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Very red and thick branch coral that is many hundreds of years old. Tunisian.
price:  POA
Antique Shahsavan Mafrash Rug 2' x 4'
price:  POR
Antique Soumak Kuba Rug 4'4" x 5'10"
price:  POR
Set of 2 fine Persian paintings on specially made paper from fabric. 18/19th century. framed, the passe-partout is part of the painting. 34 ... read more
price:  600
Fine Antique Tekke Bukhara Rug 3’1″ x 3’4″
price:  POR
Pichavai, painting on silk from India. 19th century. 172 x 110 Cm. 5.7 ft.x3.6 ft. In good condition. Sewn on cloth and ... read more
price:  € 1200
Antique swedish cross stitch, no: 234, size: 115*55cm, wall hangings.
Baluch Tendbant size.60x10cm
price:  $ 175 incl shipping
An exceptional example of an antique Uzbek Lakai Tribe silk embroidered Ilgich / Ayna Khalta hanging with false flap dating to the ... read more
price:  SOLD
Persian Karaja, early 20th century, 4-8 x 6-3 (1.42 x 1.90), good pile, very good condition, rug is clean, ends overcast, original ... read more
price:  $800.00
Caucasian Kazak, circa 1900, 4-4 x 8-8 (1.32 x 2.64), good condition, rug was washed, browns oxidized, synthetic and natural dyes, original ... read more
price:  $800.00
Persian Saveh Kilim, early 20th century, 3-3 x 13-4 (.99 x 4.06), very good condition, closed dovetail tapestry weave, strong and tight, ... read more
price:  $700.00
7373 Yomud Bohkara antique Oriental Rug Mosby Antique Oriental Rugs, Sarasota FL This circa 1890 Yomud Bohkara antique Oriental rug measures 6’2” x 10’7” ... read more
price:  $3000
Karabag carpet size 250x120cm
price:  Sold
An antique Persian metal scissors and silk velvet scissors bag, dating to the 19th century Iran. These are probably from Yazd region ... read more
price:  $399
18th/19th Century Shiva & Parvati Bronze from South India. 10cm tall. Lovely detail in earrings & headpiece! Please note there is some ... read more
price:  £375
Antique Caucasian Rug in good condition,191 x 123 cm . link
South Persian Rug in good condition.250 x 118 cm, link
Antique Türkmen Ersari Rug Size.235x230cm
price:  Por
Goklan Yomut of Northern Persia horse blanket. Cm 125x135 ca. Late 19th or very early 20th c. Red, blue, green, white….beautiful, elegant, ... read more
price:  please inquire
Anatolian Karapınar Rug size.150x105cm
Turkmen Ersari Main Carpet size.290x235cm
price:  $775 incl shipping
Ersari Group – ensi circa 1850, 173 x 140. Price upon request
handbell, high atlas, 355 x 166, structure wool. Price upon request
Antique Ningxia sq 60 x 60 even wear.
price:  250
Kamseh Bagface Size: 60x60cm Natural colors, made in period 1910/20
price:  €125
Antique Afshar bagface Size.70x45cm
Baluch bag face ,with a tiny old repair.Size:62x78 cm
price:  Please ask
333 x 221 cm. Oriental carpet knotted in the city of esfahan old persian piece in perfect condition and ... read more
price:  on request
Antique floral Afshar Rug, 4.5 x 5 Ft (135x153 cm). Full pile, very good condition, original as found.
Antique Kurdish long Rug, 4.4 x 10.5 Ft. (133x317 cm), full pile, very good condition, original as found.
This small Qashqa'i rug, 37.5 x 55" (+/-) presents a classic Southwest Persian design composition, near flawless execution of that design, vibrant, ... read more
price:  On Request
Turkmen Yamut Kapilik. (door hanging) in good condition.130 x 126 cm link
Antique Türkmen Baluch Carpet size: 117x78
price:  Ask Please
19th Century Unusual Design Colorful Avshar Rug.It's in Perfect Condition.Size 122 x 165 Cm
price:  Sold Thanks
late 19th century Amritsar, Northern India carpet 20 x 20 ft
price:  price on request
authentic single wefted senneh
price:  sold
Exceptional jaf Kurdish bagface.
price:  SOLD > thanks.
1900 -1910 Afshari nomads west Persian poshti 100 x 70 cm moth damage good design borders Beluch designs ?
price:  370 Euro inkl shipping
Small dated Kuba Seichur rare Design field and border size 90 cm x 70 cm original ends and sides Blue 4 ply ... read more
price:  600 Euro including shipping
Kirgiz tribal wall hanging/ mirror cover. Silk and wool embroidery on hand loomed cotton. fine braided silk tassels. Circa 1920s. size : ... read more
price:  O.R.
Fine antique Persian Ferahan carpet from the well known Ghazan workshop , size: ca. 335x185cm / 11ft x 6'1''ft , some wear ... read more
Caucasian kilim mafrash panel. Circa 1850-70. Sublime color.
147 x 42 cm Antique panel in very good condition. Penjerelik Turkmen tribe ersari wool on wool and natural dyes.
price:  230 $ usa
Horse blanket, Ersari Yomut mid 20th century. 95 x 150 Cm. 5 ft. x 3 ft. In perfect condition, very ... read more
price:  ON HOLD
Arraiolos, Portugal, 19th Century embroided rug. 286 x 190 Cm. 9.5 ft. x 6.3 ft. Untill the 19th century the people in ... read more
price:  € 5500,00
Caucasian Marriage Rug From 1880s 4'2" x 7'5"
price:  POR
Antique Khamseh Original Southwest Persian Rug 2'5" x 2'5"
price:  POR
Antique Persian Jaf Kurd Rug Circa 1880 1'7" x 2'
price:  POR
Ninghsia Seat, mid 1800s, 23 in x 21 in (58 cm x 53 cm), wool with added velvet ends. Ex Blau collection. ... read more
price:  P.O.R.
Qashqai bagface size 60x44 cm
price:  p.o.r
Sahsavan Sumak Bagface
price:  $ 475 incl shipping
Western Anatolia - Bergama original bag with full pile and saturated natural colors. Size: 15" x 15" - 38 cm x 38
price:  O.R.
cradle or hammock Chair, Persian. 75 x 140 Cm. 2.5 ft. x 4.6 ft. Fabric on the inside and leather ... read more
price:  ON HOLD
Ushak, west Anatolia, 357 x 277 Cm. 12 ft. x 9.2 ft. Wool on wool. Old, Unrestored, as is, 19th century replica ... read more
Antique Baluch Size.205x90cm
price:  Por
nw Persia,Seneh kordestan kilim,in fine condition,Size:194x125 cm
price:  Please ask
Jaf Size: 97x66cm Natural colors, made in period 1920
price:  SOLD
Phulkari from East(Punjab) India Called As Darshan Darwaja Design Bagh. One of the rare design in Indian Phulkari(DSL02170).
price:  On Request
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