We are located in rue Clemenceau, Beirut, and we are specializing in old and antique tribal and cottage rugs. We care about authenticity and condition of our pieces. Our stock comprises amateur as well as collectors choice.

  • Beautifull Khamseh small bag in soumak technique, ca. 1940, 27 x 26 cm (11" x 10"). Bold central 8-pointed star design. All ... read more
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  • Fine shisha derma Qashqai small bag, early 20th c. 22 x 24 cm (9"x10"). All natural colors in excellent condition.

  • Kordi (?) calf-band with unusual concentric design and pastel colors. 14 x 77 cm 5.5" x 2'7". Silk brocade over warp-faced cotton ... read more
    price:  $175.- incl.shipping

  • Tanavoli, Parviz. Afshar, Tribal Weaves from Southeast Iran. Hard-bound with dust-jacket, 256 pages, 131 colour plates, 10 black/white.

  • Varamin camel head-dress, circa 1940, 46(l) x 77(h) cm. Knotted pile wool band + hand woven cotton textiles + some dyed horse ... read more
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  • Three nw Persian scizors bags, 10 x 52 cm (largest). 2nd one (slit tapestry) is in good condition, the 2 others (weft ... read more
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  • Golden yellow ground Nasrabad double-sided pile chanteh. All wool and all beautifull natural colors this village was famous for. Second quarter 20th ... read more
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  • Fine set of 4 Shahsavan mafrash panels in reverse soumak, ca. 1880. Excellent condition, brilliant colors with a little extra in fineness ... read more
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  • Varamin 'chanteh' (vanity bag) probably woven in the village of Garmsar, early 20th c. 36 x 33 cm. in very good condition ... read more
    price:  $350.-

  • South Persian small bag piled front and back, 31 x 27 cm (1'x11"). Excellent colors and condition.
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  • a very fine antique soumak Baghdadi Shahsavan small bag. All natural colors. 31 x 30 cm. Excellent condition
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  • Jaff Kurd. 130 x 237 (4'4" x 7'11"). All natural colors with lovely peach and green. Ecellent condition except for a small ... read more
    price:  Sold thank you

  • a so-called Zeigler-Bakhtiar (Chahar Mahal) with an uncommon palette, ca. 1930s. 152 x 225 cm (5'1" x 7'6"). Lower end rewoven, re-selvaged, ... read more

  • a magnificent Shahsavan Qashuqdan (spoon-bags)made with a jajim band with hand-woven silk and cotton appliqués, silk brocade and a brilliant wool network, ... read more
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  • Nice Qashqai vanity bag, 34 x 30 cm. 1'2" x 1'. All natural colors.

  • Attractive Khalaj salt bag, 34 x 52 cm, 1'2" x 1'9".
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  • Afshar "tutundan" (tobacco/opium pouch), 26 x 18 cm (11" x 7") with opened flap. All wool in very good condition.
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  • Complete Afshar saddle-bags.128 x 70 cm.
    price:  SOLD

  • Qashqai vanity bag. 31 x 27 cm.

  • Lori/Bakhtiari opened sddle-bags, circa 1900-20. 56 x 190 cm. Soumac weave on white cotton ground. Wool back. a few good professional repairs ... read more

  • Fine antique Baluch, last quarter 19th c. 74 x 116 cm. Rare specimen with silky wool and soft texture. Loss to ends ... read more

  • 1963 Nicholas Sursock Museum Rug Exhibition catalogue. English, French and Arabic texts. a numbered copy of that scarce book. 220 pages, 23 ... read more
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  • Antique Shahsavan mafrash end Panel, 19th c. 52 x 57 cm.
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  • Shahsavan mafrash end panel, early 20th c. 45 x 50 cm. All natural colors. Excellent condition
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  • 3 antique Shahsavan mafrash end panels
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  • Ahtique Bidjar rug, early 20th c. 133 x 202 cm.

  • Complete part silk Yomud flatwoven torba, 111 x 107 cm (3'8" x 3'7") incl. tassels One of the nicest examples i have ... read more

  • a pair of Varamin bag-faces, circa 1920s. 64 x 61 (2'2"x2') and 69 x 46 (2'3"x1'6").

  • Antique small Bijar bag. Mid 19th c. Very finely knotted. 25 x 32 cm. 10" x 1'1". All wool, all natural colors ... read more

  • Baluch, ca. 1900-10, 110 x 190 cm. One of the nicest bearing this design. Many types of gazelles in the field. Excellent ... read more
    price:  SOLD

  • c. Anatolian kilim, 19th c. 140 x 396 cm. Very good natural colors. Very good condition except for two smal tears (at ... read more
    price:  SOLD

  • Attractive small chanteh from the village of Laadee, Azerbaijan, nw Persia. Early 20th c. 21 x 20 cm. All wool in weft-float ... read more
    price:  $200.-

  • Kelardasht Tacheh (wheat bag), ca 1930. 100 x 110 cm. All wool, all good saturated colors. Opening secured with goat hair thread. ... read more
    price:  $450.-

  • Antique Luri snall bagface. 31 x 33 cm. Lower end (on image) probably rewoven but in a very professional way.
    price:  $225 (reduced)

  • a very tribal Bakhtiari khorjin (double bag), prob. early 20th c. 90 x 240 cm. Unsewn sides. In good condition. Slight stains ... read more
    price:  Sold, thank you

  • Antique tiny little Luri bag-face. Prob. late 19th c. 20 x 20 cm. The white pile is of cotton. The closing end ... read more
    price:  Sold, thank you.

  • Bought as Saveh but i guess rather sw Persian vanity bag, ca.1940, 33 x 33 cm., all wool, good colours and in ... read more
    price:  on request

  • Fat but elegant... Strange kind of undyed Bakhtiari Gabbeh ca.1930's , 106 x 335. a marble-like tile appeal, corroded ivory ground in ... read more
    price:  on request

  • Antique Baluch namakdan (salt bag), ca. 1900-10. 40 x 53 cm. In very good condition.
    price:  on request

  • Very authentic tribal Afshar, early 20th c. 120 x 195 cm. Wool warps. Nice abrashed field with a silent design. Very ... read more
    price:  on request

  • Varamin namakdan (salt-bag), early 20th c. 33 x 56 cm. All wool with ivory cotton ground. Excellent condition.
    price:  Sold, thank you

  • Antique Bakhtiari namakdan (salt-bag), late 19th c. 52 x 57 cm. All wool, cotton white. New overcast to corner gouges.
    price:  p.o.r

  • Antique dragon-design Bakhtiari saddle-bag, late 19th c. 33 x 92 cm. Wool and cotton white. Worn back-design.
    price:  on request

  • Antique Bakhtiari namakdan (salt-bag)in soumak technique, ca. 1900, 49 x 60 cm. Very slight gouge/repair to corners otherwise in very good condition.

  • Antique Bakhtiari saddle-bag, ca.1900, 51 x 104 cm. Wool and cotton-white. The back was seemingly replaced.
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  • two Bakhtiari spindle-bags, 1920-35, good condition, one stain at the bottom of the second piece. In need of dry-cleaning.
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  • Qashqai vanity bag, ca. 1940. 30 x 32 cm. Woven with mowj (wave) technique: 2/2 weft-faced offset. All natural colors with cotton ... read more
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  • happy new year to all. Nasrabad small double-bag, first quarter 20th c. 29 x 84 cm. Weft brocade over baalanced weave. All wool ... read more
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