Bags and Trappings

Qhasgai chuval size 85x80cm
price:  Por
Charming Azeri sumack mafrash end panel. Cm 42x50. Imo late 19h c. Lovely deep green and a strong yellow. Billy the Kid ... read more
price:  please inquire
Jaff Bagface 47 x 42 cm, Camel field color
Small bag Persian size:33x28-cm
price:  Ask
ningxia lama throne back fragment with top wool and colors, elongated fo dog with saddle.on his back... nice early 18century piece for ... read more
Excellent Shahsevan Khamseh Sumac half Khorjin. 3rd quarter 19th century. Size 22.8 x 22.8 inch (58 x 58 cm).
price:  Please inquire
Eastern Anatolia, Malatya, heybe bag face. 80x56 cm / 33x22 inc.
price:  On Request
Caucasian or Shahsavan? kilim khorjin bag face. Cm 48x52. End 19h c or earlier. Great dyes. Condition issues do not diminish the ... read more
price:  affordable
Tekke Turkmen tent band fragment. Nice narrow one, 8.5"x75".
price:  $850
Early 19th Century Turkmen Saryk Cuval size 83x125 cm
price:  On Request
Early 19th Century Qashqai Bag size 43x53 cm
price:  On Request
Qashqai Chanteh circa 1880 <>size 25x44cm with Kilim
Antique Turkmen Ersari Chuval
price:  por
Yomud Chuval -- 19th Century -- Symmetrically Knotted -- All Natural Dyes -- Excellent
price:  POR
Yomud Chuval -- 19th Century -- Opened to the right -- Excellent Condition with all Natural
price:  POR
Baluchi saltbag/namakdan. Cm 66x54. Late 19h, early 20h c. Great graphics. Very unusual, rare pattern. May the pattern represent a mosque on ... read more
price:  reasonably priced
Antique Türkmen Sarık Cuval There is also some silk incide the flovers And Bordur Size.163x97cm
price:  Por
Antique Anatolian saddle cover rug 1850 - 1870 second half 19th Century properly Sivrihisar region province Eskişehir central Anatolian ... read more
price:  Please ask
Beautiful sumack saddle bag face. Might be Shahsavan. More pics & infos on rq.
price:  please inquire
Attractive and unusual Kurdish bagface kordjin - - with nice natural colours including green and closing system intact. mint condition. 45x45
price:  sold
Delightful antique Kordi bag 36x33cm. This piece appears to have not been used much as it is in very good condition. The ... read more
price:  £120
Sistan Baluch chanteh with Turkmen references. Great green brindled warp using wool and darker animal hair.
price:  $450
Saryk Kejebe Torba, 114 x 36 cm. 19 th. c. The design with 5 pairs of kejebe arches on a dark violet-red ... read more
price:  SOLD, thanks
Antique Yomut Turkmen Torba, size: 2'8" x 3'7" , very good original condition.
price:  Please ask
Turkmen Ersari Chuval 82 x 118 cm / 32.28 x 46.46 inches
price:  On Request
South Persian Bagface 73 x 74 cm / 28 x 29 inches
price:  On Request
Qashqai bag face - about 22" x 25". Great color. Nice drawing with many birds/animals. Tattered ends/sides.
Unusual 21-gul design torba 90cm by 30cm. Old repairs and some old moth damage
price:  Inexpensive
Yomud chuval, pleasingly busy, in great condition. 123cm by 76cm
price:  Please ask
Early Yomud Chuval with monumental Elem , early 19th. ca. 113x 78cm - To restore....
price:  sold
Baluch bag face 19th century, ends mostly there, nice color.
price:  $350
Early Tekke Torba with moth damage, interesting and early Minor guls, but still nice.
price:  $750
Yomut Chuval 19th century heavy wear with a good green.
price:  $400
beautiful Flatweave Qashqai bag all good colors,size 30x23cm
Tekke Chuval, 115 x 70 cm. late 19 th. century. The design with 5 x 6 rows of chuval guls. Very fine ... read more
price:  $280 pls 40 P&P
Saryk Torba from Central Asia , cotton highlights Circa 19th , cool and in condition as photos. Price : 600 euro+Shipping from Paris
Antique Persian Bagface
price:  por
Embroidery Dowry Bag from Proper Chotila District of Saurashtra Gujarat India.Embroidery with wool on Cotton,From Rabari shepherd caste family.its size is 25cmX37cm(DSC03883
price:  On Request
Handsom antique Baluch balisht with original flat weave back. Interesting and graphic design. Good condition. Ex Besim. Camel ground and good dyes. ... read more
price:  P O R
Shashavan sumak mafrash side panel. Crisp weave and rich colours. In good condition. Late 19th century century. 105 x 45 cm.
price:  £395 [$500] plus post.
Camel bag, Verneh, probably environment of Bergama - West Anatolia. Old and simple repair on the right side. 60 x 115 ... read more
price:  € 250,00 plus shipping
Antique Ersari chuval. 19th century. Lovely wool and good drawing of the guls. Good unrestored condition and dyes. 156 x 97 cm.
price:  POR
This quirky Tibetan sitting or saddle top rug (Khagangma) shows a unique combination of colour and expressive design. Circa 1920. 82x60cm.
price:  please ask
Tekke tile design torba ca 1880 size 92 x 34 cm mounted on wooden stretcher lots of undyed brown wool looks like ... read more
price:  Very reasonable
Turkmen Yomud torba, Open to right Asymmetrical knot, 14" x 8.5" - 36 cm x 22 cm
price:  O.R.
Shahsevan khamamlu size 43x114cm
price:  Por
NWPersian ? Rare Bag complete 31cm *55cm good wool soumack stitch on woven cotton base. Fair good condition beautiful colours ... read more
price:  £95.00
NWPersian ? Bag Face 36cm *26 cm wool soumack stitch on woven cotton base. Fine condition beautiful colours circa 1900 ... read more
price:  £95.00 sold
NWPersian Kurdish Bagface 55*52cm Circa 1880 Long lustrous pile some small repairs edges over bound Pay PayPal postage included for ... read more
price:  £95.00 sold
Antique Baluch balisht, archaic drawing, age: 19th century, very nice collector´s piece. Size: ca. 86x54cm / 2'8''ft x 1'8''ft
Shahsavan sumac mafrash full panel. Size 37.8 x 39.8 inch (96 x 101 cm). Good condition. Nice pink.
price:  $ 450
Bidjov design Bagface 25"x28". Dated 1310 or 1315 - 1892 or 1897.
Antique Yomut Yomud, probably Igdyr, chuval, early 19th century. Considering the weaving,the secondary guls and the main border its age must be ... read more
price:  € 800 Free ship worldwide.
Antique Bijar Kilim Bagface size.60x63cm
price:  por
Shahsavan Sumack bag. Cm 60x60 ca. End 19h c, early 20h c. Great bag, complete with kilim striped back. Rare, beautiful, collectable. ... read more
price:  reduced...pls inquire
Here is a beautiful Veramin Kurd bag face with thick lustrous soft wool. My photos do not show the shinny patina ... read more
price:  249.00
Antique anatolian Melas yastik. 19th century. 89 x 60cm. Good condition with organic dyes.
price:  P O R
19th Century Yamud Chuval Size 80 x 130 cm
price:  500 $ inc. shipping
Antique Yamut Torba Fragment
price:  por
Baluch bag fresh to the market . Very nicely drawn with good color and lovely wool.
price:  Por
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