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Chintz Kalamkari Wood Block And Hand-Drawn, Mordant- And Resist-Dyed Khadi Cotton, From Barmer Rajasthan, Western Part of India. India. c.18751900. Exported to ... read more
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antique aymara woman s mantle, 106x 96cm.
Pre-Columbian panel, post Wari, circa 900-1000 ad with 6 anthropomorphic figures, 21 x 23 inches.. The panel is patterned by supplemental wool ... read more
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Pre-Columbian complete Wari resist dyed mantle, 50 x 66 inches, some overall staining and damage.
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Pre-Columbian Seguas/Nazca complete, exceptionally long mantle border, 10 x 134 inches, in exceptional condition.
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Shahsavan sumak mafrash long-side panel, North West Persia (Khamseh province); this design type is very specific and there are only a few ... read more
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Shahsavan mafrash side panel, mixed techniques, very fine sumak bands (which appear to be silk wefted), extraordinary colour saturation, many beautiful features ... read more
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complete Antique Turkmen Yomud Chuval,size 112x82cm
Classic Yomud Chuval 110 cm x 80 cm. Great dyes and old enough!
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Antique Timuri Baluch rug with complete kilim ends. 3'0" x 5'9". Much of the wear is from oxidized browns.
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offering one of the best artist shawl known as jean baptiste amedee couder isfahan french paisley shawl dated 1750-1820 this shawl has ... read more
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Shirvan sumak small rug 11 x 75 cm
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Torba Beshir, 160 cm wide ( 64") High 90 Cm. ( 3 feet) some cracks, see foto's. Not washed. as is
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Antique Anatolian Cecim Size.255x56cm
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Antique Turkmen Ersari Kilim
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Qashqai khorjin 1880 circa all natural colors and in perfect condition size 52x27cm
Rare Persian mafrash panel with animals, and two figures that probaly are "Lions of Persia" highly stylized with the golden sun rising ... read more
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Ersari Beshir torba with ikat pattern in excellent condition, 104 x 40 cm
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Antique Anatolian Kilim Bordur Size.250x32 cm
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Antique West Anatolian Bergama Kilim Fragment
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Tai Dam Skirt: Lovely vintage, wearable woman’s dress from the Tai Dam ethnic group Vietnam. The “waist band” is all hand woven ... read more
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Pre-Columbian large complete Nazca/Wari transitional mantle with zig-zag patterning, 58 x 62 inches (excluding tassels), excellent condition.
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Pre-Columbian Chimu 2 large panels with figures and stepped diamonds, probably part of a very large mantle, 26 x 59 inches in ... read more
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Pre-Columbian Nazca/Wari transitional complete small tunic in excellent condition, 25 x 28 inches
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Antique Kurdish Senneh kilim from West-Persia, size: ca. 200x130cm / 6'6''ft by 4'3''ft
Central-Asian a pair of Antique Uzbek Lakai Silk Cross Stitch. All fine silk cross stitch work on cotton Circa - 1940 -50 ... read more
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Heriz Persian knotted antique, 306 x 244 (cm) 10' x 8' carpet id: P-4614 The black knots are ... read more
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Bakshaish Heriz Persian knotted circa in 1925 antique, 303 x 234 (cm) 9' 11" x 7' 8" carpet id: P-4140 The black ... read more
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Anatolian fragment approx 3x4(feet)....with about eight holes and lot of heart. Some spots. Needs conservation. Not criticism.
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Super Anatolian cuval. Cm 125x158. 4th q 19th c or before. Great graphics, great workmanship, see the sumack part, fantastic natural saturated ... read more
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Early North Azerbaijan bagface. Fine and thin like a cloth. Rare aubergine field color. See Rothberg’s great new book, Nomadic Visions, plate
An interesting shahsavan bagface with zoomorphic characters, highly saturated colors, and great border with lots of movement. It measures 1.3 x1.6 ft ... read more
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Baluch boteh design bagface, very luxurious with super soft wool, a fine weave, and intricate flatwoven fasteners. small repair in left bottom
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Antique bagface woven by Afshar tribes of Southpersia. Age: 19th century, size: ca.55x40cm / 1'8''ft by 1'3''ft
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Ex. Jon Thompson 17th c. Northwest Persian carpet fragment. (29” x 42”).
Qashqai bag 1880 circa with a small repair in the back,size31x30cm
Size : 70 x 77 cm, Central anatolia, Sivas .
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antique kalamkari printed and painted cotton panel recently found in tibet not expensive... originally probably an indian temple wall hanging or ... read more
Central-Asian Antique Turkmen Silver Bag - Heikel Gold Washed with Carnelian Circa - 1900 Size - Lenght : 60 cm - Height ... read more
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Qashqa'i small sofreh, 3rd to 4th quarter of 19th century. It may be what is referred to as a tea sofreh for ... read more
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• odhna • a familiar chatter swells in the air as feet chase the trail of a carelessly flying Odhna . Odhna is a ... read more
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An Pair of Chintz Palampore Kalamkari with double tree design, cotton, mordant-dyed and resist-dyed,From Coromandel Coast South India. India. Exported to the European ... read more
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• dress front • Sindh, Pakistan, mid 20th- century The work of Sindhi embroidery motifs is designed peculiarly in silk and cotton thread on ... read more
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• embroidery • All the Dowry items are embroidered in floss silk or cotton, almost almost embellished with sheesha (mirrorwork) and couched threads. ... read more
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Antique Manastir Prayer Rug
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Norwegian kilim, size: 50*34 cm, wall hangings
Saryken torba, 38 x 110 cm. Wool silk and white cotton.
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19th Century Fethiye camel cover kilim fragment. Cm 145x235. Antique, beautiful & rare. Distressed but powerful, very powerful. Still "alive", speaking! Needs ... read more
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a very nice Beluch kilim all colors natural dyes and camel wool. Size 240x130cm
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Parsi Gara Saree With Jhabla (Blouse) From Surat Gujarat India. The Embroidered with Paisley Peacock Design on the Plain satin weave .This ... read more
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Classic s or swp bagface. a view from the back. Full pile.
Top Maimana kilim named Diamond Maimana. Cm 215x335. End 19th century to early 20th c., but frankly i think it's older than ... read more
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Caucasian Azeri verneh fragment. Cm 36x44. End 19th century. Great colors. Great fragment.
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Folk Embroidery Kantha, Fine Quilted and embroidered cotton Kantha Probably from Bengal region of India, India. c.1875 -1900 Its size ... read more
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Extremely rare fine memling gul Shahsavan small mafrash panel in great shape and color combination. It was made perhaps around 1880 with ... read more
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Very good kejebe jollar with deep purple color. Excellent condition with the fringes and straps still attached. Nice open drawing. Sagging in ... read more
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Central-Asian rare ! An museim pair of Traditional Turkmen-yomud Collector Silver Bracelets. Circa - 1900 -20 Size - Lenght : 37.5 cm ... read more
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Antique West Anatolian Afyon Parmaklı Kilim Fragment
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Antique Anatolian Konya Prayer Rug
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