Lloyd Rowcroft

SOME THINGS NEVER CHANGE. Whether buying rugs from the Afghans in Central Asia in the 1980`s and 90`s or today from the Berbers in the mountains of Morocco the fresh bread and tea which accompanies all long negotiations is still the same -- Wonderful. I specialize in Moroccan rugs and textiles and as I live in the southern tip of Spain and Morocco is only a 35 minute ferry ride away, share my time between the two countries. Please see www.oldorientalcarpet.com for full information. Also facebook as "Moroccan Carpets"

  • fine semi-antique belouch prayer rug. This is a very good example of a prayer rug attributed to the region of Seistan and ... read more
    price:  €650.

  • rare, antique kurdish single bag from north west Persia. This piece could possibly be attributed to the Afshars of this region. The ... read more
    price:  €450.-

  • rare, very fine quchan kurd bag. The piece is a glorious combination of lustrous wools and rich colours. It is very ... read more
    price:  Euros 350.--

  • semi-antique anatolian shepherd's bag from the region of Fetiye in south west Turkey. The long opening in the centre allows for the ... read more
    price:  Euros 525.--

  • fine, rare, semi-antique Kurdish kelim from the Malatya region of Anatolia (asiatic Turkey). The colours are particularly beautiful and the white ... read more
    price:  Euros950.--

  • rare semi-antique belouch from north east Persia. Incredible depth of colour and lustrous wools. Perfect condition. Reference 252. Size 132 x 95cms. ... read more
    price:  Euros 1,250.--

  • rare, semi-antique kelardasht rug from the Caspian Sea region of northern Persia . Reference 1273. Size 250 x 115cms. Euros 1,650.--
    price:  Euros 1,650.--

  • semi-antique belouch bag from north west Afghanistan, early 20th century. Complete with some design worked in metal thread and silk. This piece ... read more
    price:  Euros 400.--