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Kurdish Namakdan. [a bag of distinctive shape with a neck or spout. It is used to store salt or grain.] This gem ... read more
shield carpet East Caucasus, 18th c. (13'4" x 6'2") Auction 24th of October 2014, 2.30pm Marseille; france. Preview 23rd of October 10am / ... read more
lori pambak kazak rug South West Caucasus, 19th c. (5'6" x 7') Auction 24th of October 2014, 2.30pm Marseille; france. Preview 23rd ... read more
kazak karachopf South West Caucasus, 19th c. (7'5" x 4'4") Auction 24th of October 2014, 2.30pm Marseille; france. Preview 23rd of October 10am ... read more
heriz serapi carpet North West Persia, 19th c. (14'4" x 5'2") Auction 24th of October 2014, 2.30pm Marseille; france. Preview 23rd of October ... read more
bakshaish carpet North West Persia, 19th c. (10'7" x 8'8); Auction 24th of October 2014, 2.30pm Marseille; FRANCE. Preview 23rd of October 10am ... read more
Angora Ushak, 182 x 130 cm, very soft wool, floppy handling
Uzbek Suzani 19th c. 232 x 158 cm
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Yuruk Rug (detail), 110x270cm, first half of 19th century.
"she moves like a jellyfish, rhythm she got...she dont stop". Exceptional, mid 19th century Moghan region, half kordjin. Detail ARTS visitors: Please visit our ... read more
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Karabagh Tree of Life Prayer Rug; Southeast Caucasus;Dated 1280 a.h. (1862 a.d.) ;Condition: Small area of brown re-piling; original sides and ends;3ft. ... read more
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a colorful Turkmen Aksu torba? Indeed so! This early eastern Turkmen torba fragment has great scale and precisely rendered drawing illustrated with ... read more
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link . Robert Mann, Cleaning Collectible Rugs: Some Considerations on Technique and Results. Krimsa Fine Rugs and Decor, arts, and sfbars ... read more
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Saryk chuval 1800-50 2'11" x 4'2" in mint condition.
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17th century Skyros silk embroidered hand towel with fabulous schooners and sailors (detail) 35 x 120cm
Antique Indian Wedding Shawl. This is an antique embroidered wedding shawl or “odhni” from the Thar Desert region near Jaisalmer in Rajasthan. ... read more
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Canteh Size: 35x30cm (1.2x1.0ft) Naturalcolors, made in circa 1910, there is silk
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19th CEntury Iran/India Textile Size: 172x171cm (5.7x5.7ft) Natural colors, there are some small holes and overcasts
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The Rug Pickers find as found: a 1920's Persian Sarouk measuring 42"x 58", nice even Pile, no wear, ready to go. ... read more
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Asmat (West Papua) dark wood carving with shovel-shaped base. Male/female figure on the handle. 37 inches long, 5 inches wide, ... read more
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Asmat (West Papua) sago dish in shape of spear. Male figure on handle holding a bird. 25 inches long, 7 ... read more
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a double full bag by the Shahsavan 1870. The white background is a plain weave warp-faced while designing motifs star is woven ... read more
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Balinese Boxed Set of old Cock-fighting Spurs (Taji). Excellent condition.
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Indian Spice box. Circa 1930s. Great patina.
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Old Hazara Tribal Kilim Dynamic, striking and well drawn antique Hazara tribe kilim with excellent balance of pattern, spacing and colour. From the ... read more
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Antique Kurdish tribal rug with very nice colors. All natural dyes. Size: 210x72cm / 6'9''ft x 2'4''ft link
Ceramic tile "Kamashiki" cod. 0527. Ceramic. Japan. Taisho era (1912 - 1926). Very good condition. Cm. 28 x 28 (11" x 11"). ... read more
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Yoruba belt cod. 0535. Glass beads, shells and coins. First half 20th. century. Cm. 19 x 64. Very good condition.
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Balouch - Great field design, color. Some wear, hole in kilim end.
Kyrgyz silk chain stitch embroidery on black cotton. Perhaps a fragment of a larger piece? Very elegantly drawn. 21" x ... read more
a most colorful Baluch. This image shot in cool, fading light. Brilliant and uncharacteristic color, silky wool with a good old ... read more
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Ersari main carpet size:171x115-cm Please ask
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Anatolian kilim. Circa mid 19th. Washed and ready to go. Do not let the price deceive you. I am pricing it to move it . a ... read more
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Caucasus Kasak,178cm x 104cm, circa 1880
price:  € 700
Caucasus Kuba Perepedil, 200cm x 135cm, circa 1900
price:  € 800