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Caucasian rug, early 20th century. Worn, old binding, etching. Good design and borders. Measures 4'5" x 6'1". Contact for more info.
price:  POR
Jaff Kurd. Great colors, tatter and wear and reduction. