Rare Afshar camel head decoration with cowrie shells and glass beads.
price:  SOLD
Kolyai, West Persia, ca. 1900, natural colors with camel wool, wool on wool, 121 x 198 cm
price:  240 €
19th Century Bijar Rug,exceptional colours and a very beautiful desigen,a cheerfull rug,Wool on cotton,Hand washed Ready for the display,E.mail for more info.
price:  Very Reasonable.
Kilim-Sadjadeh, Bidjar, Size: 165 x 115 cm.
price:  SOLD
Super Veramin Bagface with a pair of chuval guls. Nice format, great condition. 41"x17" (105x44cm)
price:  SOLD
Weramin, Sumak Taschenfront, um 1880
price:  180 €
Antique Serapi border. Wonderful colours. a great runner for a narrow hall or, heaven forbid, to make cushions. ... read more
price:  SOLD
Cool Serapi/Heriz Rug, nw Persian. 8'4 x 12'3
price:  on request
White Ground Carpet with Shield Palmettes Heriz Northwest Persia circa 1890 310 x 240 cm (10’2” x 7’ 10”)
price:  SOLD
Senneh Haft Rangh rug West Persia circa 1880 200 x 130 cm (6’7” x 4’3”)
price:  POR
Northwest Persian Sumak Chanteh,jewel.
price:  sold
Rare fine Mehriban mat 2.3 ft x 2. 5. Wonderful quirk wool and saturated natural colors. Fine weave. Full pile $15 ... read more
price:  sold
Salmon Mazlaghan/Malayer. 4.1 ft x 6.3, early 20th century. Nice weave; wondrous all natural colors with lovely abrashes. Even low nap. ... read more
price:  sold
Small Lillihan, 2.8 ft x 3.10. Wonderful bold design with human figures. Full thick pile with no wear. early 20th cent. ... read more
price:  sold
Feraghan Sarouk mat. 1.10 ft x 2. 5. ec. 1910. Little jewel with soft rose field. Exceptional fine weave. ... read more
price:  sold
Persian Kurdish Bag in good condition. The kilim backside has some damages. 73x63 Cm. Pictures were taken in the snow.
price:  SOLD
Beautiful 19th century Kirman embroidery, very good condition, fine embroidery and very nice colours, size is 170/180.
price:  sold
Hamadan, 19 Jh., 92 x 159 cm
price:  100 €
Hamadan, 1910, 101 x 173 cm
price:  120 €
An antique North West Persian Kelleh. Very colorful and in smart condition,19th century. 355cm x 160cm
price:  SOLD
persian salt bag size 050x030
price:  SOLD
Antique Malayer rug SOLD
fine heriz carpet, ca. 2 x 3m highly saturatet natural colours high pile and good condition shipping worldwide
price:  " SOLD " THANKS,,
Old Afshar rug, 1.31 x 1.51 m. More images at: http//
price:  3000 Euro
Veramin Bagface,19th century,45x45cm,unbelievable qualities.
price:  sold
Hamadan, um 1870, kleine Nachknüpfungen und Beschädigungen, 107 x 377 cm
price:  180 €
Malayer Galerie, Um 1900, 94 x 520 cm, overall good condition
price:  580 €
Avsar Bote Size 54 cm x 34 cm Antique Bagface from mid. of 19. century
price:  650 USD
Fabulous Kurd ? Northwest Persian ? runner size 3.8 by 16.7 Amazing color, some pile restorations done by Woven Legends. ready ... read more
price:  $ 8500
Hamadan Galerie, um 1920, 405 x 102 cm
price:  200 €
Sofreh Veramin, 130 x 100 cm. restored.
price:  SOLD
Malayer, um 1920, 100 x 175 cm
price:  170 €
Beautiful 19th century resht embroidery panel in great condition. Embroided on red felt, 200/110 cm, very fnie embroidery.
price:  POR
Beautiful 19th century Resht piece in great condition, embroided on Felt, lovely colours and very fnie embroidery, the size is 180/130 cm.
price:  POR
persian yazed circa 1870 vibrent colours with unique design size:6 * 4 mt real collectors hand woven art. jalal carpets 19 Tanglin road Tanglin Shopping ... read more
price:  P.O.R
North-east Iran, thick undyed natural wool coloured kilim runner with some goat wool highlights, soft brown wool, minimalist piece that goes well ... read more
price:  SOLD
kk231 bakhtiari sofreh cm 116x118 - old nice sofreh in good condition -
price:  PLS ASK
Afshar Rug ( Sirjan, according to Richard Purdon's article in Hali 161), 19th century,150x185cm ,great colors and wool, meaty handle.
price:  sold
Antique Persian Serapi (Heriz) Carpet, 19 x 13 ft, Excellent Condition, sec half 19th Century. link
price:  on request
Khordjin (Saddlebag), Veramin, 80 x 32 cm.
price:  on Request
Namakdan (saltbag), Lori, 50 x 29 cm
price:  on Request
a very fine antique part silk Kashan carpet, 10x7. some worn areas, one little patch, but no holes, clean, floor ready and ... read more
price:  SOLD
Senneh kilim, size - 4 feet 3 inches x 6 feet 10 inches. (130 x 208 cm). perfect condition
price:  1750
Malayer, 4.2 ft x 6.6, Early 20th century. Powerful design in excellent condition. $15 to ship anywhere ... read more
price:  sold
Afshar Rug superb Dolls and birds motif,good conidition,nice colours and beautiful dsigen,wool on cotton,Size 60*50 inches.Hand washed.
price:  Sold.
Afshar saddle cover with leather, backed with vinatge cotton broad cloth, late 19thC, 3'10"x3'7"
price:  $1400.00
Serab Rug, Great colors and wool with a nicely articulated rendition of the classic field pattern. This piece is cut and shut. ... read more
price:  sold
a good Heriz carpet in decent, original condition with very decorative colors. late 19th century. 12'3 x 10'1.
price:  poa
a fine antique Sarouk Ferahan small rug, with good design. Late 19th century. about 5x3.
price:  SOLD
a funky antique Heriz carpet in the scarce 6x9 format. Good dyes and in decent order. Circa 1900.
price:  SOLD
Veramin Flatwoven Bag with a pile bottom. Size = 1'4" x 1'6". 4th quarter of the 19th cen. Inv #14861.
price:  SOLD
West Persian Saddle Rug. Late 19th cen. Not a typical Malayer, Faraghan, or Senneh weave. Size = 2'10" x 3'5". Inv. ... read more
price:  $3500
Antique Bijar Kilim, Early 20th century. Exceptional state of preservation. This antique flatweave from northwest Persia artfully blends formal Persian notions of ... read more
price:  $2400
Early nw Persian, probably Bijar, rug fragments (3)
Antique Malayer rug, excellent condition, end of 19th century. 153 x 300 cm
price:  on request
Veramin 2'4" x 1'
price:  750 USD
Feraqhan Sarouk dimensions 2' 5" x 4' 7"
price:  975 USD
persian bag face very nice color good condition need repair this pair pieces
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