Size 3'4 x 4'7... kpsi 200... Age antique... Origin iran... Design SAROUK... Materials 100% wool... visit: link
price:  $400.00
Exceptionally Fine Elegant Senneh Kilim, Western Persia, 3rd quarter of the 19th century. 4'1" x 6'4".
price:  POR
Pictorial Afshar Rug, South Persia, circa 1900, 3'11" x 4'6" This charming piece depicts a hunter with what seem to be a ... read more
price:  Sold
Fereghan Horse Cover, Central Persia, 2nd half of the 19th cen. apx. 5'9"x 5'9" a luxurios equestrian weaving in remarkable state of ... read more
price:  SOLD
malayer early 1920 in good condition and beautiful drawing 500 x 200
Malayer 1920 in excellent condition and beautiful drawing 200 x !26
Malayer 1910 very good conditione 284 x 147 cm
Antique Persian small brocade piece. Unknown usage. Amulet(?)
price:  SOLD
Missing Carpet: Exhibited at 43a. Mostra Mercato Antiquari Milanesi October 2005 An important Bakshaiesh carpet, Persia, circa 1860,cm 4,60x3,30 please if you have ... read more
Bakhtiari Tacheh (2) opened out to make a small mixed technique kilim for the floor.
price:  SOLD
Bakhtiari Tacheh, opened out to make a small mixed technique kilim for the floor.
price:  SOLD
Hand woven fine wool Bakhtiari coat known as 'cuqa' and worn by the Bakhtiari male nomads. Made from two narrow strips of ... read more
a good Sarouk Ferahan Dozar on high quality in near perfect condition. Circa 1890. 195 x 124cm
price:  SOLD
a good antique Heriz carpet of high quality, with unusual design and excellent color. Very good condition. About 10' x 8'. Late ... read more
price:  SOLD
Late 19th or early 20th c. Veramin bagface. 15" x 19". Beautiful wool, highly saturated natural colors including a rich green, ... read more
price:  SOLD
wow... Antique Persian Bidjar Kelim with superb all natural colors, from 19th Century, size: 267x148cm take a look on my other listed
price:  SOLD thanks
Antique Heriz carpet with very good dyes in pretty good condition. slight localised wear in places, but clean and floor ready. Circa ... read more
price:  SOLD
1890's Antique Sarouk Mahajaran.Good condition.Complete end and sides.
price:  $1500
Antique Bijar kelleh carpet with well executed Mina Khani design, Small patch, some wear and end guard missing, filthy, but a good ... read more
price:  SOLD
North West Persian Fragment, late 18th century. Fabulous texture and colors. Stabalized and Mounted.size = 1'2'' x 3'10'' (inv. # 14444)
price:  SOLD
17th century Persian Safavid dynasty Kirman ' Vase Carpet ' fragment. size = 2'4'' x 2'10''(inv # 5466 s)
price:  SOLD
a very pretty khorrasan Kelleh, early 19th century, evenly worn, but complete and unrestored.
price:  POA
a good antique wool on wool Bijar dozar with jewel like qualitys in very good condition. late 19th century
price:  SOLD
nw Persian Kurdish bagface with great color and a lot of wear
price:  SOLD
t/3620 - Sarouk Ferahan - Last quarter of xix century. Excellent Condition. 200 cm. x 128 cm.
Bakhtiari Saman cm 285 x 165 late 19th century. Beautiful piece in rare design with life tree. All natural colors and 100%
price:  P.o.r.
tabriz mat of Haji jalili quality, starting to fray on the ends, otherwise in excellent condition. Circa 1900.
price:  SOLD
a very old Karaja runner with great dyes, problematic but quite beautiful. Much cheapness! Mid 19th century.
price:  SOLD
Antique Isfahan dozar in mint condition with thick glossy pile all over. Circa 1900.
price:  reasonable
Antique wool on wool Bijar dozar with excellent dyes, great wool and elegent design in very good condition. Late 19th century
price:  SOLD
Wonderful example of Kashan Mohtashem (central Persia) - a good state of preservation - warp and weft in cotton wool and fine ... read more
price:  contact me
Complete intact Persian Tribal flatweave Sumak bags. Antique but not ancient. All natural colors with an unusual use of a spekeled blue ... read more
price:  sold
price:  6500$
a Persian 1910 Mazlaghan rug from the Town nearby the City of Hamadan measuring 198 x 123 cm (6' 6" x 4' ... read more
price:  800
Superb, essentially mint condition, all over Harshang design Heriz. Full pile, great soft and harmonious colors. Approx. 9 x 12.
price:  SOLD
Persian Jozan Saruq wonderful colours and excellent condition all orginal Circa 1900
price:  SOLD
Senneh Kilim, late 19th century, fine weave and unique design, 4'2 x 6'3 ft.
price:  SOLD
Antique Serab Camel Hair Runner, very good condition, ready to use or resell. late 19th Cen. 11.9 x 3.4 ft (363x104)
price:  SOLD
Senneh rug wonderful colours and very fine quality like paper also side is silk
price:  SOLD
a rare White ground Bakhtiari Sofreh. early 20th century.
price:  Please ask
a very fine 19th Century Pictorial Kashan rug fragment. Beautiful wool, excellent weaving quality with a Majestic and quirky design.
price:  Please Ask
Luri kilim with fabulous earthy colours and abrash landscapes. Tough goat-hair warp.
price:  por
Late 19th/Early 20th century Veramin dining Sofreh.
price:  Please Ask
Persian Lor Sofreh wonderful colours and excellent condition all orginal size:1,25 x 1,12 cm (4''1 x 3''6 foot) circa 1910
price:  Sold Thanks
Veramin minakhani model wonderful colours and excellent condition circa 1890
price:  SOLD
Hamadan Area Rug begin 1900
price:  SOLD
Bakhtiari horse pack band measuring 870x7cms in mint condition
price:  please ask
Bakhtiari horse band, measuring 720x7cms in mint condition.
price:  please ask
Persia Old Carpet Malayer. The carpet is about 100 years old.
price:  350
Old Persian Bakhtiari Carpet
price:  120
a good antique karaja rug with Cheleberd or Eagle Kazak design in excellent condition. Late 19th entury.
price:  POA
Lot 118: Bakshaish Carpet, 1st half of 19th c.; 10'7" x 7'6", Sold in our January 2009 Fine Oriental Rug Auction.
price:  $54,625
unusual bachtiar rug. From a distance the design appears consistent with the Kashkai and other rugs from the nearby area of ... read more
price:  €950.
Persian big Malayer carpet wonderful colours and very nice size and very old size:6,15 x 3,65 cm (12''3 x 20''2 ... read more
price:  SOLD
Senneh Kilim
price:  POR
1'10"x2'9" Lavar Kerman mat, fine, good condition.
price:  on request
Lot 117: BAkshaish Carpet, Persia, early 19th century (dated), 11 feet x 7 feet 7 inches, est.: $15,000-30,000; to be sold ... read more
price:  $15,000-30,000
Lot 118: Bakshaish Carpet, Persia, first half of 19th century; 10 feet 7 inches x 7 feet 6 inches; est.: $40,000-60,000; ... read more
price:  $40,000-60,000
Superb and unique Senneh mat. All natural and very saturated color. Full pile and almost mint condition.
price:  POR
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