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Antique Afghan Baluch trapping from circa 1900. The size is 5 feet 6 inches x 6 inches. The foundation is ... read more
price:  150
This is a very rare antique Asmalyk of the turkoman Yomud nomads. It is in an impressingly good condition. Finely handknotted around ... read more
price:  1300
Japan Meiji era (1868-1911) a cotton furoshiki made up of four joined cloths, featuring a huge mon in the center. Good condition, ... read more
price:  $900
Japan Late Edo (1825-1850) a fine silk uchishiki altar cloth featuring a family crest created by very fine couched metallic embroidery. Good ... read more
price:  $500
Japan Meiji era (1868-1911) a large Buddhist temple uchishiki featuring metallic three-dimensional embroidery on a red felt background. Good condition, with many ... read more
price:  $850
Japan Late Edo to early Meiji era (1825-1875) a silk fukusa featuring a wonderful dreamlike iamge of an old wise-man atop a ... read more
price:  $600
Japan Meiji era (1868-1911) a shibori-dyed cotton futonji bedding panel. Three panels per side. Good condition, with a number of stains. 36" ... read more
price:  $1,500
Japan Meiji era (1868-1900) a double-ikat cotton fabric likely created as bedding material. The front side consists of white ikat patterns on ... read more
price:  $2,500
England First half 18th Century (1720-1750) Wonderfully detailed English crewelwork embroidery with two interlocking Trees of Life with huge acanthus leaves and ... read more
price:  $9,000
Florentine base of Tuscan promise, Italy 17th c (1600-1700) a pair of quilted, multicolored silk chain-stitch embroidery on golden yellow silk satin. ... read more
price:  $2,500
Small Aina gul rug, some condition problems
price:  poa
Shahsavan ? Rug, Northwest Persia , 19th century, 130x217cm.
price:  sold
5 rug books - eilands, v&a, enormous nemati, 1901 mumford, and exc Pope Persian architecture hardback
price:  SOLD
Rare Jomud rug with Juvalguls,181 x 98cm, 19th.c,almost full pile,all around complete-on one side with a kilim of 4cm. Two areas - ... read more
price:  P.O.R..
Wangdon Tibetan mat, 3' x 3', good color and condition.
price:  $950
rare aksu design mafrash fragment from the amu-darya region, beautiful natural dyes,silk HIGHLIGHTS,19th.CENT.,NEEDFUL of a good bath,26''x 15''.
price:  SOLD
very early antique turkoman chuval, with great natural dyes and big guls, great two borders designs, fixed on linen, size:127x090cm
price:  SOLD
Kazak Rug, 19th. century size: 4'2 x 6'2 (125 x 188)
price:  por
antique turkoman fragment. early ersari carpet? all good natural colors. nice deep greens and clear yellows. mid 19th ... read more
price:  SOLD
First of a Pair of Shahsavan Sumak Bags with a central octagon and eight-pointed stars. True blue background and great color range ... read more
price:  SOLD
Second of a Pair of Shahsavan Sumak Bags with a central octagon and eight-pointed stars. Greener slate backround than the first, same ... read more
price:  SOLD
trashed tree '' timuri '', assume the worst on condition
price:  SOLD
mujur prayer rug field fragment
price:  SOLD
published !!! in Tanavoli Book "Shahsavan", Plate 77 Shahsavan Sumakh Mafrashfront with great colrs and rare drawing from mid 19th Century, size:
price:  SOLD
Bakhtiari Saman cm 285 x 165 late 19th century. Beautiful piece in rare design with life tree. All natural colors and 100%
price:  P.o.r.
Turkoman chirpi wonderful colours and excellent condition this is for Wedding dress Circa 1900
price:  SOLD
s/n:t0531 antique tibetan rug 1.22 x 0.59 m (48in.X 23in.)
tabriz mat of Haji jalili quality, starting to fray on the ends, otherwise in excellent condition. Circa 1900.
price:  SOLD
a very old Karaja runner with great dyes, problematic but quite beautiful. Much cheapness! Mid 19th century.
price:  SOLD
Antique Isfahan dozar in mint condition with thick glossy pile all over. Circa 1900.
price:  reasonable
Antique wool on wool Bijar dozar with excellent dyes, great wool and elegent design in very good condition. Late 19th century
price:  SOLD
Yomut Kepse Gul Rug Size: 5'6 x 9'7 (168 x 290) Circa: 1875
price:  SOLD
tekke mafrash with profuse clear yellow silk,full pile, Ca.1850,2'X 1'
price:  SOLD
tekke mafrash with profuse clear yellow silk,full pile, Ca.1850,2'X 1'.
price:  P.O.R.
Seichur with the classic drawing crosses of St. Andrew, made with warps and wefts and knotted in wool with the finest wool. ... read more
price:  contact me