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Baluch Namakdan/SaltBag front with glossy wool and lovely design
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Timuri Bagface fragment - about 3' x 2' ft.
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19th c. Baluch Rug with glowing colors and nice large scale drawing - 3'0 x 4'5 - 91 x 137 cm.
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An antique Salyan Shirvan rug, sw Caucasus. 185 cm x 125 cm. This extraordinary and charismatic rug shows a central Fachralo medallion, ... read more
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Jewish Art https:// link
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Rare knotted Shahsavan bagface in very good condition (only slight loss on the corners) some corrosion creates a wonderful effect, wool on ... read more
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Beshir Chuval face, Late 19th century. Good pile. The zigzags resonate from the central guls. Overall good condition but ... read more
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Antique Karabagh rug 128x232 cm
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Qashqai sofreh. Cm 107x172. Rare & beautiful. In great condition.
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Antique Kurdish Runner in good shape. No damage or repair. Circa 1900s Size : 350x100cm / 11’5” x 3’3”
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171 x 121 cm is the size of this antique mughan Caucasus carpet last quarter of xix th century in very good condition. ... read more
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203 x 133 cm for this antique Chinese region of gansu. Shiny wool and very beautiful blue-china for this piece with the ... read more
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Nice old worn Shirvan rug, 4x8ish, with a fine weave and nice color.
Caucasian long rug with an Armenian inscription and dated 1901, 4'x8'
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Beluch pray rug size 110x90cm
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Zoroastrian ritual wallhanging, Yazd, Persia, silk, warp ikat patterning, circa 1900, 48 x 72 inches. Several small tears, otherwise good condition.
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Antique Mohican basket, also Mahican, hand woven ash with some splints dyed blue green with natural indigo, a rectangular base with straight ... read more
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Antique Mediterranean terracotta oil lamp with the face of the goddess Hathor, she is a sky goddess and a counterpart to the ... read more
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Antique Caddo Indians pottery water bottle, type Taylor Engraved, Mississippian Period, 1200 to 1500 ad, Arkansas (inferred), having a globular shape with ... read more
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shahsevan chanteh size 28x28cm
Antique West Anatolian Kilim Fragment Size.215x90cm
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Antique Anatolian Kilim Fragment Size.142x75cm
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Jewish Art https:// link
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• jajam • This is a hand woven, hand spun fabric. Beautifully Block Printed with natural colours. Very rare piece which is very huge in ... read more
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• kantha lines • Kantha quilted embroidery, c. 1900 Cotton plain weave; hand sewn, quilted and embroidered with cotton thread in red & black. Available
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Antique Dorokhsh Carpet 317x204cm Circa 188. Condition is good, small areas of wear. More info:
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Paithani Shalu Saree Double Pallu (Pallov) indigo Blue Sari,Its characterised by borders of an oblique square design, and a two pallu design,It’s ... read more
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Interesting old Chinese mat (rug), probably early 20c but with a much much older design. Measures 100cm x 54cm. Soft floppy handle ... read more
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Wonderful old Ersari small rug. This size is not so common. Great colors. Cheers.
Antique Art Deco Chinese Oriental Rug with sailing boat, 4' x 7' has full pile, professionally hand washed and cleaned, black background.
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Bosnian traditional vests from Christian family, 1900, silk, gold, silver.
price:  €900 for both vests + shipping
Richly coloured Shiraz/ Khamseh (?), 1900-1920, 217x300 cm (7"1' x 9",10'). Large herd of animals, shiny colors, worn rug.
price:  €390 + shipping
Caucasian Shirvan Kabistan, pre 1900, 135x175 cm (4"5' x 5"9'). Few holes, except that condition is good.
price:  €690 + shipping
Vintage Indian dhurrie, nice directional pattern. Piece with a delightful vibe. Nice small size 61 x 35 inch (155 x 89 cm). ... read more
price:  € 180
Shahsavan sumakh mafrash front panel with truly excellent age (probably 1st half 19th century). Both Wertime and Azadi have published a piece ... read more
price:  € 600
Norwegian kilim, Jewish design, size: 47*43 cm