South Persian Tribal

Persian Quashgai Jijim kelim, size 210x138. Unusual colours for a jijim
price:  150.00
Luri double-bag, complete
price:  300 € + shipping
South West Persian Namakdan, thick and sturdy.53x41 cms
price:  SOLD
Luri bag front. Very shinny and soft wool. Thick pile with nice range of colours. 49x44 cms
price:  135€ incl postage
Full pile Little kashkay, 1900 ca. cm 80x66 soft, wool on wool very good, full pile, original selvedges complete and intact, top ending complete ... read more
price:  SOLD! ;)
Rare, compartmentalised, small knotted-pile mid 19th century Qashqa'i rug in poor condition with various old reweaves but incredibly beautiful and collectable. Age ... read more
price:  SOLD
Brilliant Kashkai Kelim. Mint condition, no restoration. Great size too; 1.64 x 2.78 m. (5'4"x 9') Circa 1875. Think it's as good as ... read more
price:  Sold! ;-))
nice antique Luri saddlebag ca 1900 size 60 x 50 cm. open gabbeh like design stuffed and made into a cushion with ... read more
price:  $400 inc shipping
Tobre Lori, Olaad, Size: 28x25 cm
price:  On Request
Kamseh Bagface Size: 68x69cm (2.3x2.3ft) Natural colors, circa 90-100 years old
price:  SOLD
Antique Qashgai Horse Cover Carpet and kilim technics, some synthetic colours and very excellent condition size 1,78x1,70 cm (67 x 70 inchs ... read more
price:  On Request
Qashqai Khorjin complete with Beautiful Natural colors and very nice desigen,excellent condition,fine weave,soft shiny wool.Ready for the show.Size 3'10"*1'10".E.mail for more info.
price:  Sold Thanks.
Antique complete doublebag or so called Khorjin woven by Qahqai tribes of Southwest Persia. Nice collector´s item.
Qashqai bagface with beautiful star border stripe and very nice natural colors.Beautiful desigen.Size 2'6"*2'6".E.mail for more info and pics.
price:  Sold. Thank you.
Khamseh Runner with beautiful colors and desigen,fine weave,good age,nice condition.Very nice pce.Size 8'2"*2'8".E.mail for more info and pics.
price:  Sold Thanks.
Chanteh Qashqai, Circa 1900, All natural colors, Size: 30 x 30 cm. 12" x 12" inch.
price:  On request
s. Persian bag face. 17 x 21 inches. Possibly Luri. An older piece with nice colors. Might be 19th century. $12 shipping ... read more
price:  SOLD
s. Persian bag face. 18 x 20 inches. Possibly Luri. 1/3 was woven with yellow dyes weft. Nice plush little thing with ... read more
price:  SOLD
Kurd or south Persian. 21 x 27 inches. Decrepit condition but still beautiful, interesting, and unusual design. $12 shipping in us.
price:  SOLD
South Persian bag face. 23 x 21 inches. Maybe Luri? Pretty nice old thing in decent condition $12 shipping in us.
price:  sold
rare southwest persian Saltbag 128x45cm complete
price:  SOLD thanks
South Persian bag. 19 x 22 inches. Maybe Luri or Qashqai? Nice colors including aubergine. Decent condition. $15 shipping in us.
price:  SOLD
19 th century Afshar bag. Very nice collors, must be washed, a project antique bag ,but decorative , size 79 x 59 ... read more
price:  SOLD! Thank you.
Qashqai Chanteh, Late 19th century, Original condition, All natural colors, Size: 20 x 18 cm. 8" x 7".
price:  SOLD
Khamseh, 195 x 298 cm
price:  700 €
Antique Khamseh rug, southwest Persia, circa 1870, 4'-6" x 7'-2" very fine, soft wool, supple handle, in very good condition, all vegetable
price:  Please Ask
Gashgai Lovely colors size:202x150-cm / 79.5x59.0-inches
Khamseh with birds from the last quarter of the 19th century with natural dyes. Condition - minor pile wear, ends and sides frayed. (Dimensions: ... read more
price:  POR
Qashqai Pile horse neck band, early 20th c., 8 x 96 cm. Tassels seemingly of many ages.
price:  $125.-
Qashqai camel neck band with an uncommon shisha derma patterning technique, 8 x 174 cm (excl. end braid)
price:  please ask
Qashqai Kilim with beautiful colors and very nice desigen,fine weave,good condition.Hand washed ready for the show.E.mail for more info and pics.
price:  Sold.
