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Unusual Antique Ghiordes Rug - 19th Century (227x138cm) WhatsApp: +32465752377 E-mail:
price:  POR
1719 Antique Bergama? Turkish Rug. Lovely colors. i don't know this group well but was told it looks like memling guls without ... read more
price:  por
Old persian Sofreh Kilim (Bakhtiary or Afshar tribe) irregular motifs 124cm x 118cm Please mail me only directly:
price:  120 Euro
Caucasian Prayer Rug Circa 1850 size 105x180 cm
price:  On Request
a Baku Surahani Garden rug, 126 x 174 cm. early 20 th. c. The design represents a bird's eye view of a ... read more
price:  SOLD
From an old German estate: Antique Chinese Ningh Xia rug, size: ca. 218x163cm / 7’2ft by 5’4ft condition as found.' > link
Collectable Old Gabbeh Rug (200x110cm) WhatsApp: ebay item
price:  POR
Antique Chuval Turkmen Ikat Gaimak Gol Design, Late 19th/Early 20th Century, it measures 3'7" x 6' ft (110 x 183 cm)
price:  Please ask
Size ; 90x90 cm, Central anatolia, Sivas (gurun). Armenian textile . cokkaryan famly , The Chokgarian family was in the shawl making business - they produced ... read more
price:  Ask
Afshar Sofreh circa 1900,in very good condition,size 120x114cm
Akhal oasis Tekke around 1800 almost identical copyin book of Elena Tsareva Turkmen Carpets page 54 Illustration 28 with strong signs of ... read more
price:  Please ASK
Kirghiz fragment found in Tibet, older than any Kirghiz piece I've seen with an ancient aesthetic. ... It appears to be quite ... read more
price:  more than most sane people would pay... a lot... approaching ransom
Tekke Turkmen tent band fragment. Nice narrow one, 8.5"x75".
price:  $850
Qashqai bag face all good natural colors and very good condition size 98x92cm
Antique persian khamse bag face ,64 x 58 cm
Antique Manastir Fragment Size 15x90 cm Please send to message directly
price:  Please ask
Antique Peking Chinese Chair Seat 2’0” x 2’1” #7846 $1,000.00 Age: late 19th century Size: 2’0” x 2’1” (61 x 64 cm)
This circa 1870 Borchalou Kazak #7623 with Akstava motif measures 4’1” x 6’8” (125 x 207 cm). This is one of a ... read more
Azeri Shadda, 19th century. Woven in two pieces. Covered in animal herds with their shepherds. a wonderful ethnographic scene. 162 ... read more
price:  Sold
Derbent Rug Circa 1890 size 130x200 cm
price:  450$+Shipping
Happy stripe rug. Really i don´t now the region. Used pile. Size: 150 x 225 cm
price:  please ask
This unusual squarish tribal decoration comes from Kirghizistan. It is wool embroidery on leather. Size is cm 38x48. Could be an amulet? ... read more
price:  reasonable
Antique Shirvan Size 95x150 cm Please send to message directly
price:  Please ask
Antique Kecimush Kilim Size 120x150 cm Please send to message directly
price:  Please ask
Moroccan pillow, size: 48*41 cm
price:  €210 + shipping
Qhasgai bag size 35x35cm
price:  Por
Bidjar carpet size 197x120cm
price:  Por
Shajbulahg fragmant carpet size 160x80cm
price:  Por
Very old Kurdish fragmant carpet size 120x100cm
price:  Por
Colourful old Afshar with a great allover design. One of my favourite purchases this year. It is quite worn and the selvedges ... read more
price:  £480
Very nice beluch carpet size 155x84cm
price:  Por
Kurdish cedar and sofa fragmand carpet size 140x110cm
price:  Por
Lovely Biblical Lavar Kerman. Silky wool. One tiny area with a moth bite, other than that excellent.
price:  $1200
Antique Yoruk, hand knotted wool, Eastern Turkey, worn low with very little pile, exposed foundation threads, partial ends missing, slight bleeding of ... read more
price:  $450.00US
Antique Afshar saddle, hand knotted wool, Iran, 19thC, wear, a small amount of reweave on the edge of the bottom, frayed edges ... read more
price:  $650.00US
American Indian carpet knotted circa 1920 collectors item, 345 x 286 cm, id: P-6196 Hand knotted with hand spun lama natural and silky ... read more
price:  On request