Antique Baluch Bag Size:35x38 cm
price:  Por
Timuri, khorin face, 19c 23 x 24 inches. Choice example of desirable type.
price:  on request
antique Baluch | 207cm x 101cm | overall good condition
price:  on request thx
Antique Baluch Rug Size:180x105 cm
price:  Por
Antique Baluch Rug Bag size.46x50cm
price:  Por
Baluch flatweave salt bag 54 x 34 cm
price:  170
Camel ground Baluch rug with geometricized botteh and borders. larger than most Baluch rugs, 3'11"x6'10"
price:  POR
Baluch Balisht, se Persia, 1'6" x 2'7", circa 1900(?) Saturated palette, all natural dyes, good condition. Complete original flat woven back (which is unusual), ... read more
price:  SOLD
camel ground Baluch rug. Intriguing design with a border inspired by Shahsevan sumaks. Finely woven but with corrosive browns and obvious wear. ... read more
price:  $750
One of thirty ,Good aged Baluch Saddlebag with abstract Memling Gul , placed in a square octagon lattice field Design . This particular ... read more
price:  $1800 included express shipping
Timuri Baluch rug, copious silk highlight in three colors, mainly pink (cochineal?), with a little yellow and even green. The silk has ... read more
price:  $2200
Antique Baluch rug 80 x 124cm
price:  por
Antique Baluch prayer rug 84 x 123cm
price:  por
Antique Baluch Balısh size.65x38cm
price:  por
Balouch prayer rug almost in a good condition,circa 1900 Shiny wool , size 122 * 88 cm
price:  Ask for price
Antique Baluch Rug Size:185x103cm
price:  Por
2' 8" x 5' 0" Camel Field Baluch. Lighter photos show truest colors.
price:  $350 Includes Shipping/U.S.A.
Nice antique baluch balisht, 110x50 cm/ 3'8"x1'8".
price:  SOLD
Early blue ground Baluch rug. a small timuri main carpet? Good variety of archaic field motifs and an elegant border. All natural ... read more
price:  $425
Antique Baluch Rug size.145x85cm
price:  Por
a very nice old Baluch about 1900,beautifull ends ,size:155x92 cm,in a mint condition,Black color has been Oxidized.
price:  480€
a very nice Baluch about 100 years,very soft wool,size:156x95 cm,in a mint condition,some places the Black color has been Oxidized,very small placed ... read more
price:  420€
Baluch Carpet Size: 165 x 240 cm
price:  POR
Antique Baluch Sofreh,size110x114cm,wool on wool1870 circa.
Beluch carpet size 170x120cm
price:  Por
Symmetrically knotted Baluch rug with a Mushwani type diamond design. Some wear and old attempts at restoration. Dynamic and fun with nice ... read more
price:  $650
worn antique Khorosan Baluch rug with great star border. Diagonal stripes with a pile rendition of flatweave design. corrosive browns.
price:  $150
Antique camel ground Baluch prayer with an uncommon totemic tree design, good pile and good old colors including rich blues. Interesting dramatic ... read more
price:  $325
Baluch rug fragment ( where is bob Kent when you need ‘I’m)
price:  250
Boucher-esque Khorosan Baluch rug with Memling tile design. Animals drawn all over the place including the field, border, and even within the ... read more
price:  $1500
Quirky Baluch bagface
price:  Two ish
Baluch with Jazzy Latch hook motifs. Just ask for more pics if interested.
price:  On request
***£245/$315*** Baluch salt bag. Size: 55 x 26cm. click the link link to view more items.
price:  Please contact for further details
***£225/$285*** Baluch bag face, size: 48 x 47cm. click the link link to view more items.
price:  Please contact for further details
***£295/$375*** Baluch bag with back, size: 88 x 76cm. Click the link link to view more items.
price:  Please contact for further details
Baluch bagface in very good condition, with silk, finely woven, around 1900
Antique complete Baluch bag with a flock of charming birds on a deep blue ground. Excellent near original condition with good thick ... read more
price:  Sold
Antique Baluch bagface. Classic mushwani concentric latch hooked design. Good older example of the type. Mostly good pile, bit of scattered slight ... read more
price:  $235
Beluch bag very fine quality and skily wool all colors natural dyes.
price:  Por
Beluch bag size 33x33cm
price:  Por
Beluch Sumach bag size 40x26cm
price:  Por
***£195/$250*** Afghan Baluch animal trapping, size: 30 x 66cm. click the link link to view more items.
price:  Please contact for further details
Antique Türkmen Baluch Yastık size: 72x48 cm.
price:  Ask Please
Rare green color and Skily wool Beluch bag face 62x92cm
price:  Por
Baluch Runner, great natural colors, woven like a giant long bagface with a repeat mosaic like pattern of eight-pointed stars in a ... read more
price:  $1250
a very nice Baluch about 1900,size:135x76 cm(without Kelim),with an unusuall design and nice a mint condition.pls not to hesitate to ask ... read more
price:  680€
Baluch balisht with polychromatic blue abrash. 2'2"x2'9".
price:  $250
Antique Baluch prayer rug. Interesting somewhat unusual design but very worn and with heavy brown oxidation as shown. Priced accordingly. 19th c. ... read more
price:  $125
Afghan possibly Pashtun or Nuristani Rifle Case, Late 19th Century/Early 20th Century. Incredible floral design repertoire. Some look like poppies. ... read more
price:  POR
Antique Mina Khani Baluch. 254cm x 90 cm (8'3" x 3') Cherry red and deep navy blue. Unusual borders with long knotted ... read more
price:  Sold. Thank you
Baluch decorative silk soumac on cotton 1880 circa size 37x15cm
Baluch decorative silk soumac on cotton 1900 circa size 32x15cm
Nice baluch 160x87 cm/ 5'4"x2'11".
price:  SOLD
Vintage pictorial Seistan/Zabul Baluch rug "Horses and Herdsmen" 100 x 248 cm (3.3ft x8.1ft.) 1930 /40 Unusual rug with folklore charm. $240 usd ... read more
price:  $240
Detail of a super cool baluch . Ask for more info .
price:  Por
Beluch size 150x94cm
price:  Por
Baluch balisht 1870 circa size~70x47cm
Beluch balisht, 37 x 22", 94 x 56 cm, 19thc, a beautiful little thing. Full of a lot of small elements, interesting ... read more
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