Italian collector on oriental carpets since 1988 (Persian - Anatolian - Balouch old and antique )- from COMO

  • Daghestan dated in very good condition with lovely white field and mehrab design. Size 140x101 cm. Egira date is 1320 moon calendar; soon calendar(Pape ... read more
    price:  please, ask !

  • Antique Oasi of yarkand in very good condition. Size m.4.25 x 2.10. Original gol turkmen tekke for this xinjiang East Turkestan palace carpet. WARM regards ... read more
    price:  on request !

  • Antique extra fine knot carpet knotted in the Persian district of seraband. All original piece in very good condition. Shiny wool. Other info or ... read more
    price:  on request !

  • Antique Azeri saraab in good condition. Runner size m. 4.85 x m.1.02. Collectible antique piece with original 3 borders, wool on wool. All original sizes, ... read more
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  • East Turkestan oasi of XINJIANG. This Samarkand carpet has a very very original design. In very good condition. YARKAND OASI. More info and photos on request. The ... read more
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  • Antique Isfahan or maybe a Semnan size 193 x 137 cm. Fair condition, but all original. Very beautiful botteh all over design for ... read more
    price:  reasonable

  • Oasi of Khotan panel design in very, very good condition. Amazing and original antique Xingiang-East Turkestan. Size is m. 3.30 x 1.75 ... read more
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  • Perfect condition for this Turkmen Arabatchi main carpet. All original without restors or repils. Washed and ready for use. Important main border for this ... read more
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  • 352 x 215 cm soumach caucasus region. In very good condition. Wool on wool. More pictures on request. GREETING from lake of Como ! Maurice
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  • East Turkestan - Xinjiang - Oasi of YARKAND. Antique Samarkand design POMEGRANADES. Size m. 4.99 x 2.30 Good condition, all original. Fastened color. Other info and ... read more
    price:  Grazie = Venduto

  • Karabagh kelley antique in very good condition. 3.82 x 1.64 m. More pictures and info on request. All the best from como ! Maurice
    price:  on request !

  • 155x103 cm is the size of this Shirwan Daghestan. In very good condition. All original Beautiful fastened colors. Wool on wool. More pictures on request. GREETINGS ... read more
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  • qoum in very very good condition. Full pile without restors. Beautiful color and fine knot. Persian carpet exported from the Country before 01.01.2002. 219 x 140 cm ... read more
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  • Good condition for this antique mughan Caucasus carpet with all natural dyes and with a very original and archaic main border. 171 x 121 cm ... read more
    price:  on request !

  • Khamseh in very good condition. More pictures on request. Original size and colors for this antique Persian carpet. Before 01.01.2000 has been exported from Persia. REGARDS ... read more
    price:  Thanks = SOLD

  • Antique esfahan in very good condition Size cm. 198 x 140 cm Fine knot and all original design. For more info and photos, ask please. EXPORTED ... read more
    price:  on request !

  • East Turkestan-Xinjiang China carpet knotted in the Oasi of khotan. 271 x 161 cm is the size of this carpet in con- dition perfect. ... read more
    price:  Venduto=Sold!

  • Shirwan antique Perpedil in very good condition. All original piece with fastened and natural dyes. Very designed main cufic border. Size cm.170 x 130 ... read more
    price:  TY SOLD/Venduto!

  • chondzoresh antique carpet in very good conditon. ALL original, without restors or repils. KARABAGH region and Cloudbands design for this caucasus antique carpet. Collectible ... read more
    price:  on request !

  • cm 210x144 is the size of this Teheran. Condition like a new carpet for this antique Teheran knotted extra fine. The carpet has been ... read more
    price:  Merçi ! Vendu!

  • Balouch prayer rug antique. Some low pile, corosion of the dark-brown. No repairs or stains. Wonderfull and very original colors and fine knot for this ... read more
    price:  REASONABLE price!

  • Heriz in perfect condition: all original piece. Any repils, restors, or damages for this Persian carpet. Size is 366 x 280 cm. More ... read more
    price:  VENDU=en France

  • Lori Fars in very good condition. Size is cm. 300 by 214 cm. Pile,weft and warp are all wool. Lory with ... read more
    price:  VENDUTO=SOLDs!

  • ersari hachlu. Piece old in perfect condition. All wool and very beautiful colors. Piece complete and with a shiny pile. Size cm. 238 x ... read more
    price:  ask please !

