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Old persian kurdish 54x60 cm
price:  por
An impressive green ground Karachov (Karachop) Kazak Rug, 4.2 x 8.7 ft (126x262 cm), ca 1875.
antique Lesghi thats beat up. Has a good look. 3'7''x5'10''
price:  $550
16th Century Ushak Rug Fragment size 58x100 cm please ask for future images
price:  On Request
Shahsavan saddlebag. Size: 9" x 25.5"- 23 cm x 65 cm.
price:  P.O.R.
19th Century Unusual Nord West Persian Rug Size 107 x 184 Cm.It's in Perfect Condition And Untouched One.
price:  On Request
Persian small Senneh kilim. Size: 39” x 50” - 99 cm x 127 cm.
price:  P.O.R.
End of 19th Century Baluch Rug size 85x155
price:  On Request
Early 17th Century Star Ushak Fragment Completely Original And Untouched One.Size 94 x 174 Cm.Already Mounted.
price:  On Request
Small Kerman Millefiori (?) Prayer Rug, 32" x 23". Good condition, Some low areas, Newer edging. Email me for more info & price:
price:  POR
Uzbekistan- Woman's silk Ikat shirt - kurta Lined with hand loomed very fine plain cotton so that it should not be heavy. ... read more
price:  O.R.
a cool Shahsevan bag with its nice back , end 19th. Size : price :750€+ shipping .
Antique 1920's Persian Bijar Carpet. Very Good Condition 13' x 22' Originally owned by the Dole Family (Dole Pineapple) of Chicago. Provenance available. This Carpet can be ... read more
price:  $20,000
Transylvanian type 17th century west Anatolian rug. See it at arts, October 27-29 in San Francisco. link
price:  RSVP for the ARTS Opening and early buying, October 27!
Antique East Anatolian Rug, 126x240 cm (4'2" x 8'). Full pile, excellent original condition, no repairs, no issues.
Vintage blue Moroccan rug "Chiadma"..Origin: Chiadma / Morocco..Age: mid XXth..wool / goat hair..Size: 12'5 x 6' (380 × 180 cm). Souiyat Vintage moroccan berber
price:  plz ask
Antique Chinese rank badge, 7th rank Mandarin Duck, hand woven fine tapestry weave, Kesi, Kossu, and couched metal threads, very nice work, ... read more
price:  $695.00
Vintage colorful and amazing Moroccan rug Boujaad..Origin: Boujaad area..Age: Years 70..Size:9'2" × 5'6" (280 × 170 cm) Samir Souiyat Vintage Moroccan Berber Rugs
price:  Please ask
antique Persian prayer rug 145 cm x 185 cm
price:  please ask sold thank you
Central-Asia Turkmen-Yomud Antique Silver Whip with leather fire gilded with cornalian Circa-1900 Excellent condition Lenght ''80''cm Thank you for visiting my rugrabbit ... read more
price:  O.R
Karaman fragment, Central Anatolia early 19th cent. Mounted on cotton fabric. 150 x 244 cm plus fabric. Brilliant colors. More photos and info if you
price:  SOLD, Thank you!
19 th century anatolian small çal rug,102 x 75 cm . link
Antique Caucasian Calabert Rug Size.240x126cm
price:  Por
About 1850.century Caucasian rug Size 210x125cm
price:  Por
Mid 19th Century Caucasian Sevan Shield Rug.It's in Perfect Condition And Untouched One.Size 160 x 215 Cm
price:  On Requeest
Antique Avar Rug Size.112x80cm
price:  Por
anatolian karapinar fragment cm 1.36 x 1.10 1800 circa
Antique Baluch - 36" x 56" and its all there. Considerable wear. Clean and odor free, with an interesting rendition of the ... read more
price:  $100
moroccan berber kilim/flat weave. a small and finely woven piece which may have been for a dowry and subsequently put to use ... read more
price:  euros 120.
Mashad Persian Carpet 5'7"x4'1"(172x125cm) See more details here: https:// link
price:  3763 €
Antique Shirvan Lesghi bagface mat. Both ends slightly missing. Needs some tlc. Size is 2'x2'3''
Antique Persian Jaff Bagface Size.100x62
price:  Por
Khorassan Baluch Bag Face size 74x77 cm
price:  Fair Price
Bahtiyary kurdish tent band fragment .285 x 23 cm. link
Antique qashgai saddle bag, 114 x 70 cm . link
29" x 57" Tekke chuval
price:  $375
a superb male tabwa figure from the Congo, It is in excellent condition with no cracks in the wood. Parts of the ... read more
price:  price on request
Anatolia Konya Karaman rug size=145x85
price:  ask
Anatolia Kırşehir Mucur rug 162x102
price:  ask
Baku area, probably Shirwan sumack khorjin bag face. Cm 34x42 - In 13x17. Late 19th c. All natural dyes, in good ... read more
price:  please inquire
Classic early 19c Anatolian Milas prayer rug with amazing wool, refined drawing and harmonious palette including a luscious aubergine. 44 x 64 ... read more
price:  on request
Antique Anatolian Döşeme Altı Carpet perfect original piece size 156x120
price:  Ask Please
Antique Anatolian Döşeme Altı Carpet Size 116x96
price:  Ask Please
Greek Silk embroidery in good condition .145 x 40 cm. link
India Banjara tribal dowry bag, cotton embroidery on cotton on quilted field. Decorated with cowry shels all around. Saturated natural dyes. Circa ... read more
price:  O.R.
Kozak prayer rug. West Anatolia, Turkey, antique, the first half of the 19th century. 115 cm x 95 cm. Hand knotted. Wool on ... read more
price:  Starts at € 100,00
Khamseh bag front, Iran, Fars province. Antique, circa 1870. 59 cm x 53 cm. Tribal rug from Persia. Hand knotted. Wool on wool. ... read more
price:  Starts at € 300,00
shahsavan reverse sumack khorjin bag face. cm 46x51 or in 18x20. datable 1870/1880. bold, harmonious, beautiful. great pattern, tight weave, great quality. lovely ... read more
price:  Please inquire
Beautiful Caucasian Cloudband Rug With Good Color With Beautiful White Madalion Size.205x128cm
price:  Por
An antique wood milk jug from Nepal. The handle is carved in the form of a monkey and the jug is covered ... read more
price:  300.00
a fine chair from the We tribe, Ivory Coast. It resembles the chairs from Baule tribe. It has hand carved decoration and ... read more
price:  1500.00
Beluch pray rug size 122x64cm
price:  Por
Northwest Persian Kurdish Saddle bags, complete with beautiful kilim back, meaty silky pile, some old damages consistent with use - 19" ... read more
price:  on request
Antique Persian Qashqai Rug in Perfect Condition - Size: 4′ x 7’7″
price:  POR
Rare Antique Qashqai with Ivory Background - Size: 4 x 6’10”
price:  POR
Antique Persian Qashqai Rug Woven Circa 1900 - Size: 3’1″ x 3’7″
price:  POR
Antique Persian Garden of Paradise Kerman Rug - Size: 3′ x 5’2″
price:  POR
Beautiful Antique Tibetan Rug Woven Circa 1880 - Size: 2’3″ x 5′
price:  POR
Extraordinarily Finely Knotted Exemplary Farahan Rug - Size: 4’4″ x 6’8″
price:  POR
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