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a Fantastic Antique Caucasian Seichur Runner with St Andrews crosses, roses and great colors, 110x350 cm (43x138 inches), 19th century.
Sarkoy kilim. Size is cm 240x580 or ft 7.8x19.0. Late 19th or early 20th century. Very good condition. Pair available. Huge, rare, ... read more
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Central Anatolian yastic, circa 1875, size 19" x 40", the catma (Ottoman velvet yastics) of the 17th and 18th centuries had an ... read more
New England Rug Society meeting Friday, 25 April 2014, 7:00 pm a Night at the mfa (Museum of Fine Arts) Featuring exceptional pieces from the ... read more
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East anatolian kurdish rug, with great design, super wool quality and fantastic Colors,in nearly mint condition, size: 188x089cm
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Exceptionally graphic Turkmen tentband fragment, velvety pile, vivid natural color including a few silk highlights. There are two clean easily repairable rips, ... read more
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Ancient Gansu fragmentary animal trapping, circa 1600s.
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Rare Baluch-Turkmen prayer rug, ne Persia/NW Afghanistan, size: 54" x 41" (147 x 104 cm), circa 1850, this rug displays a confluence ... read more
19th Century Oushak carpet 11'7" x 15'9" in as found condition. Email for price and more information.
Fantastic Bird Baluch bagface circa 1900 - ebay item ebay item
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{35} Ersari, 97 x 153 cm, ca. 1900, one small restoration in kilim, otherwise in original, mint condition. -Kolya
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Very good Ladik prayer rug 3rd qtr 18c. Soft harmonius colours only found in the eighteenth century or before. Woven the ... read more
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The Oriental Rug and Textile Society of Great Britain is delighted to announce the opening of its annual orts Cup Award 2014. ... read more
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Neirez Afshar c1880 in full pile with nice graphics and all good colors 14" x 24". Rare type, fine weave with heavily ... read more
4026-Turkish Anatolian kilim 380x145
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Kazak prayer rug, dated, 3`8`` x 4`8`` (112x141 cm), pls email for the price:
Anatolien Kilim in mint condition, around 1880, 330x160cm.
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1880 Belouch Bagface Size: 60x58cm (2.0x1.9ft) Natural colors
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Sarkoy fragment kilim size 182 cm 130 cm
Antique Baluch bag face. Size: 65 x 74 cm. Used condition.
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North West Persian tribal rug, 207 x 115 cms, crazy range of great colours, glossy wool, deep pile like you never see, ... read more
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Northwest Persian Hamadan. 1930s. 3'5'' x 5'11''. Mostly full pile with some moth grazing in the white field.
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19th century Caucasian. 5'0'' x 9'8''. Low even pile, with a couple fingertip sized repairs. All good colors including ... read more
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Unusual antique Afshar rug, 19th century, with great colors and design, in good condition.
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Massive Bamileke Ndop cloth, Cameroon. Good age, complete, no damage, other than some minor separation. 87" x 106".
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Daghestan - Avar felt. Natural colors. Border and main field colors are different. Size: 4' 6" x 7' 4" (137cm x 193cm)
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This circa 1900 Persian Bibicabot measures 12’6” x 16’7”. This large Palace sized carpet has the visual characteristics of a Fereghan Sarouk. ... read more
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This circa 1900 Fereghan Sarouk measures 3’7” by 4’9”. It is a beautiful very pure red with a small medallion which ... read more
price:  $2250
Interesting North Persian or South Caucasian Rug -- 7' x 5'4" --19th Century -- Unusual Shamanistic Figure; With Stylized Bird Borders ... read more
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Uzbekistan silk tie-dye panel fragment. Size: 27" x 31" (69cm x 79cm)
price:  O.R.
Tekke Mafrash, fine weave nine guls with linked minors containing eight-pointed stars, 2'1"x1'1"
price:  $550
Arab baluch rug 165x116 cm
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Baluch rug 148x85 cm
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trans-himalaya discoveries and adventures in tibet. Rare three volumes of Sven Hedin's famous book on Tibet, first edition.
Really old Beshir carpet.219 x 114 cms.Have you read the tribal bible?
mut kilim size is 313cmx165cm about 120-130 years old on sale