Book: icoc 1986: Antique oriental carpets from Austrian collections Important ICOC-exhibition catalogue on antique rugs and weavings of different types and regions (from ... read more
price:  20 Euro + shipping
Jewish Carpets by Anton Feldman. Very Good to Fine in likewise Fine dustwrapper. Great book.
price:  SOLD
The International Magazine of Antique Carpets and Textile Art. Jan/Feb 2001 Issue 114. Fine.
price:  20
The International Magazine of Antique Carpets and Textile Art. July/Aug 2000 Issue 111. Fine.
price:  22
The International Magazine of Antique Carpets and Textile Art June/July 1986. Issue 81. Fine. *Hispano-Moresque Textiles *Peruvian Mantles at the Metropolitan Museum ... read more
price:  22
Bibliography of the Architecture, Arts and Crafts of Islam. American University at Cairo Press, Cairo, 1961. Very good condition.
Bieber/Pinkwart/Steiner: Heybe (Anatolian Saddlebags), 2004 English title: Heybe -Traditional saddlebags from Anatolia A high-informative exhibition catalogue of the Becker and Reichert collections of North-west ... read more
price:  22 Euro + shipping
Inclusively Baluch: From the Core to the Periphery of the Baluch Aesthetic - See more at: link
price:  USA: $75 RoW: $100 includes shipping
a comprehensive book representing the bags - heybes and torbas - of the former tribal groups in the "wider region of Bergama" ... read more
price:  78 Euro plus p&p
a rare Japanese art book titled "Katazome" with 84 antique large fragments of textiles, mainly printed by katazome (stencil), from the Meiji ... read more
price:  SOLD
gols and guls iii: a study of the Asymmetrically Knotted Yomuts and Pieces Attributed to the Ersari by David m. Reuben. Printed ... read more
price:  $100 includes US Shipping +$38 ROW
hali magazines. Make up your missing back issues Volume 3 No2, No4 Volume 4 No1 Vol5 No2, No3 (Front missing) Vol 6 No1 Each of the above ... read more
price:  See List prices
published !!! in Eberhart Herrmann Book ix, 1987, Plate 103b, early Chinese from 19th Century, size: 70x67cm
price:  SOLD
Wangden-style book. 48 pages. Preface by Thomas Wild, many illustrations and a catalog of 15 early Wangden pieces in the exhibition, plus ... read more
Joseph McMullan Collection, Arts Council,1972.p.b., good condition
price:  £25 plus postage
Book. Ledger Book. Vermont (?); 19th century. 12" x 7.5". Fair condition; leather binding; marbleized paper over boards; pages tight. Appears to ... read more
price:  $85
Book. Very old American ledger notebook. 1842 to 1844. 6" x 4"; grey handmade paper over thick cardboard; leather binding. 47 pages ... read more
price:  $85
Book. La Manufacture de Tapisseries de Beauvais. m. Jules Badin, Societe de Propagation des Livres D'Art, Paris, 1901. Hardcover; red cloth; no ... read more
price:  $50
trans-himalaya discoveries and adventures in tibet. Rare three volumes of Sven Hedin's famous book on Tibet, first edition.SOLD
Sartirana Katalog mit Kostümen, Textilien und Teppichen 1991
price:  5 € + shipping
classic turkoman rug book
price:  sold
signed copy of schurmann's book
Book. Chinese Decorated Papers, Bird & Bull Press, Newtown, Pennsylvania. 1987. Limited edition 325 copies (this copy 84); hand-bound; leather spine with embossed ... read more
price:  $350
Catalogue of Works of Art from Benin: The Property of a European Private Collector. Sotheby Parke Bernet & Co., London. June 1980. ... read more
price:  $35
Indonesian Batik & Ikat: Textile Art-threads of Continuity, Bedrich Forman. Hamlyn Publishing, London. 1988 first edition. Hardcover with dust jacket; off-white cloth. Book ... read more
price:  $35
Burns James d.: Antique Rugs of Kurdistan: a Historical Legacy of Woven Art, Seattle, 2002 (hardcover with dust jacket). As new condition, ... read more
price:  SOLD
Bennett Ian: Oriental Rugs: Volume 1 - Caucasian, Antique Collectors' Club, 1993 (hardcover with dust jacket). Fine condition. Please inquiry for shipping costs.
