Ancienne robe de femme chinoise du XIXe siècle, broderies étonnamment réalisées avec de magnifiques figures et fleurs Les deux manches ont des figures ... read more
price:  sur demande
Anatolian bead hat, Kütahya İnköy
price:  Por
Turkmen Kafhtan silk embroidery
Central Asian hat. Possibly Chodor, but not sure. Images of hat were shot in shade and full sun for comparison. ... read more
price:  Inquire
Pair of slippers for Women’s a Zardozi embroidery on the cotton Velvet. From Lucknow Uttar Pradesh India. India.19th Century (20201112_160019).
price:  On Request
Abha (Abho) Of  Fine Embroidery from the Syed Community of Banni District Kutch Gujarat. India. India.Silk Embroidered with Silk Threads, Tiny Mirror-Glass ... read more
price:  On Request
Angarakha Man(Costume) Fine Muslin Cotton From Rajasthan India.C.1900.Worn by Royal Family of Rajasthan.Its size is Length-75cm, Width-76cm, Sleeve- 15cmX67cm.(DSL04020).
price:  On request
Himroo costume From Deccan, India. This Himroo weaving done in Deccan, Probably Hyderabad South India, India. Early 19th Century. Its Silk And ... read more
price:  On Request
Mughal Buti Choga (Man's Costume) Silk, Brocade with Silk thread and Real Gold Zari (Real Gold and Silver), Probably from Northern India. ... read more
price:  On Request
Fed up with old bags ? Haute Couture Evening dress by the house of Renarde constructed from quasi Saffavid Lyon silk circa ... read more
price:  700 GBP / $900
Colors! Cloth! 19th century Aymara poncho half. Incredible color and weave with a supple handle and drape that is only ... read more
price:  Inquire
Turkish Sırma Ottoman metal embroidery on velvet can use cushion cover or wall hanging
Size : 130 x 160 (cm), Central anatolia, cappadocia .
price:  Ask
Antique Silk chapan, uzbek hand weaving coat, silk robe caftan clothes, rare collection ikat chapan coat Size Height : 130 cm Under arm : ... read more
price:  O.R
Antique Silk İkat chapan, uzbek hand weaving coat, silk robe caftan clothes, rare ikat chapan coat Size Height : 117 cm Under arm : ... read more
price:  O.R Century Silk İkat chapan, uzbek hand weaving coat, silk robe caftan clothes, rare ikat chapan coat Size Height : 120 cm Under arm ... read more
price:  O.R
Ersari Turkmen Embroidered Hat, Central Asia, circa 1920 $275 including domestic shipping via us Priority Mail
price:  $275 including domestic shipping via US Priority Mail
Uzbek Ikat Child's Coat, Central Asia, 19th c. a smaller coat intended for a child, decent condition, see detail images for condition. Please ... read more
price:  $400 including domestic shipping via US Priority Mail
Bamun Tunic, Cameroon
price:  On Request
Uzbek groups kafhtan silk and cotton embroidery
High quality silver south Indian adjustable belt. late 19th c South India
price:  POA
late 19th c Ottoman velvet jacket with gold embroidery
price:  POA
Parsi Jhabla or Jhablo (Blouse) From Surat Gujarat India. Beautiful karchob embroidery in Real silver and Gold thread on satin silk cloth. ... read more
price:  On Request
Turkmen ersari hat Silk embroidery
Turkmen Baby Hat Silk embroidery
Indigo Tsugihagi (Patch-Worked) "Boro" from 19th century Japan. This boro seems to have been a work wear, and been stored and waiting ... read more
price:  Price on request
Mochi Embroidered Dress-Front(Patti)from Sindh Region of undivided India. India.Silk Embroidery on Silk,C.1900.Belongs to Meghwar group of tharparkar Sindh Region. Mochi embroideries were ... read more
price:  On Request
Antique 19th century Kashmir ( women’s jacket ) silk threads embroidery on pashmina” Condition & colours are great, please inquiry about size ... read more
price:  On request
Ceremonial Women’s Blouse (Kapada) Fine Mutwa Saiyed Embroidery from Kutch Gujarat India. India.Silk Embroidery on the Silk, With fine Quality Mirror Work. ... read more
price:  On Request
Heavy weight, densely stitched indigo dyed cotton. Tsutsugaki dyed cloth. Indigo background with red and white design on the reverse. Horizontal bands ... read more
price:  1200
This fine warp faced weaving from the highlands of Bolivia was woven in the first half of the 19th century by Aymara ... read more
price:  SOLD
Türkmen kafhtan silk embroidery good condition
Nuristan. Jumlo or woman wedding dress from Kohistan/Nuristan, Northern Pakistan and Afghanistan. Heavily silk embroidered on black cotton, with lots of white ... read more
price:  700€ + ship
Uzbek Chapan in excellent condition
price:  please enquire
Central Asian hat. 20th century. Uzbek?
