furoshiki cloth, Japan, late Meiji (circa 1910), cm 101x102. Furoshiki were (and still are to some extent) wrapping cloths used when carrying small personal belongings, or to eventually wrap a gift to be presented. They have usually plain ground and display a large family crest (komon) in the centre as an identification tool. This one, differently, shows some kanji writings (with the fluidity of a music sheet) on a lovely green background, plus possibly a name on the corner bottom left and a red&white mark next to it, all dyed using the tsutsugaki technique. It was almost surely used as carrying bag, as the decorating sashiko stitching (valuable for reinforcing cloth structure too) on the four corners suggest, and that is has been used can be seen from its condition, showing fading, bit of wear and a couple of tiny holes. All this to the benefit of its look i would dare to say. Three joined panels of hand spun, hand woven cotton, and a lot of charme. Not for the condition obsessed, a great Japanese folk textile though.
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