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Come get a bargain! 19th century Fereghan kelleh 7'4" x 15'7" / 220 x 480cm flat pile, showing foundation, two or three ... read more
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Afshar bag face, all natural dyes of exceptional quality, excellent condition, no repairs, no reweaves, full pile, the field design is outstanding ... read more
tr 40 Central Asian Lakai Uzbek Saddle Cover, 19th Century, Silk/Wool, 46 x 78 inches Saddle Covers of this type are rare.
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Eagle Kazak or Chelaberd or Chonderesk, late 19th century, all natural colors, all wool, clean and suitable for even a high traffic ... read more
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Elegant mint condition Jollar in full pile, leaf design, overall red wefting, Amu Darya region, double emerald green stripe in the upper ... read more
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Ikat Jollar, excellent condition, early 19th, century, a plethora of natural colors, warps of goat hair, wefting commingled with cotton and wool, 50" ... read more
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Shahsavan khorjin face, 66 x 72 cms.
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89 | Derbent, Dagestan, Early 20th Century
Dated rare early western Anatolian Yastik, full pile with early natural colors, original selvedges and remains of original kelim at both ends, 29" ... read more
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Rare , beautiful and early Kuba long rug. Early to mid 19th century. 276 x 102cm. In need of work but repairable ... read more
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Reasonable price! Rare afshar rug Usually Afshar rugs are small - this is a large one! Size: 300x220cm Comes from an old Italian Castle Age: around 1870 natural ... read more
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“Dialogue at the Lobby”- An exhibition of antique kilims in dialogue with contemporary Israeli art. Antique kilims from the Mark Berkovich and Rafi ... read more
Shahsavan Silk Jajim 187 x 180 cm
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ersari main CARPET link
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Indonesian Balinese textiles Indonesia – Bali 007 – Kamben geringsing patelikur isi, ritual cloth, tenganan bali, handspun cotton, natural dyes, double ... read more
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81 | Fork-Leaf Kuba, North Shirvan, Caucasus, 2nd Half 19th C.
Bergama Prayer rug - early example of a small group of known triple column rugs and possible interesting provenance.....
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Baluch Small Double Sumak Bags, gold and silver colored metal thread is used throughout as highlights. a very luxurious set of bags ... read more
price:  POR
Afshar related rug 198-149 cm ,early 20th c.Perfect condition . very decorative
price:  570 e + post
a beautifully drawn Afshar chuval c1860-1880 in excellent condition 30.5" x 18" Note the extremely intricate work in the closures. This is ... read more
a grand Turkmen trapping in pristine condition 59"x13" Persian (assymetrically) knotted pulled to the right, this piece likely originated from Middle Amu ... read more
price:  $3600
wonderful Epirus embroidery border fragment. Circa 1750 with beautifully expressive peacocks, smaller animals and urns. See Roderick Taylor's Embroidery of the Greek ... read more
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Inv. 119438, Ozbek Lakai Nim Suzani. For More Pics See,
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Antique 19 Centuy Heriz, ca.
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Antique 19 Centuy turkmen, 7' 3'' x 12' 8'' , All Vegetable Dyed Natural Colors, Softest Velvet touch wool quality link Home: Bernard ... read more
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Antique 17 Centuy Flemish Tapestry, 385 cm x 485 cm , All Vegetable Dyed Natural Colors, Softest Wool and Silk Quality link ... read more
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a pair of Old leather Afghani shoes, with turned up toes and embroidered
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Inv. 119445. Two Qashqai Couples. For More PIcs,
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As found: a pair of old camel bags measuring 47"x 33" in excellent condition. Thanks for looking.
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Early 20th century Kazak rug. Low, with some old repiling, mostly new selvedges. Great graphics and all natural dyes. In need of ... read more
price:  £440 GBP
19th century pale gold field Kurdish runner. Very colourful and with good pile. a couple of holes, a wrinkle and some bites ... read more
price:  £525 GBP
19th century Beshir chuval 5'0" x 3'3" / 153 x 97cm. Great old example, with the eye-catching Ikat design. In decent condition, ... read more
price:  £360 GBP
Centrial Asia Kazakhistan Pair silver Bracelet, Circa 1900 weight,248 gram size,longer 21 cm bracelet 6x7,5 cm
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Centrial Asia Uzbekhistan Silver Cown, Fire Gilded and Turqouise and coral stones. weight,138 gram size, 15x20 cm Circa 1900
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Early Chinese seating mat
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Russian Brocade 178 x 61 cm
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