on sides and ends as you can tell. ... read more
price:  $150
Antique Anatolian Sivas Prayer Rug, 72x136 cm
price:  por
Antique Persian Shiraz Bag face Circa 1880-90 All Colours Natural Size.80x63 Cm
price:  Por
Farahan Saddle Cover, 102 x108. Price upon request
a beautiful Uratube Suzani, circa 1825-1850, 2.08m x 1.74m (6'10" x 5'9") which i shall be exhibiting at larta next month. The ... read more
price:  Please Ask
Qashkai sumak woven double bag in original closer loops, side wrappings and condition. size: 43" x 25" -- 110 cm x ... read more
price:  O.R.
19th century Shahsavan Kilim Technique Bags 54cm x 26cm (1'10" x 11"), All good dyes, complete.
price:  Please Ask
Manchester Print Book Cover(Cotton),For the holy Book, From Manchester England made for Indian Market.Roller Printed on Cotton.its size is 75cmX88cm(20191210_153411).
price:  On Request
Antique Türkmen Ersari Sumach Torba Size.67x43 Cm
price:  Por
rare Khotan bag face, so called corn bag, from a German collection, 1870 - 1900, with certificat (by Werner Bäumer) 84 x 52 ... read more
price:  € 265
Syrian kilim woven with metallic yarn and cotton. size: 86" x 28" -- 220 cm x 71 cm
price:  O.R.
Bhutan Kira: Vintage women’s three paneled silk dress circa 1970 to 1990 from Bhutan. Minor fraying along one side where as well ... read more
price:  $130.USD
Thai Textile: Ikat sarong from the upland Karen (Pwo or Sgaw) ethnic group in Northern Thailand. This is woven from all handspun ... read more
price:  $200.USD
Turkmen Saryk çuval. Cm 87x153- Second half 19th century. Six main Gul pattern. Wool, silk, cotton. Very fine weave. Lovely natural saturated ... read more
price:  please inquire
Antique Tashkent Suzani, 172 x 224 cm / 5'7'' x 7'4''
price:  On Request
AFSHAR,animal trapping 1880 circa to decorate horse chest.size66x8 with fringes37cm
Baluch flatwoven sofreh, camel-ground with a field of repeat abstracted trees. a couple of silk highlights. Nice ends with some weft float. ... read more
Lampung South Sumatra Indonesia 59 x 230 cm /1'11'' x 7'6''
price:  On Request
Antique Baluch bag 1880 circa,no repairs and all good colors,size 42x42
Rare Yomut torba with Asmalyk design in very good condition. Natural colors and high pile. Some small old moth bites (low pile) ... read more
price:  € 95 Free ship.
Uzbekistan lakai Shahrisabz antique suzani. size: 85” x 63” - 215 cm x 160 cm
price:  O.R.
Folk Phulkari From East(Punjab)India.C.1900.Rare Birds Design.Floss Silk on Hand Spun Cotton khaddar Cloth.(DSL03450).
price:  On request
Price 450 € + shipment / Antique Shahavan Shahshavan kilim bag / Size : 71 x 62 cm / Condition : ... read more
price:  450 € + shipment
Buy emotions, not rugs! Found one more fragment from the same kilim previously posted. This one is slightly smaller: cm 68/123, but ... read more
price:  please inquire
Tribal wedding dress of the bride called Jumlo from Kohistan region of Pakistan.The dress is vintage.The embroidery is exquisite and pure hand ... read more
price:  €350 (free shipping)
Beautiful pile bagface, poss. Shasavan,good condition, natural colors
Pre-Colombian textile 30 x 25 Price upon request
Ona of a Kind Antique Caucasion baby cradle Kilim weaving. Please Feel free to ask any question in your mind.. Thanks for visiting my
Rare Antique Colourful Kilim From Konya. Size 7' 3'' x 4' 5'' Feet. Please Feel free to ask any questions in your mind.. Thanks for ... read more
One Of a Kind Antique Aydın Kilim For Top Collectors. Please Feel free to ask any questions in your mind.. Thanks for visiting my
This is one of a kind Antique Fragment Mut Kilim from toros Mountains. size :8' 8'' x 4' 3'' Feet Please Feel free to ... read more
This is a one Of a kind Antique Fragment Karakeceli Tribe. Please Feel free to ask any questions in your mind.. Thanks for visiting ... read more
This is a one of a kind Rare Kurdish Fragment For Top collector. Please Feel free to ask any questions in your mind.. Thanks ... read more
This is Antique Fragment Konya Runner.This is a Museum Piece, Size 9' 6'' x 3' 2'' Feet. Please Feel free to ask any ... read more
Abochhini Wedding Shawl (Women) from Sindh Region of Undivided India. India, Silk Embroidery on the Silk, c.1900. Its size is 126cmX188cm (20191208_151241).
price:  On Request
This is Antique Fragment Konya Runner.This is a Museum Piece, Size 9' 4'' x 3' 2'' Feet. Please Feel free to ask any ... read more
Qing Era 19th Century Embroidery Panel. Silk on silk. Very meticulously and precisely executed embroidery of very high quality. ... read more
price:  POR
Early 17th c. Safavid rug fragment. Good pile. Fantastic color and drawing. Certainly museum quality.
price:  SOLD > Thanks!
South East Anatolian kilim fragment. Cm 70x130 ca. Mid 19th c., 1840/1860. Wonderful saturated colors. White is cotton, + brick red, yellow, ... read more
price:  please inquire
Central Anatolian Kilim Fragment
price:  por
Malatya area, Sinanli tribe open cuval/storage bag. Cm 118x156. Late 19th, early 20th c. Flat weave plus sumack in the central part. ... read more
price:  please inquire
Lovely antique Baluch complete khorjin. Very good condition all wool and natural dyes great bridge in centre and intricate flat woven back. ... read more
price:  Ask
Pilu saluf West Timor, Indnesia This timor pilu saluf was likely woven by Atoni or Dawan people in Timor as part of a ... read more
Qashqai flatweave khorjin 1880 circa 85x35cm
Gutschan-Kurd Persian knotted circa in 1910 antique. Collector's item. 174 x 116 (cm) 5' 8" x 3' 10" carpet id: E-501 Both ... read more
price:  On request
Wonderfull Veramin Kilim Bag Face
price:  Por
Beluch spoon knife bag size 42x21cm
price:  Por
Ceremonial Cloth for Men (hingghi) Early 20th century Sumba, Indonesia Cotton Ikat 100x265cm Feel free to ask for more information, for more textiles and antiques from Asia please ... read more
price:  POR
Adana-Aleppo Kilim, 2nd to 3rd Quarter of the 19th Century. Thin weave. Excellent colors: Greens, purples, indigo, cochineal, Turkey red-like red. ... read more
price:  POR
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