Pre-Columbian bag. a.d. 1000 - 1400. a very large, ceremonial coca bag (17" x 11") with fantastic creatures that are different on ... read more
price:  inquire
18th Century Safavid Brocade size 77x80 cm
price:  On Request
Silk Embroidered Horse Cover,Uzbekistan, early 20th century. 1.05m x 0.62m (3'6" x 2'1")
price:  Please ask
a Cretan embroidery. "Mirhapli". Silk on linen. Cm 80 x 70. Good condition.
price:  €410
a fine resht embroidery. Cm 76 x 115. Great colours.
price:  €350
Phulkari From East(Punjab)India Called As Sarpallu(Patang Design) Bagh.Rare Design.Floss Silk on Hand Spun Cotton khaddar Cloth.Mind Condition.Its size is 124cm x 228cm.(DSL03420).
price:  On request
Chamba Phulkari From Hill Area of Himachal Pradesh. India. Known as Chamba Phulkari. c.1900.Its size is 137cmX260cm(DSC07258).
price:  On Request
Muslin Turban Tie and Dye,Khadi-cotton,with Plain weave Edges.Natural Colour's,From Kutch,Gujarat, India.Size is 23x560cm (20191119_164445).
price:  On Request
Special Offer: Fine supplementary silk weft embroidered two paneled wedding blanket, from the Maonan ethnic group (Guangxi/Guizhou province) circa later first half ... read more
price:  $400.USD
Chirpy This piece has been in my collection for a number of years and is not a newer piece. The ... read more
price:  $425 includes US shipping
Authentic old African textiles from the Congo. Many to choose from. a good selection of works by Kuba, Pygmy and Imbola ... read more
price:  Inquire
Samarkand Suzani, 2.25m x 1.95m (7'4" x 6'3"), second half of 19th century, silk embroidery on cotton.
price:  Please ask
Kantha Finest Quilted and embroidered cotton Kantha Probably From Faridpur District,East Bengal(Bangladesh)region. India.C.1900.Its size is 118cmX145cm. Showing the folk art of bengal. ... read more
price:  On Request
19th century Silk ; Samarkand suzani heavenly colours and design large blossoms a central star some birds and bothes 260 cm x ... read more
price:  Please ask
Rare mid 19th century tent band Fragment probably chodor Turkmen Size 123 x 78 cm circa
price:  Please ask
Woman’s apron fragment cod. 0597. Wool and cotton. Bulgaria. 1st. half 20th. century. Good condition. Cm. 52 x 116 (20 x 46
price:  P.O.R.
Jain Temple Hanging Aari Zari (Real Silver and Gold) Embroidery On Gajji Silk, From Kutch Gujarat India.C.1930.Its size is 82cm x 84cm.(DSL03410).
price:  On Request
Ceremonial Chamba Costume(Kurta) With Trouser (Ejar) Set , From Himachal Pradesh, India. c.1900. Silk ground with Zari (Real Silver) embroidery. This Dress is ... read more
price:  On Request
Chinese textile fragment detail.
price:  Sold
Turkmen Green Chirpy fragment. Professionally mounted on fabric. Size of the fragment: Width 3" to 5" - 8 cm to 13 cm ... read more
price:  O.R.
European very fine silk cross stitch embroidery textile. Size: 13.1" x 16.7" - 33.5 cm x 42.5 cm.
price:  O.R.
Thirma Phulkari From West(Pakistan)Punjab. India. Known As Wedding Thirma Bagh. Rare Influence of showing Lahariya Weave Design. c.1900. Its size is 110cmX250cm(DSC05690).
price:  On Request
Lovely vintage (circa 50 years old) Lao skirt with wide lower hem silk woven pattern. This is in good condition and just ... read more
price:  $90.USD
Sikh Period Jamawar Square Shawl (Rumal) From Kashmir, India. India. C.1870-1900.Its Size is 186cmX190cm(20191114_131553).
price:  On Request
Superb early Khirgiz Tush Kiiz on lovely old blue/black velvet, 7ft x 4ft
Antique Suzani fragment. Circa 19th Century. Mounted on cotton fabric. Size: 9.8" x 50.6" 25 cm x 129 cm.
price:  O.R.
