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islamic, great seljuk empire . Sultan Tughril i Beg Muhammad, ah 429-455 / ad 1038-1063. av Dinar (Gold Coin ) Dated ... read more
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ancient islamic a lot of 15 Early Islamic ae fals copper coins Early Abbasid, mongol, saffarid and etc
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Impressive Persian/Indian Openwork Silver Bracelet, India or Iran, With Beautiful Cut Pink Garnet and Pair Of Turquoise on Both Sides of the ... read more
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Rare and classic Shahsavan sumakh khorjin bagface, 19c, approx 57cm x 51cm. Very fine weave with a softer palette and in good condition. ... read more
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Antique Veramin Rug
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Antique Shahsavan Rug Runner Size.290x80cm
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Antique West Anatolian Bergama Holbian Rug Size.175x140cm
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Antique Anatolian Konya Obrug Rug Size.233x106 cm
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Antique Anatolian Mucur Prayer Rug Size.154x100 cm
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Antique East Anatolian Sarkısla Rug Size.305x112cm
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An Rare Storytelling Folk Embroidery Kantha, Fine embroidered cotton Kantha Probably from Bengal region of India, India. c.1850 -1875 Its size ... read more
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Antique Anatolian Cankırı Divan Yörük Rug Size.250x118cm
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Antique East Anatolian Divrigi Yörük Rug Size.243x150cm
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Antique East Anatolian Divrigi Yörük Rug Size.263x110cm
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Kaftan Fez Fes Morocco Gold metal thread with silk Silk linen 151x84 Great condition Heavy piece
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Antique Anatolian Konya Ladık Prayer Rug Size.175x130cm
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Antique Anatolian Karapınar Ayrancı Rug Size.155x117 cm
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Antique Wset Anatolian Karakeçili Rug Size.195x120cm
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Antique East Anatolian Yörük Rug Size.172x100 cm
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Antique East Anatolian Sarkısla Yörük Rug Size.340x140cm
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Afshar Kilim, Kalat area of Khorasan, Late 19th Century. Wonderful tribal weaving with the irregularities that come with it like the offsetting ... read more
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Laheriya Pagri(Turban) Worn During the Monsoon Fine Cotton Mull-Mull.C.1900.Royals Family Rajasthan India.Length 15 to 18 miter.(DSL05060).
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Ottoman , wooden dough cutter. Ca 1340s
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Wonderful Vagireh sampler rug. Love the one chicken. 3'4" x 4'4". Cheers.
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Rare, square late 19th century Ersari wedding rug. 3'9" x 4'6". Almost completely full pile except a small spot in the center. ... read more
Antique Baluch chanteh. 10" x 12". Beautiful colors and tight knots. Couple small moth bites otherwise full pile.
Old Ersari torba or jallar. Wonderful soft wool, mostly full pile.
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• cross stitch • Embroidered Chakla from Gujarat on khaddar fabric. Its a counted weave embroidery done with counting threads and is called cross ... read more
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Second half of 19th Century Khamseh rug, natural dyes. It has some old repair places and need some repair. Size : 228 ... read more
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Jewish Art https:// link
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Shahsavan sumack khorjin bag. Cm 46x49. End 19th, early 20th century. Beautiful colors, lovely pattern, sweet and collectable.
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Afshar chanteh soumac 1880 circa size 20x20cm
antique afshar Tobacco bag 1880 circa,size 21x29cm
Qhasgia bag face size 47x55cm
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Antique n w p sauctbulah Rug size:268x145 cm /8'9"x 4'9"
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unique wonderful tribal very antique, balouch rug , with great "lonely"birds and other animals, great kelim detail, from 1860. no holes, no ... read more
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