South Persian Tribal

made around 1920 kasgai small bag 92 cm by 56 colours all vegetable dye
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19 th century little Khamseh Confederation Antique rare dowry rug. Original condition Very nice natural Colors ready for your collection 2,6 x 2,3 ... read more
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Qashqai knotted Quran holder or utility bag. Cm 34x34. Great lemon yellow kilim back. Antique, good colors. Condition as u see. Have time? ... read more
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Early Qashqai Bagface withh all natural colors and very nice design.As found.Size 2'3"*1'11".E.mail for more info and pics.
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Chanteh 40x50 gashgai
price:  250.00euro
antique khamseh persian rug,238x145 cm
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Half khodjin Khamseh,around 1900 jh and good condition,size;56x60 cm
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South Persian Lori, nice square size,great rich colors, worthy of restoration 5'-8"x6'-7" Allready given a bath by Bob Mann. Bendas Rugs ... read more
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Qashqai Kilim with supereb Natural colors and very fine weave,very good condition,all natural colors,very nice bold design.Size 7'9"*5'7".E.mail for more info and
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Qashqai chanteh- Cute little Qashqai chanteh. 10 in. x 10 in. plus tassels. Wool. Natural colors. Very good condition. Bargain price.
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Qashqai Kelim 280 x 145 cm, beautiful colours and drawings, in good condition (ony the fringes, see picture)
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sw Persian Gabbeh rug • mid 20th cent, probably Louristan Bactiar type. Back oxidised, otherwise in pile, ends and sides all good. We have ... read more
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sw Persian chanteh, 10" x 10", natural dyes in excellent condition.
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Khamseh Bagface, 19th century 72cm x 51cm Good saturated colours and glossy wool. Nicely drawn with a very good border. £500 plus
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Very old tree of life Gabbeh from Persia. Size: 173 x 120 cm.
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Gabbeh, iran cm 228x122. mint condition. Age 1950 ca. Wool on Wool. Graphical design.
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Gashgai coperta da cavallo 1930
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Antique Shiraz rug wonderful colours and it is need some repair 2,62x1,60 cm Circa 1910 sold thanks
Qashai rug size 080x085
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Antique Khamseh cane design murgh [chicken] rug. Circa 1875. 268 x 155cm. Lovely colour and a great design. Even low pile all ... read more
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Antique Qashqai. Vegetable dyes. Very good condition. Size (245/135)
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Gaschgai Rug size :214x122 cm
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South persian (Qashqai?) Mafrash Panel, 71 x 71 cm
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rug no : 18 size : 292 x 209 type : Antique 1900 origin : Iran Qashqai Kashkuli SOLD Wool on wool
1880 Kamseh Bagface Size: 63x62cm (2.1x2.1ft) Natural colors
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Qashqai Kilim with great colors and beautiful desigen,a kilim with full of beauty,fine weave,good colors.Size 4'10"*3'1".E.mail for more info and pics.
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a late 19th/early 20th c. Southern Persian Ivory Field Tribal Rug. Size : 5' 5" x 10' 9". ... read more
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Qashqai Dareshuri tribe warp-faced saddle bag/khorjin. Cm 62x112. Late 19th or early 20th century. Cords in perfect condition. Open on sides. Some ... read more
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antique south persian rug. Thick high pile. Lustrous wool and beautiful soft colors. Angry and happy birds. And a full menagerie of ... read more
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SouthWest Persian Rug size : 160x0,96 cm
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Rug no: 16 size : 486 x 220 type: Antique 1880 origin: Iran design: Qashqai content : Wool on wool the medallions here appear to have been adopted from a city rug,but the less sophisticated field ... read more
rug no : 28 size : 276 x 202 type : Antique 1900 origin : Iran design : Khamseh Morghi content : Wool on wool this main carpet is original morghi(chicken) in very good even low pile-no knots showing. it ... read more
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rug no : 76 size : 400X184 type : antique 1880 origin : Iran Khamseh This carpet,s format is unusual in nomadic pieces.It employs creatively the palmette ,rosette ,boteh and mina ... read more
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antique south persian bagface. Rare design with highest quality wool and all good colors. "As found", bit of wear and rough edges ... read more
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South west persian rug, circa 1900:217x290 cm
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1880 Kamseh Bagface Size: 86x83cm (2.9x2.8ft) Natural colors
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complete Qashqa'i chanteh, circa cm 35 x 40, great condition
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An antique Khamseh carpet. Well drawn example with many birds and beautiful glowing colours. Good solid condition, even low pile all-over, very ... read more
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An antique Khamseh carpet very rare and quite beautiful border. Low pile in places with some small moth holes and other damages. ... read more
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An antique Khamseh carpet with very good dyes. Even low pile, very clean. 19th century.320x149cm.
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rug no : 80 size : 184x252cm type : khamseh 1900 origin : persia design : khamseh content : wool background colour : ivory border colour : multi Antique tribal khamseh main tent rug from Fars province, by the arab Jabbareh sub-tribe, from the last quarter ... read more
Antique Khamseh bag face with unusual centre. Gorgeous wool and rich natural dyes. very pretty example with nicely drawn Memling guls to ... read more
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a very good antique Qasgai carpet. Great wool and colour, bigger than usual and beautifully drawn. Mainly in full pile, small amount ... read more
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This is a great Qashqai kilim. Because of the pattern i call it "Diamond Qashqai" or, due to its background story "Kabul ... read more
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Antique Shekarlu Qasgai carpet with unusual lattice field. Good condition, a few old slightly faded repairs, but very clean with original ends ... read more
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Qashqai bag-face, Circa 1900, Very good condition, Natural colors, Not restored, Size: 55 x 55 cm. 21.5" x 21.5" inch.
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Fine antique Khamseh rug. South west persia. Well drawn boteh design with a large inscription. 193 x 153cm. Soft blanket like handle. ... read more
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Rare green ground Qashqai bagface with an unusual medallion. 19th c. Top quality but missing the outer top border. 54 x 60cm. ... read more
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Qashqai Bag -Good pile and lustre Late C19th
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Handsome Qashqai Dowrey Rug with very fine weave and excellent condition,All original without any repair or work done,See the dowry things loaded ... read more
price:  US$ 999.
{67} Antique Afshar bag face, 64 x 58 cm, high quality, very finely knotted, wool on wool, veg. dyes, feels like silk. ... read more
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Antique Gabeh Luri,230x150 cm,best naturall colors,very nice border and colorful Boteh design,some wears.
antiique south persian bagface. Classic field design with 12 knots of white cotton in the medallion center. Overall good pile with nice ... read more
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qashqai kilim made around 1920s all vegetable collors good condition
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Rare Luri-Bakhtiary tent band fragment displaying a camel caravan. All natural colors. Nice collector´s item. Size: 280x10cm / 9'2''ft x 0'3''ft
Very old Qashqai fine knot, no repairs Size cm.240*150
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Antique south persian horse cover. Local new england find. In astonishing near original condition. Appears to be all wool. All first rate ... read more
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South persian Khamseh rug (245cm x 125cm).
price:  SOLD
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