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Antique Baluch ensi fragment. Very interesting with Ersari, Yomut, and Tekke features in a Baluch rug. 2'1" x 3'5"
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Malayer rug, 19th century. Extraordinary colors and cental medallion. Blue cotton wefts. The selvedges are worn and there is ... read more
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Kashan,140 x 200 cm, in very good condition, high pile, very finely knotted, 900k to 1million, about 1900, great colors, a pleasure ... read more
Caucasian Sumak Circa 1850’s Size: 148x313 cm
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Antique Ghashghai / Qashqai Chanteh / Khordjin Bag, ca. 60x50cm ~ 1920
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Dazkiri Yastik Circa 1850 size 67x80 cm
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a Rare Jain Temple Hanging, From Gujarat in Northwest India. India Its size is 80cmX138cm. Weight is 1 Kgs 480 Gm C.1900.- 1945. This form of embroidery is ... read more
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Aydin Kilim Circa 1850 Size: 76x342 cm
price:  POR
Northwest Persian Qur-an Qab Circa 1870’s Size: 50x66 cm
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Antique Yomuth
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Persian rug Size 58 cm 58 cm
price:  $399+shipping
Women's shawl "ajar" cod. 0403. Wool, cotton natural dyes. Berber people. Matmata area. Tunisia. Early/mid. 20th. century. Size cm. 143 x 128 ... read more
price:  fair
Suzani cod. 0252 cm. 200 x 220 (79 x 87 inches). Early /mid. 20th. century. Relined with plain cotton.
price:  P.O.R.
Kilim cod. 0423. North Afghanistan Sar i Pul area. Very good condition. Dimension cm. 140 x 270 (55 x 106 inches)
price:  fair
Antique Hopi basket tray / plaque, ca. 1920's, hand coiled, with the image of Shalako Kachina, this type of basketry is done ... read more
price:  $550.00US
Varamin torba, fantastic wool, floppy handle, and high pile. This piece is a tactile delight!
price:  $1200
Ottoman textile . Central anatolia,Sivas (zara).
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Swedish kilim cushion, lovely design, size: 48*45 cm
price:  €230 +shipping
Fine Varamin bagface circa 1900 with two techniques Kilim and knotted part،Shiny and soft wool .very good condition size 56x50cm
sold/tks Khalaj kilim by a Turkic group based south of Isfahan, Iran. Cm 120/200. Datable 1890/1900. Rough, primitive weave with an incredibly ... read more
price:  sold/tks
a Dynamic Antique Shahsavan khorjin, circa 1900 or before, wonderful range of natural dyes with an original back, size 1" by 1'9"
price:  $230Usd +shipping
An exceptional antique Uzbek Lakai tribe silk embroidery known as Ilgich / Ayna Khalta. Dating to the 19th century, this is unquestionably ... read more
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Antique West Anatolian Afyon Parmaklı kilim
price:  On Hold
Antique Karadja Heriz circa 1900 around, lost ends on small border, edges are original. General condition is good. Size : 360 x ... read more
price:  P.o.r
Mid 19th Century Mudjur Yastik size 55x90 as found it untouched.
price:  On Request
Caucasian Cloudband Rug Circa 1860’s Size: 140x215 cm
price:  POR
Ersari Chuval Circa 1850 Size: 92x138 cm
price:  POR
4'11'' x 6'4'' / 152cm x 194cm a Tribal diamond… An antique Persian Rug woven by Afshar people. https:// link
Baluch khorjin, 19th century. Timuri Baluch from Western Afghanistan. Good colors and soft wool with the wonderful back intact. ... read more
price:  POR
Qashqai Shekarlu Rug Circa 1880 Size: 166x218 cm
price:  POR
Antique Bukhora Tribal Silver Enameld Collector Tray All Silver Handcrafted Great Condition. Circa - 1900s Size - ''27 cm x 27 cm'' ... read more
price:  P.O.R
Rabat carpet, first half 20th century, 216x316 cm
price:  3000 €
Shirvan Prayer Rug Circa 1870s size 100x180 cm
price:  On Request
Ethnic Turkmen Traditional Silk Emboridered Ceremonial Costume & Chapan Size - Height : 95 cm - Arm to Arm : 140 cm ... read more
price:  O.R
Yomud Okbash Size : 57 x 66 cm
price:  Ask Please