Muslin turban cloth tie-dyed in multiple colours in lahariya (wave) style, From Sekhawati District Rajasthan. India. c.1900. Its size is near ... read more
price:  On Request
Ming Chinese silk textile, 15th century
price:  POR
Ganesh-Sthapana Wall Hanging From Saurashtra Gujarat India.C.1900.The Folk Art of Gujarat.Its size is 45cm x 49cm.(DSL03400).
price:  On request
Minature suzani panel. 19th century. 141 x 93 cm. Good condition.
price:  P O R
a museum grade and exceptionally rare antique Ottoman voided silk velvet and metal work textile panel known as Catma or Çatma. It ... read more
price:  SOLD
Antique Tapestry French Textile. More information https:// link
price:  Ask
Beautiful vintage Kantha from Murshidabad district of West Bengal India 1900 c. With very good class of needle embroidery of the ... read more
price:  On request
Antique Anatolian Kayseri pictorial silk rug with 'hunting' design.
price:  Please contact for further details
a beautiful antique Uzbek Nurata silk embroidered suzani / susani , dating to the last 19th Century. It is relatively large piece ... read more
price:  Reasonable Price
shahsevan Mafrash complete with embroidered animals.1880 circa good condation and all good colors
Front of purse, Yao/Dao, Thailand, ca. 1950 Intricately embroidered cotton Condition: excellent Measurements: ca.16x18 cm
price:  70 USD
Men's Jacket, Myanmar, Akha, ca.1950 Indigo dyed cotton, applications and embroidery, decorative buttons, some wear and tear Condition: very good, wearable Measurements: length 74 cm, ... read more
price:  180 USD
Jamdani Finest Muslin Cotton Saree,With Double Pallu,From Dhaka District of Bangladesh.North-East India.India.Jamdani was originally known as Dhakai named after the city of ... read more
price:  On Request
Suzani fragment cod. 0759. Silk embroidery on cotton. Early 19th. century or before.Size cm. 262 x 29 (103 x 11.5 inches). Very ... read more
price:  P.O.R.
Lecture in Los Angeles: "The Tentmakers of Cairo, and Egyptian Tentmaker Appliqué in American Collections" with Prof. Samuel Bowker, Senior Lecturer in ... read more
This is one of my favorite pieces in the collection. A stunning woman's boro noragi - the inside reveals a mesmerizing construction of ... read more
price:  3200 USD
This is a striking antique Japanese fireman's jacket - hikeshi banten. The coat is made from multiple layers of cotton held together ... read more
price:  2800 USD
Antique brocade saree. 19c
price:  On Request
Central Asian weaving, most likely Kyrgyz Chavadan. Smooth shiny wool. Mounted on a brown cloth. 100 x 43 cm Condition as shown.
price:  POR
Phulkari From West (Pakistan)Punjab India Called As Vari-Da-Bagh.Rare Design Ghunghat.Floss Silk on Hand Spun Cotton khaddar.This bagh was gifted to the bride ... read more
price:  On Request
Manchester Print Labels for the Textiles,from Manchester England. For the Indian Market. This Textile mill label is an essential visual reminder of ... read more
price:  On Request
6th- 7th century silk warp-faced textile fragment in the 'International Style' depicting seated Central Asian or Iranian merchants within roundels ornamented with ... read more
price:  POR
Antique Uzbek Suzani Textile
price:  por
Tampan with unusual design: a single human like figure on a boat with above a dynamic atmosphere with spirals and animals (birds). ... read more
price:  $280 /€250
Uzbek - Lakai pouch and knife cover holder which hangs from a waist belt- both side silk cross stich embroidery- mid ... read more
price:  O.R.
Blanket, cotton, Ede people/ Central Vietnam, ca. 1950 Traditional handwoven rectangular cloth, two panels, handspun cotton, indigo blue, brownish red, off white, metall ... read more
price:  350 USD
Wall hanging, silk & cotton, Tai people, Sipsongpanna, China, 20th century Handwoven wall hanging, center area silk supplementary weft weaving, basic color ... read more
price:  180 USD
ottoman textile Size 60x110 cm
price:  Por
Pitambari Saree, Real Zari Silver threads with gold polish weaving on the silk,From Varanasi ,Uttar Pradesh, India. c.1900. Top condition.Its size 112cmX450cm(20191105_151148).
price:  On Request
Woman's Tie-dyed Ceremonial Veil, "Adrar" Antique Ida ou Nadif people (Berber Tribe) woman's tie-dyed ceremonial veil, "Adrar". Wool gauze weave tie-dyed with natural ... read more
Dalmatian Apron, Late 19th Century early 20th Century. Extremely fine weave. All natural colors. Excellent long tassels fully in ... read more
price:  POR
Ritual head cloth, embroidery, Yao/Dao, Vietnam, second half 20th century Very fine embroidery, red and off white cotton yarn on black rectangular cotton, ... read more
price:  240 USD
Antique piece of cloth, silk, brocade, Bengal, India, 19th century Handwoven brocade, series of a particular small form,green, yellow and grey, supplementary warp ... read more
price:  100 USD
Greek Islands (Bulgarian) Embroidery 2’0” x 4’3” #7882 This mid 19th century Greek Islands (Bulgarian) Embroidery measures 2’0” x 4’3” (61 x 131 ... read more
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