David Lantz

I have been a dealer in African, Pre-Columbian, and Asian art in New York City for over 25 yeas; I have a particular interest in textiles from these areas.

If you get no response to your inquiries it is probably because I am not receiving them. Please feel free to contact me directly at david.lantz@verizon.net

  • Anatolian kilim, circa 1800, 52 x 114 inches. a rare type of Yuncu multibanded kilim.Cleaned, with minor restorations throughout kilim
    price:  POR

  • Anatolian kilim half, circa 1800, 92 x 468cm, Central Anatolian kilim (possibly Aydin)displaying large scale hooks/horns projecting from central medallions. Cleaned ... read more
    price:  sold

  • Tibetan mat with very good pile around the perimeter of the mat and reduced pile in the center of the mat, 26 ... read more
    price:  por