Beautiful Bakhtiari "Tasheh" with center flat weave,good condition and colors,very nice chess design.Size 6*3'6".E.mail for more info.
price:  Sold.
For sale is my semi-antique Bijar kilim in good shape, has a tendency to want to curl under and over on some ... read more
price:  295.00
Antique Heriz 100% wool carpet, pre 1900.Beautiful natural colours:deep red,coral,indigo blue,cerulean blue against an inky midnight ground. Medallion centre. There are a ... read more
price:  $500 or best offer
For sale is my old 3'3"x5'4" built-like-a-tank Sarab. Notice the repair job. Other than the repair job which is ... read more
price:  195.00 or best offer
a fine Senneh mat. 34 x 19 inches. a charming piece with saturated colors and good contrast
price:  no longer available
Malayer foyer carpet 16' 8" x 7' 0". Full pile everywhere, edges are 100% intact and wrapping is in good condition. ... read more
price:  sold
a joined pair of South Persian Kilim bags, 44" x 20". All natural colors, many closure loops, but not all, present. Condition ... read more
price:  please ask
An Antique Persian silk embroidery 18th century with silk on silk and metal thread. It's size is 36 x 35 cm.
price:  SOLD
a wheel-cut glass Flask Persia 10th Century Saphire blue, with globular body, tapering cylindrical neck and everted mouth with lip, the body facet-cut ... read more
price:  4000 USD
Serab runner 3' 2" x 10' 3". Probably circa 1935-1945. Good color and nice pile all around. The rug ... read more
price:  Sold-Thank You
Afshar "tutundan" (tobacco/opium pouch), 26 x 18 cm (11" x 7") with opened flap. All wool in very good condition.
price:  Sold, thanks
a safavid brass magic bowl iran , 17th CENTURY Of typical form, the exterior finely engraved with cartouches with the signs of the ... read more
price:  1800 USD
Persian Velvet Ikat.Circa 1900s. 64x43 inches. At least Six colors.Condition excellent with no wear stains or tears
price:  1250$
rare whiteground Afshar, with great colors in squarish size: 160x145cm
price:  Sold thanks
Ca. 1930's Karaja. 3'4" x 4'6" Full pile with very slight loss to the black line at the bottom. Especially pretty light ... read more
price:  $585 USD
Hamadan area runner, possibly Enjilas, probably circa 1910-1925. Size is 3' 5" x 9' 4". Great condition with a fairly ... read more
price:  Sold - Thank You
Kurd Bidjar Runner, 3' 2" x 14' 4" overall. Width varies to maximum of about 3' 4". Wool-on-wool construction. Probably ... read more
price:  Sold - thank you
Ca 1930's Karaja, 3'2" x 4'2". Thick pile and a medium weave. Edges complete and ends with a row of knots missing ... read more
price:  385
Ca. 1930 blue Sarouk, 25" x 30". Complete ends and edges with thick fluffy pile. Nice but not fancy weave. i will ... read more
price:  $365
Ca. 1920 washed and painted red Sarouk with a more unusual design. Fine weave and very nice pile throughout, complete ends and ... read more
price:  $485
Ca 1930 washed and painted Blue Sarouk mat, 27" x 45". Ends complete and sides too but with very slight curl in ... read more
price:  425
Ca. 1920 washed and painted Sarouk mat, 31" x 59". It has a very nice weave and is missing a little from ... read more
price:  325
This charming little brocaded salt-bag was made by Kordi tribes in the region of Quchan, north-eastern Persia around 1900.
price:  SOLD
Beautiful Bakhtiari "Tasheh" with center ivory flat weave,good condition and colors,very nice chess design.Size 6*3'6".E.mail for more info.
price:  US$ 100.
