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Bagface, poss Armenian or South Persia, damages are visible, field in good condition, vsry shiny wool like silk, great colors, 19thc.
18th century Salor Juval
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Antique Kurdish Saddlebag Size 85x312 cm Please send to message directly
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Size ; 105 x 340 cm, Central anatolia, Sivas (Sarkisla)
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Kalamkari Palampore from South India. India. Hand-Drawn Mordant-And Resist-Dyed Cotton, with exotic birds, peacocks, tigers, stylized mountain and cypress trees all within ... read more
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Size : 77x144 cm, West anatolia , Dazkiri ! Fragment . 18.y.y
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Women Blouse Backless(Choli) From Himachal Pradesh,Chamba India.C.1900.(DSL05410).
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Central - Asian Antique Afghanistan Tribal Silver Tassel Pendant Original Ethnic Turkoman Art Jewelery. Size - ''8 cm x 6.5 cm'' - ... read more
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Persian Avshar Bagface Circa 1870s size 88x58 cm
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Tibetan Khaden rug with auspicious bats and scrolling peony pattern. l: 160cm/62in and w: 94cm/37in. Undyed wool warp and weft and ... read more
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Baluch Saddle Bag An excellent complete Afghan Baluchi saddle bag pair. All wool, natural dyes, handwoven, and lovely pile with subtle abrash. ... read more
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Antique Sivas Kurdish Rug Size 238x100 cm Please send to email directly
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lost by USPS Antique Caucasian Bordjalou Kazak, wool, c.1880-90, Good used condition, Measures 5'10" x 4'3". This rug has been lost by our wonderful ... read more
Sahsavan Tent decoration 6"x70"
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Antique Konya Karapinar Kilim Size 90x440 cm Please send to email directly
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Uzbek suzani fragment silk and wool embroidery, little wears only on wool emrboidery, saturated colors 29" x 21" - 75 cm x ... read more
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Shahsavan wool on wool warp faced woven jajim blanket, with saturated natural colors.. couple tiny small old repairs, soft handle, great condition. ... read more
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Mid 19th century Timuri Baluch rug. Former Jim Dixon collection. Beautiful original condition, no repairs. 4'8" x 3'5". Contact me at ... read more
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Central - Asian rare ! Antique Turkmen Traditional Silver İslamic Tumar Necklace Jewelery Fine Gilded with Carnelian. Turkmen Art Collector Jewelery. Size ... read more
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Antique Konya Yastik Size 60x97 cm Please send to email directly
Sari( Devadasi Sari or Viman Kusumi Sari ) From Orissa,Orissa is an eastern state of India,on the Bay of Bengal. Sari ... read more
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Central - Asian Ethnic Turkmen Tribal Silver İslamic Asyk Pendant Gold Washed with İslamic Carnelian. It has very fine special gold work. ... read more
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Old and colorful Mahal (206 cm. x 121 cm.) Very good condition but very dusty, just needs a bath to shine again... Shipping worldwide ... read more
price:  500€ + ship
Fine, long and old Aleppo kilim (335 cm. x 85 cm.) Full lenght, no wear, good colors, very fine, dusty as found, one ... read more
Selendi Prayer Rug Circa 1840’s Size: 135x185 cm
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Anatolian Sivrihisar Kilim Circa 1800’s Size: 65x135 cm
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a fine antique Persian Saruk Ferahan rug, age: 19th century. Size: ca. 190x120cm / 6’3ft by 4ft' > link
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a lovely rug that i do not know much about ... great colors and superb presence. See more images and details here
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Sahsavan Bag Face 1'9x1'11
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This circa 1890 antique Peking Chinese Oriental Rug measures 11’0 x 13’9” (335 x 424 cm). It has a medium blue field ... read more
West Anatolian Kula Rug - 4'6 x 5'7 - 140 x 174 cm - please e-mail for details
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Antique Heriz Karaca Rug Size:220x155 cm
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Sivrihisar kilim, Anatolia, 18th century contact:
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Saryk Shemle gul torba in very good condition with spots in silk
Antıque Şirvan Maraşali Prayer Carpet size: 127x115 cm.
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Antıque Sumack cradle very fine quality
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