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a pair of antique Persian Kurd Soumac Bagfaces. In excellent condition and with great dyes. Reds are vegetal and not harsh, ... read more
Heriz - 4.9 x 6.1, beautiful saturated color, even pile missing a row or two at end. Great sze and wonderful
Great Tekke Chuval with yellow(!!!!) silk (1820-1860)! Great item rare and very good piece of it's type! Lovely item which fits in ... read more
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17th c. Indo-Isphahan fragment, 72 x 151 cm.( 28" x 59"), has been for 40 years in a private Dutch collection. Cleaned.
price:  €1900,-
karachof carpet 236x147cm
price:  P.O.R
Lot 141, Kazak Star-variant, Caucasus circa 1860, 7 ft. 3in. x 5ft. 1in., 221 x 155 cm. Published: Eberhart Herrmann, Seltene Orientteppiche, Band ... read more
Lot 157, Khorasan fragment of a saf prayer carpet, East-Persia 17th century, 5 ft. 8in. x 2ft. 9in., 172 x 85 cm. Provenance: former ... read more
Lot 129, Yomud Multi-gul Main Carpet, Turkmenistan first half 19th century, 8 ft. 10in. x 5ft. 8in., 270 x 173 cm, Lit.: ... read more
Baluch Salt Bag ( pile on both sides )
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Mid 19th century m.a.d Beshir,Fresh comming All Natural Colors,No repairs, Washed and cleaned size aprox 114 x 42 Colors, Red, Blue, Yellow, Dark Green, ... read more
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Indonesian textiles Indonesia 011 – ( 248cm x 53cm – 97in x 21in), Pelangi, cotton, breast wrapper, dyes stitch resist dyeing, tie ... read more
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16th c. Dragon carpet fragment.
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Karaja, 184 x 134 cm., 6'x 4'5", ca. 1910. All over even pile, without any wear and with all good natural dyes. ... read more
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Lot 92, Large Medallion Suzani, Uzbekistan first half 19th century, 8 ft. 8in. x 5ft. 7in., 264 x 170 cm, Provenance: private ... read more
Lot 34, Transylvanian rug with Star-and-cartouche border, Turkey mid-17th century 5 ft. 8in. x 3ft. 11in., 172 x 119 cm, Published: Eberhart Herrmann, ... read more
Lot 16, Kashan Mohtashem, Persia circa 1870, 10ft. 6in. x 7ft. 3in., 320 x 221 cm, Condition: excellent, Wool pile, cotton warp, ... read more
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Unique and highly collectable Yomud Turkmen Mafrash or Kap. 1st half the 19th century. i am unaware of others in ... read more
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Lot 106: Tabriz hunting carpet. Iran, antique, circa 1910. Hand-knotted, wool on cotton. Probably by Petag / Deutsch Orient. In my auction November ... read more
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Lot 58: Tekke 6 - Gul Torba, Turkmenistan, antique circa 1800. 42 cm x 125 cm. Hand-knotted, wool with silk on wool. The ... read more
price:  Reseve 3000 EURO
Lot 4: Daghestan village rug. Caucasus, antique 19th century. 143 cm x 93 cm. Hand knotted. Wool on wool. Natural colors. In my ... read more
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Lot 24: Kashan "Mohtasham" silk on silk. Iran, antique, circa 1890. 348 cm x 235 cm. Hand knotted workshop rug, masterpiece. Overall full ... read more
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Antique Heriz Karaja rug with excellent natural dyes, circa 1920. Unique border design. Size is 8’0” x 10’10”. Great condition with full ... read more
price:  $3460.00
Lovely north west persian mahal carpet. Possibly from the Ziegler workshops. Full pile and in great condition with no repair done or ... read more
price:  P O R
Lot 81, Suzani double sided embroidered, Uzbekistan first half 19th century, 7 ft. 10in. x 5ft. 4in., 239 x 162 cm, Condition: ... read more
Lot 81, Suzani double sided embroidered, Uzbekistan first half 19th century, 7 ft. 10in. x 5ft. 4in., 239 x 162 cm, Condition: ... read more
Lot 15, Kashan Mohtashem signed, Persia circa 1880, 7 ft. 3in. x 4ft. 6in., 220 x 136 cm, Condition: good, some spots ... read more
Lot 98, Kum Kapu, Turkey End 19th century, 6 ft. 7in. x 4ft. 9in., 200 x 146 cm, Condition: good, few small ... read more
3' 10" - 4' 1" x 5' 10" Anatolian Karapinar in very good overall condition. The pale column of knots at ... read more
price:  $1200
Kashkai ? Runner fragment colours colours size:358x88-cm. ask
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Imps with clogs ! antique Chinese embroidery silk and metal thread on blue silk ground 19 c size 76 x 28 cm ... read more
price:  £350
lovely complete antique ceremonial skirt from Gujarat early 20c size 200 x 70 cm. Silk parrots on yellow silk ground good condition ... read more
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antique Chinese rug 150 x 78 cm,
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nice and complete antique Ottoman embroidery silk and metal thread on a red satin ground 19 c size 31 x 38 cm. ... read more
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Gorevan runner c1920 only 23" wide and 9' long.Mina Khani design. Overall even wear, no restoration. perfectly straight. Desirable decorative size.
price:  750.
Large mid 19th century East Anatolian kilim from Reyhanli
price:  Please enquire