Deniz Coşkun

I am in this fabulous carpet world for 22 years, since my childhood, I do collect and sell handwoven art crafts, especially from Anatolian nomads. In these 22 years I pursued them, Nomads of Anatolia, through pastures, black tents, Ottoman manuscripts, tribal lineages and their tribal art. I also sheared, combed, spun, dyed and weaved with them. These modest and proud people are not some archaic ones left in history books but do live nowadays between us, they are my friends. I do link the passioned and curious people of Western world to these legendary people by the antique pieces I sell, the special tours I make and new replica production that I produce, respecting the oldest methods of centuries (i.e. hand combing hand spinning natural dying and weaving techniques). So let’s share this fabulous experience together. For any question:

  • Wonderful Hakkari Kilim. Wonderful tribal kilim from Hakkari area. Dimensions:Apprx: 165-230 cm... This wonderful kilim of 90-100 years old, comes from Çukurca district of ... read more
    price:  P.O.R

  • Wonderful Sivas Carpet. 1st half of 19th century (i think 1815-1850), with well balanced wonderful natural colors: Saturated madder red, a delightful ... read more
    price:  P.O.R

  • Caucasian (Shahsavan (?))mafraj panels. Two short mafraj panels (apx 40 cmX40cm) dating 100 years roughly. Very elaborate workmanship, all natural dyes, rich ... read more
    price:  200 USD + delivery price for each