Late 19th century silk in-laid Saryk Torba Size: 134x40cm Very good condition
price:  inquire
Antique Yomut Turkmen main carpet with the ‘Dyrnak’ gul design and curl leaf border. link Circa 1890. The carpet has a rich brown ... read more
price:  Please contact for further details
Antique Ersari Turkmen ensi of traditional design with excellent colour. link Circa 1890. Ensi were door hangings used to cover the entrance to ... read more
price:  Please contact for further details
Turkmen bag size 43x135cm
price:  Por
Antique Turkmen Saryk Bagface
price:  por
Antique Yomut Turkmen main carpet with the ‘Dyrnak’ gul design and superb large elem panels at both ends. link Circa 1850/70. The carpet ... read more
price:  Please contact for further details
Turkmen Chodor Main Carpet fragment 118 x 32 cm 3 man figures on the edge.
price:  POR
Antique Ersari Turkmen main carpet from Southern Turkmenistan or Northern Afghanistan. link Circa 1880 or earlier. This fine carpet has 3 rows of ... read more
price:  Please contact for further details
19.century Turkmen Bag Size 46×50
price:  POR
Karakalpak or Sarik horse saddle aprroximately 140 years old
price:  ask
Torba Yamut approximately 80 years old
price:  300 usd
Tekkeh Asmalik approximately 170 years old rug size is 94 x 21 cm
price:  ask to seller
Yomut Turkmen "OkBosh", Central Asia, late 19th C./circa 1900, 1'6" x 2'4" An attractive flat woven 'OkBosh' attributable to the Yomut Turkmen of ... read more
Soumack,(Kilim) Yomut Turkmen 290 x 180 Cm. In perfect condition.
the oldest youmud asmalyk i have seen ! around 1800 ??? Even in rippon and boswell not a comparable to be ... read more
price:  high value
wonderful turkoman piece, in great condition, 1880? small tiny, tiny upper rightcorner repair, no stains, fabulous natural colors, original fringes 130x45cm 4.3x1.5ft without fringes
price:  SOLD
early 19th Century Ersari Beshir Turkmen Torba, ,size128x41cm Mail for more information,
saryk chuval- more pictures here - 126x92cm - All colors are natural colors.silk , cotton.
price:  3500 Euro Ask
Perfect condition for this Turkmen Arabatchi main carpet. All original without restors or repils. Washed and ready for use. Important main border for this ... read more
price:  ask please !
Super Fine Yomud Asmalyk 78 x 122 cm / 30.71 x 47.64 inches
price:  On request
Early 19th Century Tekke Ak Cuval size 77x129 cm very fine quality and has off-set knotting
price:  On Request
small 6gul tekke torba fragment -1870 circa size 75x40cm
19.century Yomud Asmalyk sıze 65×110
price:  POR
Turkmen Ersari Main Carpet circa 1800 size 166x210 cm
price:  On Request
19th century Tekke Salor Gul chuval 4'1"x2'9"/125x84cm
very old very fine, turkoman piece, 6 gÖl ,one rather ugly repair, two tiny repairs and a repaired tear, marvellous colors , from ... read more
price:  SOLD
Beautiful Turkmen Yomut 16 gul festival cuval with tassels in mint condition. Cm 68x110, cm 142x110 open. Got it from a Turkish ... read more
price:  please inquire
Lot 8, Arabachi Chuval, 155 x 81 cm (5' 1" x 2' 8"), Turkmenistan, second half 19th century, Auction on November 2nd ... read more
price:  Starting bid € 700
19th century fine Yomud asmalyk. Crisply drawn, with shimmering patina. The snowy white background shows off the mahogany brown/reds perfectly. The use ... read more
price:  Please enquire
Turkmen Yomud Asmalik / Turkoman Yomut Asmalyk in fair condition. Measures 121x60cm / 3'11.64x 1'11.62
price:  On request
Akhal Oasis Tekke chuval from the first half of the 19th century. Size 114x74cm
This is the biggest cuval i have ever seen. It's a Turkmen Beshir with Mina Khani design. Size is cm 100x180 and ... read more
price:  big size, small price, pls ask.....
Super colorful Bashir Central Asian / Middle Amu Darya area carpet. older than most. Worn but more or less complete with an ... read more
price:  $1150
Yomut Asmalyk, 4th quarter of the 19th Century. Wool felt applique. Wonderful graffic. Natural dyes. In very good condition ... read more
price:  POR
Antique collectors turkmen Auction ending this Sunday, Starting Bid $1 Direct Link: https:// link
price:  Starting Bid $ 1
Antique Turkmen Sarıyk Bagface size.55x60cm
price:  por
Ersari torba with interesting design (not frequently encountered but published, see Rippon Boswell online archive for reference). Good age, outer gol largely ... read more
price:  SOLD, thank you
early 19th century fragment of Tekke Ak Chuval,the white color all in Cotton,42x42cm
Fine Baluch rug with Turkmen güls, beautiful colours, condition is good with all borders intact, minor wear, but a small repair in ... read more
price:  € 250
turkmen ensi 134x170cm
price:  €350 plus shipping
Turkmen small Yomud Torba. Size 9" x 14.5" - 23 cm x 37 cm.
price:  O.R.
Turkmen Sahra Yomud Goklan kilim. Great small antique Turkmen kilim. Not very many of them published. Great collectible one. All high altitude ... read more
price:  O.R.
Igdyr chuval (pers. comm. Elena Tsareva) with unusual elem. Tight drawing, glorious wool and high original pile. Feels like a furry animal! ... read more
price:  $ 500
Yemouth Turkmen knotted circa in 1905 antique, collector's item. Size: 130 x 105 (cm) 4' 3" x 3' 5" carpet id: ... read more
price:  On request
Yemouth Turkmen horse cover, knotted circa in 1920 antique, collector's item. Size: 134 x 98 (cm) 4' 5" x 3' 3" ... read more
price:  On request
Turkmen ensi fragment, finely woven with silk highlights
price:  please inquire
Antique Turkmen tekke torba,76 x 30 cm
Turkmen Ersari torba.
price:  O.R.
Circa 1800, Early 19th Century Yomut Main Carpet: This beautifully drawn and spaced red brown field of this handsome ... read more
price:  POR
Central-Asia a pair of Turkmen Velvet and Cotton Wall Hanging Fine condition ! Circa - 1920 - 40 Size - Height : ... read more
price:  O.R
Turkmen Beshir prayer rug 87x140cm
price:  por
Turkmen Ersari Engsi 133x175 cm
price:  por
Full pile Yomut torba, mafrash, from around 1880. All natural dyes, no damages. Measures : 14 x 26.4 inches ----------34 x ... read more
price:  SOLD
Antique Ersari Kizil Ayak namazlyk, 37 x 49 inches. Wear as visible, sound foundation. Late 19th/early 20th century.
price:  Please inquire
Yomut OkBosh, Central Asia, 19th c., 1'1" x 1'10" a flat woven Yomut group "OkBosh", in good condition (some signs of use, but ... read more
Antique Tekke Turkmen main carpet of large size with 5 rows of 17 guls. link Size: 13ft 9in x 8ft 2in (420 ... read more
price:  Please contact for further details
Late 19th century Yomut Turkoman torba in excellent condition. All natural colors, no holes, no tears, no stains. Only one, hardly ... read more
price:  SOLD .Thank you..
Antique Turkmen Tekke Main Carpet
price:  por
old tekke with deeply corroded silk guls $1900
price:  $1900
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