Sahseven Bag Face Size: 55x55 cm
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Early sumak bagface. Unusual design. Heavily oxidized browns. Pretty greens. All wool, no cotton. Shahsavan or caucasian? 3rd qtr. 19th c. ... read more
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a Northwest Persian Shahsevan mafrash panel end with large scale and great contrast. size is 1'7"x1'5" Inv # 15783 See this piece on our ... read more
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Shahsavan pile 60x50,19 cn.perfect condition
Shahsavan sumak,19 cn.57x57 cm.perfect condition
Antique shashavan reverse sumac
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Early Shahsavan Mafrash with all natural colors and very fine weave,All original without any work done,Very beautiful design and colors,withe is cotton.Size ... read more
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Shashavan runner. 334 x 110 cm. n w Persia. Circa 1880.Wool warps cotton wefting. Organic dyes. Mainly good pile all over. Some ... read more
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Antique north west persian shashavan runner. An interesting tribal interpretation of a caucasian lenkoran design. Good pile and super soft wool. No ... read more
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Rare n.w. Persian Soumak bag-face of the early 19th. century, 22" x 21"[56 x 54cm]
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Shahsavan kilim. 10 ft. 5 in. x 7 ft. (313 x 208). 19th c. Wool. Near perfect condition. See Pl. 38 in ... read more
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Soumak 98 x 39 cm, fine weave, natural colors
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shahsevan size 80x70cm
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Shahsavan Soumac Pannels with all organic dyes,beautiful design,and good age,Fine weave.All original without any repair or work done.Early pannel with good condition.Size ... read more
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Shasavan SumaK Bagface 61 x 63 cm
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Antique Shahsawen Bag wonderful colours and excellent condition all orginal and size:27 x 23 inches (66x58 cm) Circa 1880 or 1890
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Pair of miniature Shahsavan saddlebags with charming rows of goats. Circa 1900. Each bag 8" x 9", now mounted separately.
Antique Shahsavan Mafrash
Antique Shahsavan Mafrash
Shahsavan bag 55 x 55 cm, ,Fine weave, natural colours, condition is good
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Shahsavan .bag face sumak.19th in very good condition .natural collars . Size 60x55
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a pair of reverse sumac Shahsavan bagfaces. Some minor loss. Northwest Persia, Late 19th century. 1-7 x 1-3 ft.
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Shahsavan Bags
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Antique Shahsavan mafrash panel, 2nd h. 19th c. 100 x 37 cm. About 1 cm. missing right side.
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Finely woven Khamseh Soumak bag-face with many incredible colors including a clear green. Early 19th. century, 22" x 20".
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antique unusually large soumak bagface. Probably shahsavan. Nice design with fancy original closure tabs. Just picked locally. All excellent natural colors including ... read more
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antique Shasavan spoon bag ca 1900 with original striped back size 42 x 18 cm. All good dyes whites are cotton. Nibble ... read more
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Finely woven Qarabagh soumak saddlebag face, all whites are cotton, 19th. century,20" x 18"[51 x 46cm]
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Khamseh Saddlebag face, 1st. quarter 19th. century,wonderful natural colors including a lemon yellow, 26" x 24"[66 x 61cm], See Wertime p. 46
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Rare finely woven Moghan-Savalan Soumak saddle bag face, 1st. or 2nd. quarter 19th. century, 21" x 20"[56 x 51cm], see Wertime, p. 135.
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Shahsavan half saddle bag now all ORIGINAL 19th cent. 55 x 60 cm. Fantastic sumac weave and all natural colors. The old dealer´s ... read more
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Shahsavan soumac double saddle bag 19th century 147x54. Good colours, very good condition except for very slight damage to corners and one ... read more
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Shahswan tas, natural kleur-en goede condition.size; 28x35 cm
Price for each one of these Sumak bags is $3,800.[Click on Bird bag to see the others]
price:  $3,800. Each bag
Shahsavan Sumak Bagface,mid 19th century or earlier,55x60cm,early and beautiful example of this group.
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Shahsavan sumak bag face. 19th in very good condition. Size. [60x55]
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Spoon bag (Qashoqdan), Shahsavan, Moghan area nw Persia/S Caucasia Large bag: 41x38 cm, small bags: 26x20 cm Band: 7x345 cm, net: 220x100 ... read more
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Shahsavan horse cover 19th cent. 107 x 109/155 cm. Very thin soumac technic. All wool. All original with no repair. A small (1 inch) hole as ... read more
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This is a complete shahswan mafrash bag with all good colors and beautiful design allover
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Shahsavan Sumak Mafrash Panel 47 x 46 cm
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Shahsavan silk horse saddle cloths size 80x95cm
price:  por
Shahsevan Bag Face, Azerbaijan/NW Persia, 19th c., approx 1'11" x 2'2" Part of a website update with 14 fresh acquisitions link
Shahsavan strips. One is a wool cicim, size cm 38x198 or in 15x78 ca, while the second one is an indigo dyed ... read more
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Very large finely woven unusual diagonally striped Shah-Savan bag, mint condition, early 19th. century, 23" x 21 1/2"[59 x 55cm]
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Old. Shahsavan mafrash end panel.
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Mogan Shahsavan sumakh mafrash side panel. This flower diagonal striped pattern is rare. Personally i think that it has been woven by the ... read more
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Tribal Antique 19 th century 100 % Silk Shahsavan little bag.Condition as found. Silk weave and embroidery .Holes and stain's. But stil ... read more
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Shahsevan "Chanteh", Azerbaijan/NW Persia/Caucasus region, 19th c., 6" x 8" Just one of many things featured on the website that was updated Dec. ... read more
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Very old Shasavan Mafrash. Size: 86 x 50 x 52 cm. Nice colors and top condition. Inclusive hard synthetic Cube inside. ... read more
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Extremely fine, Silk Wefted Shahsavan mafrash side panel, circa 3rd Qtr 19th c. Size; 1o8 cm. x 53 cm. Unusual, and beautiful ... read more
Shahsevan Sumakh Panel, 92 x 49 cm, mid 19th
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Shahsavan kilim 19.yy
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Khamseh Soumak saddle bag with original back, remnants of side wrappings and loop closures, border design seen in early dragon and floral carpets, ... read more
Shahsavan Fragment
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Extremely fine, Silk Wefted Shahsavan mafrash side panel, circa 3rd Qtr 19th c. Size; 1o8 cm. x 53 cm. Unusual, and beautiful ... read more
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Shahsavan Mafrash Pannel,with beautiful good colors and age,Fine weave and nice desigen.Size 3'3"*1'9".E.mail for more info and pics.
price:  Sold.
13094 Beautiful antique Shahsavan runner 387x97cm. Circa 1920. There are not many examples from this tribe compared to other tribes. However, they ... read more
price:  £2800.00
Antique Shahsawen Panel peer all orginal also has arabic calander 1315 now 1434 and it make Circa 1900 size 0,67x0,36 ... read more
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