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Dated 1830's Caucasian Kuba rug. Damaged but best of type!
Circa 1780s-1800s Central Anatolian Prayer Rug Size 125 x 150 Cm It Has Only Few Old Restoration Not Much.Expensive One.Please Ask For ... read more
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Early 19th Century Caucasian Akstafa Rug.As Found it.It Has Good Animals Details.Size 116 x 282 Cm.
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Really beautiful and older one as Qashqayi rug but low pile ! Ok but cheap price ! Only 500€+ shipping from Paris ... read more
Old and cool Suzani as found ! Some old conservations ! Inexpensive : 800€ + shipping
Jaff Kurd bag face ,83 x 58 cm . link
Jaff kurdish bag face. 92 x 60 cm . link
Antique Manastır Prayer Rug Size.158x116cm
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Shsavan bag face , 56 x 41 cm . link
Bahtiyary kurdish salt bag, 50 x 50 cm . link
An impressive and beautiful large Turkmen torba, Tekke tribe, early 19th century or before, displaying the rare combination of well-drawn hexagonal primary ... read more
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Antique Shanhsavan Sumak Panel Size.100x36cm
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Fine antique Persian Yazd carpet, age: circa 1920, size: ca. 335x185cm / 11ft x 6'1''ft
Antique caucasien Kasim Ushak Kasak rug 19 th. century 131 x ... read more
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Antique Chelaberd Rug or so called "Eagle Kazak" from Karabagh, South West Caucasus, ca 1880, 125x260 cm (4'1" x 8'3")
Shahsevan silk band size 880x38 cm
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Small Boluch bagface all natural colors soft velvety wool size 15"x17"
price:  Reasonable
18th Century East Anatolian Kilim Fragment Size.220x160cm
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Double sided Bagface Chanteh. 10''x10'' complete with one small low areas.
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a lovely antique Chinese Peking rug, beautiful blue ground color, size: 175x95cm / 5'8''ft x 3'1''ft
beshir ? all colors natural colors , MAD....51x48cm old repairs.
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Kurdish bagface,circa 1880 size 86x70cn
Ghaghgaie band,not washed and needs abit preparing.the white in pattern is wool as other parts.and with brown in field,Size:680 x 6.5 cm
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Bakhtiari lori band,needs a bath an abit damaged that i show in images,typical for the area,Size:1026 x 7 cm
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ghashgaei band very old,in perfect condition,there is no cotton in this band,Size:645 x 7.5 Cm
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Antique Tekke or Yomut Turkmen rug of very unusual design and colour, fine weave and small size; this is probably a dowry ... read more
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Beshir Turkmen dowry rug, 2nd half 19th century. link Size: 3ft 9in x 3ft 7in (114 x 110cm). Antique Beshir Turkmen rug of ... read more
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Circa 1860s Persian Kurdish Bag Size 54 x 54 Cm.It Has Nice Details.
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Antique Manastır Prayer Rug Size.155x102cm
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Antique caucasian Shirvan rug. Size is 150 x 280 cm (5 ft. x 9 ft. 2 inch) perfect condition
price:  2700$
Uzbekistan Lakai silk embroidered felt. Circa late 19th c. Size: 58" x 147" - 147 cm x 373 cm.
price:  P.O.R.
19th Century Schirvan Untouched Bag Size 50 x 45 Cm Reasonable One.
price:  inexpensive
Bijar - Kurdi Persian Carpet 7'5"x4'7"(227x141cm) See more details here: https:// link
price:  1232 €
Circa 1800s Anatolian Collectible Konya Kilim Fragment It Has Great Colors Size 112 x 325 Cm
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a lovely antique sarab rug with great colours. In used condition and a bit shaped but a beautiful early example,270x100,
price:  £350