price:  € 160
Alexander Christopher: a Foreshadowing of 21st Century Art: The Color and Geometry of Very Early Turkish Carpets, Oxford Press, 1993 (plastic dust ... read more
price:  € 190
Weltkunst Nummer 8/1999: Berber Teppiche, Gartenteppiche, Lotto-Arabesken
price:  3 € + shipping
Weltkunst Heft 11/1993: Teppiche: Teppichmarkt, Teppichmuster, Teppiche auf Gemälden
price:  3 € + shipping
a study of the asymmetrically knotted Yomut pieces and pieces attributed to the Ersari tribe on a cd. Price £15 + packing ... read more
price:  £15
Exhibition catalogue of Turkmen carpets. Price £30 + packing and postage.
price:  £30
Exhibition catalogue of Turkmen carpets. Price £80 + packing + postage. Few copies are left.
price:  £80
hali: Issues 130,131,132,133,135 and 137. All in excellent condition, subscription insert cards never removed.
price:  $140 plus shipping
hali, 6 issues: Numbers 120,121,124,128,129 and the 25th Anniv. issue. (Number 121 sells for $400 from the publisher) All are in excellent ... read more
price:  $150 plus shipping
Russian Textiles: Printed Cloth for the Bazaars of Central Asia, by Susan Meller. Published by Abrams Books. New York. 2007. Hardcover with Jacket; ... read more
price:  $50 (signed copies available upon request)
Japanese orihon album Kogire harikomicho (Album of antique textiles fragments). Ninty-five fine fragments of antique Japanese textile including brocades and embroideries pasted ... read more
price:  SOLD
Japanese book with a collection of Japanese textile fragments, mainly brocade. One hundred forty example pasted on forty-eight pages. ... read more
price:  SOLD
Japanese portfolio with forty-seven loose plates in cromo-litography of decorative patterns in Japanese Art Deco style for applied arts. The subject ... read more
price:  SOLD
Japanese woodblock book by Ueno Tameji (1906-1960). Orihon album , 33x23 cm. Ten plates of fine designs for kimono printed in colour ... read more
price:  SOLD
Japanese album with a collection of 432 patterns (zuan cho) painted in ink and tempera on paper and pasted on 184 pages. ... read more
price:  SOLD
Japanese album of hand painted crest. One volume, complete, 13 x 19 cm. Unsigned. Title unread. The album is including 210 family ... read more
price:  SOLD
Hali Magazine: Lot a: Issue 3, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, 12, 13, 14, 15. From Issue 10 mint cond. Lot b: Issue 16-25 ... read more
price:  Please ask
Bertram Frauenknecht: Schahsavan Taschen
price:  40 € + Versand
Bertram Frauenknecht: Turkish Tapestries
price:  50 € + shipping
Die Farben meiner Träume, Frühe Kelims aus Anatolien
price:  65 € + Shipping
Kurt Erdmann: Die Geschichte des frühen türkischen Teppichs.
price:  10 € + shipping
h. Ropers: Morgenländische Teppiche
price:  8 € + shiping
Milhofer: Teppich-Atlas: Persien, Turkestan
price:  10 € + shipping
Nagel auctioncatalogue Collectorscarpets 46 t from 15. May. 2006
price:  5 € + shipping
Nagel auctioncatalogue collectors-carpets 47 t 30.10.2006
price:  5 € + shipping
Photographs of Constantinople;SOLD a wonderfully evocative collection of nine 19th cent. albumen photographs of Constantinople taken by Sebah and Joailler photographers to ... read more
Schürmann: Cenral-Asian Rugs. 1969
price:  150 € + shipping
Onno Ydema: Carpets and their Datings in Netherlandish Paintings. 1570-1700.
price:  22 € + shipping
Tissus d' Egype
price:  120 € + Shipping
Best of Bach. a German Collection
price:  12 € + Versand
Fashioning Fashion, European dress in detail 1700-1915
price:  38 € + shiping
Sultan Abdul Aziz dedicated Treaty on Perspectives & shades by cav. Annibale Arrigoni, published 1862 in Rome. a very interesting book (size ... read more
price:  pls ask
Heinz Meyer: Textile Kunst
price:  80 € + shipping
Gaston Wiet: Un Tissu Muslman du Nord de la Perse
price:  P.O.R
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