South Persian tribal rug (could be Afshar) ca. 1930. 145 x 192 cm. One spot of low pile, otherwise good pile and
price:  $750.-
Antique Luri bagface, size: 55x50cm / 1'8'' x 1'6''
Env. 118136. Beautiful Small Persian Chanteh. Great Colors and very soft wool. As found, the lower part misses a couple of rows ... read more
price:  POR
a very fine antique qasgai rug with beautiful wool and dyes. Mostly in good original condition, some minor restoration to sides, few ... read more
price:  SOLD
1st q 20th century Southwest Persian Afshar or Khamseh rug. Goat hair foundation. Size 5'5'' x 6'10''. Nice colors ... read more
price:  Sold
Kashkai 19cen.308x164cm
Antique Khamseh with juicy yellow medallions and fat glossy pile. Just one or two very small old crease repairs, otherwise in excellent ... read more
price:  SOLD
Lori, cm 45 x 32, good condition
price:  please ask
Rare green ground Qashqai or Shiraz Bag with great colors and beautiful Kilim backing,very nice desigen,all beautiful colors,All original.E.mail for more info ... read more
price:  Sold.
Antique Gashgai Chanteh flatweave Size: 40x22cm
price:  POR
Antique Gashgai Lovely natural colors size:222x135-cm / 87.4x53.1-inches free shiping ask
price:  ask
220 by 110 cm antique gabbeh
price:  3700 $
Pair of Qashqai/Luri bags with bold design, glossy wool and great colors. Ca late 19thC/1900. Size each 52 x 62cm/ 21 x ... read more
price:  sold, thanks
Antique Gashgai bag face filled * very nice colours * very good condition Size: 42 x 30 cm
price:  POR
Qashqai Bagface with nice colors and bold desigen,all good colors,original kilim backing,E.mail for more info and pics.
price:  US$ 150.
This luxuriant complete set of Khamseh saddle bags or " khorjin " was woven in Southwest Persia using the finest, softest wool ... read more
price:  SOLD
Persian Qusqaai rug Size : 5 by 7'6 Ends and sides are original Two little old repairs Magnificent colors as seen 1880's or earlier
price:  Por
Genuine antique tribal saddlebags by the Basseri of the Khamseh confederation, ca. 1910. 68 x 145 cm (2'3" x 4'10"). Unsewn along ... read more
Qashqai bag Size: 40x53cm excellent condition, unusual drawing, original back
price:  on request
Shahsavan Chanteh, Circa 1900, Original condition, Not restored, Size: 21 x 19 cm. 8.3" x 7.5".
price:  On request
Southwest Persian Luri (?) Carpet, measures 7'9" x 4'. Multiple borders, wonderful, vibrant colors.
price:  Price on Request
333 animals, mystic number, Southwest Persia, end 19th Century, all natural colors, size: 187x117cm
price:  SOLD thanks
Antique sw Persian Namakdan (salt bag). 44 x 54 cm. Soumak and kilim. Cotton white. Very slight tear to the right of ... read more
price:  Sold
Antique complete Luri saddle bags, late 19th c. Ex- Opie. 48 x 94 cm. Soumak face on white cotton ground. Some native ... read more
price:  Sold, thank you
Late 19th century Qashqai 4'3'' x 6'5''. Low pile, but otherwise good condition. Great drawing.
price:  SOLD
Full pile antique south persian rug with many many birds. An interesting variant on the iconic south persian bird rug design. All ... read more
price:  Sold
Qashqai Chanteh, Gabbeh design, First half 20th century, Excellent condition, Not restored, Size: 26 x 25 cm. 10.2" x 9.8".
price:  SOLD
Qashqai Chanteh-Bag, Circa 1900, Great and original condition with natural dyes. Size: 20 x 18 cm. 7.9" x 7.1".
price:  SOLD
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