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Size : 87x100 cm, Old persian .
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Super Cool Baluch Prayer Rug that may be from the Dokhter e Qazi group - love the border solution specially around the ... read more
price:  on request
Antique swedish Scandinavian needle point embroided crosstich small panel Condition is good kindly see photos carefully.
price:  Please inquire
Antique beautiful french silk embroided textile panel. Condition is good kindly see photos carefully
price:  Please inquire
Heriz Persian, old, 217 x 317 cm, carpet id: P-4796 The black knots are oxidized, used places.
price:  CHF 400.-
Heriz Persian, knotted circa 1920 antique, 287 x 190 cm, carpet id: P-5001 The black knots are oxidized, the knots are hand spun ... read more
price:  CHF 400.-
Heriz Persian, old, 336 x 240 cm, carpet id: P-5918 The black knots are oxidized, the knots are hand spun wool, used places.
price:  CHF 1'800.-
Tribal old Indus Kohistan valley Woman dress called Jumlo Complete hand embroidered Please note there are 3 dresses , The given price ... read more
price:  $150
Baluch Rug with graphic diagonal pattern, nice wonky main border with an s inner - 43" x 61" - 110 x ... read more
price:  on request
Caucasian fragmand size 114x65cm
price:  Por
Camel field Baluch Prayer Rug - 34" x 55" - 86 x 140 cm
price:  on request
Yomut Turkmen Chuval-face, second half 19th century in very good overall condition albeit with two very small areas of discolouration - 1.07 ... read more
price:  £480
Old Soumak 3,20 m by 1,95 meter Kuba Sirvan
price:  POR
Antique persian mahal 11x17 feet 1920’s some wear low pile
price:  6000
Antique persian Farahan 12x18.6 with some old repairs More pics available
price:  8500
Shahsavan sumack mafrash end panel. Cm 44x46. Imho 1840/1860. Deeply saturated colors, see the yellows, see the greens....etc….. Simple but sophisticated design. ... read more
price:  pls inquire
Tibetan Phoenix Peacock Birds Antique Oriental Rug, size is 3'3" x 5'9" ft. shiny wool and wonderful colors.
price:  $1600.
Tibetan, saddle top, with original straps on the back, very very finely woven, mid-20th c 23 by 32 inches
price:  POR
Tibetan khaden, mid-2othC, 35 by 69 inches, large red flowers (?)on exquisitely abrashed greenish-blue ground
price:  por
Tibetan khaden, mid-20thC,34 by 64 inches, dramatic tiger (What was the weaver smoking?)flying through an orange/brown sky filled with cloudbands and flaming
price:  POR
Azerbaijan/So. Caucasus, e. Anatolia? brocaded bedding bag, late 19ty C.,sides approx. 34" x 21", ends approx. 16" x 21", bottom approx. ... read more
price:  On request
beautiful Qashqai Kilim circa1880 all good colors and perfect condition wool on wool size206x116cm
Shirvan Rug Circa 1880 Size: 150x325 cm
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Persian Kalamkari Hand-Drawn Mordant-And Resist-Dyed Cotton, From Persia , Iran. Several royal figures of all types of occupations and garbs are featured interacting ... read more
price:  On Request
Antique Kurdish Sivas Runner Size 510x95 cm Please send to directly message
price:  Please ask
Twill Weave double saddle blanket 2'7" x 5'2"
price:  please ask
Full Pilled Large Ningsia Throne Back, 33 x 30 inches 1885 or earlier
price:  $525 plus shipping
Beautiful complete Luri Bakhtiyari small khorjin circa good condition,size 33x20cm
i bought this ❤️ lovely textile about ten years ago. It looks like a Kaitag,  but it’s most probably not. Might have ... read more
price:  sold tks
This Qashqai bag has been woven with wool dyed with natural colours. The back of the bag has some interesting motifS. The ... read more
price:  75 EUROS
Turkamen With Great design some damages size: 44” x41” original Ends and Original Edge. For any other information's Please Use my e-m
price:  Sold Thanks
Antique Anatolian Fragment Kilim size:110x75 cm.
price:  Ask Please
Lori Pambak Caucasian Rug, 19th century. Great condition. Initials on the top left read d r q (Qaaf) if i am reading ... read more
price:  POR
Anatolian Erzurum Prayer Kilim Circa 1880 Size: 120x150 cm
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Antique Bergama Rug Mount on Fabric Size 140x104 cm Please send to message directly
price:  Please ask
Kuba Shirvan Circa 1850 size 110x155 cm
price:  On Request