  • Balouch antique pair bags in good condition. Natural dyes and fastened colors for these Afghan saddle bags Shiny and great wool for these ... read more
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  • Kermanshad runner Kordi in very good condition. All wool and great colors for this runner. Full pile with only 3/4 little old restors. Size ... read more
    price:  Sold/ivenduto

  • Chahar Mahal-va-Bachtyari is the region of Persia which the carpet has been knotted. Fine knot and great fastened color for this old panels ... read more
    price:  on request !

  • Khotan Oasi East Turkestan antique carpet. Period: 1° quarter XX°th-century. Size is: 271 x 150 cm = ft.8.88 x ft.4.92. This very original and ... read more
    price:  ask please !

  • Agra carpet antique. Very good condition. Palace size for this beautiful piece: 395 x 277 cm. Full pile and has been not restored. More ... read more
    price:  Thanks SOLD !

  • a little runner from Xinjiang, East Turkestan, Oasi of KHOTAN. This antique samarkand is in perfect condition (like new). Original piece for Buddhist Monastery. Size ... read more
    price:  ask please!

  • Baluch antique Balisht in very-very good condition. Original design for this one and natural dyes. Size is 104x59 cm = ft. 3.41 by ... read more
    price:  Vendu à Paris, merçi

  • Balouch tribe timuri end XIX°th.Century, this is the idea of the seller which have sold me this piece in Wien. But for me it's an ... read more
    price:  ASK please!

  • 145x85 cm Turkmen Afghan antique Arabachi-tribe. Full pile and all original. In very good condition. Arabaci, ersari group chuval. Amazing alam and good palette ... read more
    price:  T.Y. SOLD in Usa

  • little but beautiful this "tabris - amorino" ! tebris azeri persian carpet knotted extremely fine. It is in very, very good condition. Garden-Paradise ... read more
    price:  on request !

  • Soumach caucasus in perfect condition with great colors. Soumach Wool on wool. All original ends and size. This soumach has not been washed. Beautiful original ... read more
    price:  ask please !

  • 173 x 137 cm antique kula Kùmùrdjiù in very good condition. All wool and all natural dyes for this anatolian antique. Amazing and great ... read more
    price:  SOLD-Venduto!

  • ningxia antique 3 sitting mat for a buddhist temple. Condition all perfect. Great colors. Size is 188 x 66 cm. For more info ... read more
    price:  ask please !

  • Origin Chahar-Mahal va Bachtyari for this carpet old. It was knotted with very original color. Size m.3.30 x 2.25. Perfect condition. Washed and ... read more
    price:  SOLD/Thanks!

  • Antique fine balouch carpet. May-be a Belouch knotted to arab tribe. In good condition = full pile. Only damages upon the ends. SIZE: cm. 170 ... read more
    price:  S O L D in USA

  • Antique Persian afshar village of Share-Babak. Extra fine knot for this nomadic piece. All great colors. size cm.177 x 144 cm. Good ... read more
    price:  Venduto ! Napoli

  • Antique at-torba tribe ersari. In perfect condition and washed. The size is cm. 147 x 42 cm = ft. 4.82 x 1.38 ... read more
    price:  chiedere, grazie!e.

  • Persian runner knotted in the village of ARDEBIL. Wool on cotton foundation. 330 x 100 cm. is the size of this persian-azeri piece. Very good ... read more
    price:  sold-merçi !

  • Baluch old in conditions perfect. Size 144x88 cm. Wool on wool. Shiny and luxtrous pile. Original design and extra fine knot. More photos and info ... read more
    price:  Sold in GB - thanks!

  • The size of this belouch carpet is cm. 143 x 91 cm. Oriental carpet Knotted in the village of Torbat-i-Heidaryeh ... read more
    price:  Venduto in COMO* grazie

  • Antique Golli-gul-ERSARI afghan or i think it it KAZAKH-ERSARI. In very good condition for the age, late XIX° century. This piece is all original. Size ... read more
    price:  SOLD, a lot of thanks.

  • 166 x 112 cm ANTIQUE turkmen carpet knotted tribe YOUMUT. Bejinning end xx° th century. Perfect the condition. Full pile any restors, repils, stains. Very ... read more
    price:  Venduto/SOLD

  • 190 x 131 cm Period i# quarter xx° century. CAUCASUS-ARMENIAN. Hand made in the Nagorno-KARABAGH. Piece in very good condition; only one restor upon the central medaillon- look ... read more
    price:  reasonable

  • 174 x 107 cm Extremely fine Yomud antique turkmen carpet In very good condition. Natural dyes. Other info or pictures on request. WARM regards ... read more
    price:  Grazie = Venduto