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Antique Shirvan kilim. Clean and in excellent condition. This is a nice decorative piece with strong color and design that is ... read more
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Indonesian textiles Indonesia 013 – (244cm x 6cm – 96in x 26in)pelangi, shoulder cloth malay people, Palembang region, south Sumatra, silk, natural ... read more
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Handsome 19th century Ru Korssi - Timuri tribes - western Afghanistan - with magnificent brocaded border - 1.30m (4' 3") square.
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Kurdish rug. 8'7" x 4'7"
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Really good old Kurdish Sauj Bulagh of a type hard to find these days with beautifully patinated high pile and intense natural ... read more
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West anatolian rug. 5'3" x 4'1"
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19th century Music for the eyes * Curtis Mayfield's Super fly * :) Fullpile and very strong colors Kurdish Pillow.. 55 x ... read more
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Late 19 century Baluch Kilim very fine and great colors. Size 6x12
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Exceptional and Rare Antique Moroccan Silk Embroidery - circa 1800 - 86" x 43" - 220 x 110 cm.
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Afshar rug good connection without repair all natural colors,size 185x160cm> i Birds in the shamanic societies which most weaving cultures come from ( ... read more
Doppelgänger Galloping Gazelles 3' 1" x 4' 5" West Persian Village Rug. Single white cotton wefting is intertwined with brown or ... read more
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Antique colourful Baluch (qhouchan area or salar khani?) as found, no restaurations 185 x 113 cm
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Konya Karapinar/Karacadag village rug fragment. 1810/1830. Gorgeous colors, bold geometrical design. Great Anatolian collector's piece. See the back side pic after mounting ... read more
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South Central Anatolian Kilim. Unusual overall design of repeating stepped diamond forms. All dyes natural. Scattered good quality reweaving - mostly ... read more
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Tunisia, Kairouan, circa 1930 rug, all natural colors (natural wool), pristine condition. In the same family from 1940. For collectors tunisian rugs.
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Stripes - Anatolian style. This early kilim has great color! Both of the side selvedges are intact. There is probably some small ... read more
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Beautiful antique Afshar, with very unusual blue sky at dawn ground colour and extraordinary stylised flowering vases repeated across the fiels. The ... read more
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1850’s rarest white pommegrade yarkand 4'2 x 9' 1 link rarest white pommegrade yarkand 4'2 x 9' 1 Direct Contact Info: ... read more
antique 1880's KARAJE-SERAPI link antique 1880's karaje-serapi Direct Contact Info: Bernard Zarnegin Interiors, Seestrasse 43, 8001 Zurich, Switzerland, , whatsapp: ... read more
link 18 century karapinar link 18 century karapinar Direct Contact Info: Bernard Zarnegin Interiors, Seestrasse 43, 8001 Zurich, Switzerland, ... read more
antique dated ivory collectors PERPEDIL link antique dated world class white caucasian perpedil - Direct Contact Info: Bernard Zarnegin Interiors, Seestrasse ... read more
Ersari maincarpet 281 x 251 cm age: ca. 1800
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Early Oushack fragment. 6'6" x 1'6"
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Timuri Baluch rug with Qalem Dani design, Goats and Beautiful border, interesting selvage finish - 3'7 x 6'11 - 107 x 210
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Antique Lori rug, Circa 1880 500x170 cm
Shahsavan sumack bag face. Cm 47x47. Late 19th c. Main field with diagonal stripes filled with small rectangles of different colors, each ... read more
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qashqai rug 1880 circa,good connection no repair all natural colors,size 210x140cm
Thick pile,lustrous Kurdish wool, saturated natural dyes, single wefted. Large bagface 30x21 inches (76 x 53 cm). Notice the single row of ... read more
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Antique Anatolian Bag, no: 128, size: 44*44cm, late 19th century, wool and wool, all natural colors.
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Anatolian rug with archaic classical Holbein references. 18th century, probably East Anatolian Kurdish but with a palette reminiscent of Karaman area things. ... read more
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Antique Khamseh bag face , 58 x 52 cm
Old Karabag Rug
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19th Century Shahsavan Sumac ın Good Condition And Colorful One.Size 60 x 70 Cm.
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Ersari Rug in good condition .148 x 95 cm
19th Century Marasali Prayer Rug size 130x148 cm
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Yellow ground memling kuba long rig, Circa 1880. Lovely colours with some wear and a few knots of fuschine. Very pretty. 280x125cm