Complete Afshar saddle-bags.128 x 70 cm.
price:  SOLD
Here is a beautiful Bakhtiari from the 1920's, perfect condition, ready to go, size is 4'6"x6'7".
price:  too good to be true
Veramin Panel, Circa 1900, Natural dyes, No repair, Size: 100 x 60 cm.
price:  On request
Khorasan Carpet, Size: 7.7 x 17.0 , Circa early 1800's , an attractive early piece purchased in London about 10 years ago. ... read more
price:  $4,200
Lori/Bakhtiari opened sddle-bags, circa 1900-20. 56 x 190 cm. Soumac weave on white cotton ground. Wool back. a few good professional repairs ... read more
Persian Sarouk rug, size 24 in. x 30 in., Iran, ca.1920's, wine red with a medium blue border, cream, rose-coral, khaki, light ... read more
price:  $250.00USD
Antique heriz 300cmx215cm pazyryk Amsterdam
price:  SOLD
Antique Sarouk 94x150 cm, fine weave,beautiful drawing
price:  on request
Persian Kashan Mohtasham Early production Geometric prototype design Beautiful colors Size about 200 x 130 cm Very fine weave
Antique Persian rug, 450x196-205, published in jp Willborgs book Hamadan, as plate 22, attributed to Bibikabad and dated 1840-1880. Low in the ... read more
price:  P.O.A.
Here is a gorgeous Bakhtiari from the 1930's in the 5'x7' size range, tip top shape, ready to go. The size ... read more
price:  too good to be true
Here is a gorgeous Bakhtiari from the 1930's with beautiful colors in the oversized 4'x6' size range. The size is 5'x6'4". ... read more
price:  sold
Here is a gorgeous Bakhtiari from the 1920's in the 5'x7' size range. The size is 5'x7'8". Unique rug!
price:  sold
Here is a thick piled, squarish Bakhtiari from the 1940's, with beautiful colors, tip top shape. The size is 5'3"x6'4". ... read more
price:  too good to be true
Here is a gorgeous 1920's Bakhtiari with beautiful colors in the oversized 4'x6' size range. The size is 4'4"x6'5". Look ... read more
price:  too good to be true
Here is a gorgeous 1920's Bakhtiari in the oversized 4'x6' size range. The size is 4'3"x6'6". Great Garden Tribal rug! ... read more
price:  too good to be true
Hello Friends from around the world. This bag face saturated natural colors. It has a lot of meet on the bone, ... read more
link This mid 19th century antique silk Kerman embroidery measures 2’11” x 3’3”. It has some degraded silk areas consummate with it’s ... read more
price:  on request
Interesting Kilim Senneh panel of the North western Iran, currently the capital of Kurdistan. Very fine tight weaves made ​​the reputation of ... read more
price:  SOLD
link This 19th century antique Kerman embroidery measures 10” x 11 ½”. It has an ivory ground with an orange star medallion ... read more
price:  $500.00
s.w Persian ?.rug with good colors and design,nice pattern,Resonable condition,with some old repairs.Ready for the floor.Size 10*4'6".E.mail for more info.
price:  Sold Thanks.
4.6x7.0 Bidjar available.Evenly worn/low pile throughout.Loss at ends. About a 4 out of 10 on the condition scale but is a ... read more
price:  750
Beautiful Old Persian Kalamkar, Great condition, very fresh and unusuel colours. A collectors piece
price:  sold
Fereghan Sarouk Project. 3' x 5' (roughly) As fine a Sarouk as there is on the planet and i hope someone will ... read more
price:  SOLD
Afshar Child's Saddle Cover 1900 or earlier All natural dyes No Repairs 2 ft 3 inches x 2 ft Free flowing design like a child's sampler.
price:  $1100
persian kurdish rug perfect condition even the kilims at the end are perfect full pile perfect size,fine weave magnificent colors
price:  POR
persian sarouk rug size: 4'2 by 6'8 ft
price:  POR
persian seneh rug size: 4'6 by 7 ft it's fine as paper if you know what i mean super fine weave an artistic object
price:  POR
Bakhtiari sofreh. Nice wool, colours and abrash. 133x127 cms
price:  SOLD
two pillows: Luri or Bakhtiyari Kurdish
price:  sold
persian bidjar rug size: 4'8 by 7 ft
price:  POR
persian bidjar rug size : 4'4 by 6'2 ft
price:  POR
persian bidjar rug size: 4'6 by 7'7 ft
price:  POR
Antique Ferehan Sarouk Circa 1875 6 ft 8 inches x 4 ft 4 inches
price:  POR
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