Tibetan Lamas waistcoat in 19thC Chinese silk and 19thC Chinese silk trousers
price:  $600us each
Tibetan waistcoat and trousers in 19thC Chinese silks.
price:  $600us each
Antique Tibetan rug / heavy textile. It is wool and large and heavy -- 6ft x 8ft. unusual zigzag weave pattern. Excellent
price:  SOLD. Thank you
good early 20th century tibetan yak cover. nice abrashed green background, very good original condition. tibet, rare today!
price:  SOLD
Type: tibetan seating rug Origin: tibet Circa: 1880 Size/Feet & Inches: 2'7'' x 14'7'' Size/Meters: 0.78 x 4.44
price:  SOLD.
beautifull yak cover in good original condition with the expected synthetic and natural dyes according to its early 20th c ... read more
early wangden weaving with natural brown wool and natural dyes. nice patina and original ends! tibet, first half 19th century.
Tibetan oil painting on canvas,beautiful colours and nice work,Beautiful pce of art,fine condition.Size of canvas 2'6"*1'9",all over size 4'3"*2'9".E.mail for more info.
price:  US$ 230.
nice antique cloudy khaden with one patch. tibet.
Tibetan Dragon Fragment, very finely drawn with analine dyes and indigo. early 20th cen.
price:  SOLD
Mongolian Rug, Camel and Dark Brown un-dyed animal wool on a very light blue ground. (There is no white.) Warp is very ... read more
price:  SOLD
rarely has a brocade the look of a kesi (tapestry weave). beautifull fragment of a 17th century silk brocade. wonderfull drawing ... read more
Tibetan dragon mat. Vibrant, folksy dragon in clouds on an abrashed blue ground, c.1920 Nick Wright
price:  SOLD
19th century small sized tibetan rug with white border, nice natural dyes and quite good pile. tibet, approx 110x 65cm.
Tibetan saddle top or mat, most likely early 20thC excellent condition, Nick Wright
price:  SOLD
Tibetan Pillar Rug, 2'9 x 6'7. (Inventory Number 86.)
price:  SOLD.
Tibetan Silver Box Turqouise,coral 30 x 14 x 13 cm
price:  On Request
Another nice photograph with a lama sitting on a Tibetan (?) rug. He is identified on the mount as "Shireta Aginskavo ... read more
price:  $650
Interesting photograph of man sitting on Tibetan (?) rug taken by the photographer o. Stein c 1900. o. Stein was based ... read more
price:  $650
Tibetan Necklace Gold,Silver,Coral,Turquoise
price:  On Request
Tibetan Saddle cover in perfect condition. Circa 1910. One of several fresh offerings on the latest stock page at: link
price:  SOLD
Old Tibetan Pendant. Made of Silver,Coral and Turqouise.
price:  On Request
Tibetan Bracelet.Made of Silver,Coral and Turqouise
price:  On Request
Man’s Scarf (Maflar)From Tibet.Used by some holy Mans.Its size is 23cm x 223cm.(DSC01181 New)
price:  On Request
Early Tibetan khaden fragment, mounted. Powerful geometric design. Nick Wright, East of the Bosphorus
price:  SOLD
Antique Tibetan tie-dyed dress, Zanskar, Ladakh, India. Nick Wright, East of the Bosphorus
Tibetan Tsukdruk, looped pile rug - a primitive form of ancient nomadic tibetan carpet weaving. 3 long strips sewn together vertically. Very ... read more
price:  POR
Tibetan Tsukdruk, looped pile rug - a primitive form of ancient nomadic tibetan carpet weaving. 3 long strips sewn together vertically. Very ... read more
price:  POR
Tibetan oval saddle bottom piece,big knots, rare and early--before 1900, all dyes good. NIck Wright
price:  POR
not a tibetan weaving but this small tiger rug was intented for a tibetan monastery to be hung in a door way ... read more
early 20th c tibetan seat back!
rare tibetan yak cover from early 20th c. seems to have been used as saddle rug after being cut and shut by ... read more
Six panelled Tibetan apron (padang) with applique patches.
price:  POR
tibetan wool mat with an interesting design. seems to have been used as a saddle top for a while. but i ... read more
fragment of a tibetan banner made of 18th c chinese silk. china, 117x 8.5cm.
price:  150us
rare pair of tibetan child boots. leather and pulo wool.tibet, early 20th c. or before.
Mongolian Rug, woven in the short dimension,full pile, 19th. century,46'' x 23''.
price:  ON REQUEST
Tibetan Khaden /83x167cm/19th c.
very old rare tibet thangka painting: Tibetan Wheel of Life (Bhavacakra). Tibetan oil painting on canvas of the Wheel of Life commonly seen ... read more
price:  SOLD
Vintage Tibetan Bridal Coat with Brocade and stamp dyed work. Circa 1930. More photos on link
price:  SOLD
Vintage Tibetan Kaabo Kumarband or waist belt used to secure the robe. Nambu Tigma work all over. Natural Dyes. Circa 1930. More pictures ... read more
price:  SOLD
an extremly uncommon all cotton pile (the foundation is wool) tibetan horse cover with a rare design. good original condition. tibet, early ... read more
price:  sold, thank you!
Tibetan seating carpet,featuring auspicious symbols,-in overall excellent condition.-Est.early 20th century.
price:  --SOLD--
Tibetan saddle rug.- Some repairs and intermittent wear due to saddle rubbing.Est.early 20th century.
price:  $450
An antique Saddle Rug from the Kingdom of Bhutan, aprox 3.6 x 2 ft.
price:  SOLD
Mongolian official horseriders waist pouch.Silk and cotton embroidery on cotton, and cotton velvet, with indigo cotton linings.Est. late 19th century.
wonderfull tibetan seat with lotos blossom design. excellent weave and condition. tibet around 1900. 51x 76cm
L19thC Tibetan nomad blanket [lieu],Chuck Paterson
Tibetan rug, 19th.century, 3'10'' x 2'3''
price:  $500.
ancient tibetan khaden with nice aged natural colours. tibet, first half 19th century.
antique tibetan saddle in very good condition, on the right half of the middle field, the number "one" or "first" can be ... read more
price:  SOLD
ancient tibetan saddle rug with wonderfull natural colours , material, design and original riding wear. tibet, first half 19th century. 130x
a wonderfull antique tibetan khaden with glorious intense natural colours. fantastic red and light green... it is in very good condition for ... read more
interesting old design on this early 19th c tibetan khaden, nice weave and colors.some condition problems, but easy restorable if needed. tibet, early ... read more
a good ancient tibetan mat, nice natural colours and wool, the central cross design has maybe nothing to do with the double ... read more
price:  650us
a very old heavy monastic bench cover fragment in monastic purple. the bad restored hole in the middle can be redone very ... read more
very nice tibetan animal amulet-trapping with cast bell . the band is woven in wool, the bobble under the bell is made ... read more
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