Randall Mason

I have been a collector of antique oriental rugs and textiles for over 30 years. I am now in a situation where I need to downsize my life. So, I am selling most of my collection and library. Enjoy!

  • Turkoman mafrash, probably Yomud. Late 19th century 2'8" x 1'1". Good colors and condition.
    price:  on request

  • Oriental Rug Review: Volume 8 #1 through Volume 16 #2 (1987-1995) Excellent condition.
    price:  $299USD + shipping

  • All 10 Herrmann catalog books plus 3 of the 4 (minus #1) subsequent catalogues. In as new condition.
    price:  SOLD

  • Two great kurdish weavings. Both have thick glossy pile with natural colors including aubergine.The one with large booths in the field is ... read more
    price:  $495 + shipping for both

  • Two Afshar bags. a complete chuval, 2'11"x1'7". Good wool and natural colors, Generally good condition, low at bottom center with small replied ... read more
    price:  inexpensive

  • Yomut camel knee pads, repurposed as a bag? 9" x 8". Good colors, 2 small moth bites. Tiny amount of ... read more
    price:  on request

  • Yomud mini-asmalyk. 2'1" x 1'. Great natural colors, wool, and condition, with wonderful green. Late 19th century.
    price:  on request

  • Afshar Rug. 4'11" (pile only) x 4'. Good colors, very finely woven with floppy handle and great kilim ends. Generally good ... read more
    price:  $1195.00 + shipping

  • Beluch Prayer Rug 4'9" x 2'9". All beautiful natural colors, Good condition, some brown corrosion, small repair at bottom center (see ... read more
    price:  $895 + shipping

  • Saliani prayer rug 4'3"x2'8". great colors and wool. Nice small size. Overall good condition, a few areas of crease ... read more
    price:  $1495 + shipping

  • Tekke Animal Tree Ensi. 5' x 3'11". Generally in good condition. Not square. Sides re-overcast, bottom end slightly reduced. ... read more
    price:  SOLD

  • Kashan(?) Prayer Rug. Ca 1900. 6'10" x 4'2". Overall good condition, a little thinner in the center. Clean.
    price:  SOLD

  • Baktiari Kilim, ca. 1900. Good condition, colors appear natural although the yellow is slightly faded. 8'2" x 5'. Beautiful balanced design, and heavy, ... read more
    price:  SOLD

  • Manastir kilim. Good colors, a few small crude repairs, hole at end. 3'9" x 2'2". Dirty.
    price:  $390 + shipping

  • Lakai belt 3'4" x2.75" Good condition. Nice design.
    price:  $149 + shipping

  • Indian Silk Embroidery. 19th century, possibly earlier? Good colors and condition with some small splits in the ground silk (see photos) ... read more
    price:  $795 plus shipping

  • Beluch Bagface. 19th century. Great Beluch colors and wool. Rebound all around, otherwise in good pile with a little ... read more
    price:  $195 plus shipping

  • Complete Luri double bag. Late 19th century, good colors. Some crease wear and corner damage. small amount of cotton weft ... read more
    price:  on request

  • Chinese Rug 6'9" x4". Slightly tip faded reddish tan color. Grey field. Circa 1900? Good condition.
    price:  $495.00 + shipping

  • Tibetan Rug Early 20th century, red cotton corduroy edge and indigo cotton backing. Small amount of mothing as shown. Otherwise ... read more
    price:  Sold, thanks

  • East Anatolian flatweave cradle. 3'1" x1'10". All wool, good colors, ?age?
    price:  $195.00

  • Eastern Anatolian Yastik 1'6" x 2'. Good colors, probably missing border all around.
    price:  SOLD, thanks

  • Chaudor Chuval 3'9" x2'7" Good colors and generally good condition with a few reweaves at the edges and bottom corner. ... read more
    price:  SOLD, Thanks

  • Bagface: Baluchi? Afshar? i don't know. Coarsely woven on cotton. Good colors. 2'1"x1'9"
    price:  SOLD, thanks

  • Central Anatolian Yastik. Good colors, not great condition. 2'10" x 1'9".
    price:  SOLD, Thanks

  • Kuchan Kurd rug 3'10" x 2'8" Late 19th Century Beautiful rug in good condition. Corroded browns. At least one chemical color.
    price:  on request