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Rare Northwest Persian Kurdish rug. 3.5 x 7ft. Complete and original. Early 19th c. Corroded blue green field. Excellent, mellow, old colors ... read more
Baluch bagface - having some small old repairs, otherwise original. Nice wool, design and weave.
• kutch embroidery • The Kutch Embroidery is a handicraft and textile signature art tradition of the tribal community of Kutch District in ... read more
price:  P.O.R
Lovely complete baluch shrub bag. 1’8” x 1’7”.
price:  Por
Noble Old 19th century Bijar Pendant medallion carpet, with lots of gravitas, 4 x 6'4" (122 x 193 cm). Please inquire at
price:  USD 1,900.- plus shipping
Who doesn't like diamonds? Whether from Africa, Asia, the Americas - they fascinate. Browse 10+ pages of select offerings on my ... read more
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a real village Bijar rug. 6'2" x 4'1".
price:  por
Antique Persian Bijar Rug 1870 circa,size170x125cm
Sanandaj rug I'm of the opinion that the pattern of this velvet like Kurdish rug is originated from Herati fish pattern , although ... read more
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Antique Chinese Peking oriental rug, ca. 1900s, size is 3'10" x 5'10", very good condition with a few very small old repair, ... read more
price:  Please ask
mighty impressive full pile 1880 large jaff kurdish bagface, with great natural colors, one 2bigfingertip professional repair in the walnut centre, very ... read more
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Beautiful Shahsavan Kelim 290 x 164 cm in good condition and with natural dyes.
price:  On Request
Large Kizyl Ayak Turkmen chuval, very old with a great weave, floppy handle, great spacing, and rich saturated colors. a portion of ... read more
price:  $600 / €500
Tekke Turkmen tent band fragment. Nice narrow one, 8.5"x75".
price:  $850
Symmetrically knotted Baluch rug with a Mushwani type diamond design. Some wear and old attempts at restoration. Dynamic and fun with nice ... read more
price:  $450
An exceptional antique early to mid 19th century Uzbek silk warp / cotton weft Adras Ikat, likely from Samarkand area. This is ... read more
price:  SOLD
Caucasian carpet size 170x97cm
price:  Por
Small Navaho Kilim Size 56x50 Cm
price:  Por
Lori or Qashqa'i Rug, possibly Kashkuli, Late 19th/early 20th Century. Wonderful garden design. All good colors on a coarse weave. Grey warps. ... read more
price:  POR
Antique Meshkin rug in good condition. Showing slight wear, this rug has been professionally cleaned and had all sides secured. Ready for ... read more
price:  GBP £550 + shipping
Long narrow Hamadan area runner circa 1920, very nice ground colour. Good condition showing minor wear spots. Ends secured, missing very slightly, ... read more
price:  GBP £850 + shipping
Ca 1900 Shirvan area rug, all natural dyes, good pile. Needs one short section of overbidding replacing- original sidecords are gone- and ... read more
price:  GBP £550 + shipping
Phulkari from West (Pakistan) Punjab. India. Known as Vari-Da-Bagh, With Rare influence of Panch Rangi Lahariya borders in the middle and side ... read more
price:  On Request
Big 19th century Karachopf Kazak with lovely and unusual colours. Good pile but needs some holes fixing and edge work. 5'3" x ... read more
price:  GBP £950 + shipping
Antique turkmen silver jewelry gubba Heights: 13.50 cm
price:  On Request
Antique unique turkmen silver pendant silver jewelry Height: 19 cm Length: 12 cm
price:  On Request
2 x Kirman Kerman Poshti 1860-80 44x47 46x60
price:  Please ask
Baluch bagface 1880 circa size57x80cm
Kerman or Kirman 1860 92x63
price:  Please ask
Silk ; India (Assam); Mogul period; 200x26 cm
price:  2100 €
silk and metal threads (it might be gold) late Ming...with five clawed dragons; 38x24cm
price:  1000 €
Antique Caucasian Baku Sirvan Rug Size.330x150cm
price:  Anatolianpicker
Armenian Reshwani kilim. Cm 160x420. Unusual Reshwani dyed certainly by an Armenian expert dyer who used as much dye as it could ... read more
price:  pls inquire
Shahsavan panel size 45x80cm
price:  Por
Fereghan Sarouk-- 8.8 x 12.8 Fine antique 19th century medallion piece in hard to find carpet size. Classic Fereghan border. Red hearth ... read more
price:  $4900
Antique Baluch chanteh. 10" x 12". Beautiful colors and tight knots. Couple small moth bites otherwise full pile.
price:  $100 shipped domestic
antique anatolian mihalicik cm 1,25 x 0,95 19th century full pile very good condition more information
price:  sold thanks
Baluch Sofreh. Size: 67 x 128 cm.
price:  please ask
Baluch animal trapping. Size: 62 x 19 cm. Good condition.
price:  please ask
Phulkari From East India. Silk embroidery on cotton. Size: 55.1" - 84.6" - 140 x 215 cm.
price:  O.R
Antique Anatolian Mucur Prayer Rug
price:  Anatolianpicker
Antique Turkmen Tekke camel trapping fragment. Fine silk embroidery. Size: 8" x 16" - 20 cm x 41 cm.
price:  O.R
An unusual Persian Baluch prayer rug. Within the hand, a gül with an eight pointed star and a goat have been woven. ... read more
Mid 19th Century East Anatolian Rug Size.215x115 Cm
price:  Por
Second 19th Century East Anatolian Yastık Size.80x48 Cm
price:  Por
Antique Turkmen Ersari Chuval
price:  Anatolianpicker
Karachof Kazak Rug, 1854 or so. This particular Karachoff has a less cluttered field than younger pieces giving it a good ... read more
price:  POR
#7513 Antique Peking Chinese Rug 9’1″ x 11’6″ $7,500.00 Size: 9’1″ x 11’6″ (277 x 353 cm) Age: Circa 1915
#7374 Antique Pao Tao Chinese 3’3 x 5’0 $1,500.00 Size: 3’3″ x 5’4″ (100 x 164 cm) Age: Circa 1910
Antique Yomud (Yomut) Asmalyk Oriental Rug 1’2” x 3’6” #8020 $1,400.00 Age: late 19th century
• kalamkari wall art piece• Featuring combination of a highly diverse range of human activities engaged in creating visual, artworks—this express ... read more
price:  P.O.R
• wall hanging • Kangara, Gujarat mid 19th century This wall hanging embroidered with typically pahari floral design; the use of small pieces of ... read more
price:  P.O.R
• coverlet • a charming vintage applique cloth from Gujarat with brightly coloured patterns in each corner. Square in shape with amazing detailing ... read more
price:  P.O.R
Antique Turkmen Yamut Chuval
price:  Anatolianpicker
Attractive intact 'throne' back and seat from the Baotou- Suiyuan area - i.e. Inner Mongolia - but in this case, given the ... read more
price:  Price on request
Kalamkari Palampore Hand-Drawn Mordant-And Resist-Dyed Cotton,From Coromandel Coast South India. India. Showing the exotic birds, peacocks, tigers, stylized mountain Sun, and cypress ... read more
price:  On Request
Antique Kashan Mohtasham rug 4.6x6.6
price:  2200
early persian cap with double headed bird...old and unusual..
Farahan rug Stems and leafs creates a marvelous vision in this antique farahan rug , superb natural colours adds account into it , ... read more
price:  Ask for price
Lakai Mirror cover. silk embroidery on wool. size : 21" x 20" - 53 xn x 51 cm
price:  O.R
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