price:  99.99
Ikat Chapan, Uzbekistan Early 20th c.
price:  On Request
Uzbek Vintage handmade Cotton chapan clothes Size Height : 115 cm Under arm : 55 cm Shoulder size : 40 cm Fast shipping worldwide Thank you ... read more
price:  Sold
Pashtun Mangal, Paktika Child's Vest (i believe), Late 19th Century. Cotton base material with green and red silk face. Silk ... read more
price:  POR
Central - Asian Rare ! Antique Turkmen-Yomud ethnic traditional tulip and flowers patterned silver belt fine fire gilded with velvet This is ... read more
price:  P.O.R
19th century Turkmen coat. Natural dyed silk embroidery on silk ground with various block print and other fabric lining cloths. ... read more
price:  Inquire
Mino - old Japanese rain cape from over 100 years ago, made of bark of Japanese linden and cotton. This style of mino ... read more
price:  price on request
Antique Indigo Coat - Bukhara origin Good condition Price includes shipping any country.
price:  300
Bukhara Ikat Chapan/Coat Silk and Cotton Adras Ikat Good condition Any questions please ask
price:  350
Wool and cotton women's belt "kourzia" cod. 0333. Beni Mesguilda Berber people. Western Rif. Morocco. Early 20th. century.Dimension cm. 297 x 33 ... read more
price:  Fair
Uzbek Hat
price:  On Request
a unique, white ground Aymara Ponchito (small poncho). Altiplano region, Bolivia. Early 19th Century or before. One of a kind cotton and ... read more
price:  inquire
Ceremonial Tie and Dye Abha, Tie and Dye Work on the Gajji-Silk, From Kutch Region of Gujarat, India.C.1900.Its size is L-105cm, W-130cm.Condition ... read more
price:  On Request
Central Asian Ikat Chapan, Silk/Cotton, Late 19th Century, 47 x 51 inches Generally in nice condition but was in storage for ... read more
price:  $300.00
Central Asian Ikat Chapan, Silk/Cotton, 20th Century, 48 x 62, Turkmen/Northern Afghanistan
price:  $200.00
Turkmen child's embroidered cap with a yurt-like form. I've always been captivated by the remarkable similarity of the shape of some ... read more
price:  Inquire
Central Asian Hat, Silk/Cotton, 6 x 7 inches
price:  $175.00
Central Asian Hat, Silk/Cotton, Late 19th Century. 4.25 x 7 inches. Odd thing-it appears to have been reconstructed at some point. ... read more
price:  $175.00
Central Asian Hat, Silk/Cotton, Early 20th Century, 7.5 x 8 inches, Some fading, stains and minor color runs. Could probably use ... read more
price:  $175.00
Crocheted silk hat North African totally reversible mint condition old
price:  $100 inc shipping
Uzbek Ikat Chapan
price:  On Request
Abha Dress (Women’s) From Kutch Gujarat India.C.1900.Real Zari Embroidery on the Gajji-Silk with Bandhani work Tie and Dye.(DSL03690).
price:  On request
West anatolia , Bursa region ! Ottoman textile .
price:  Ask
Anatolian– Kutahya, tribal glass beads embroidered hat. All beads have great color shades of natural dyes. It has been used on special ... read more
price:  P.O.R.
Turkmen Tekke ethnic child hat, silk embroidery on hand loomed cotton and silk. Embroidered trim and cotton lining. Circa 1900 or earlier. Size: ... read more
price:  P.O.R.
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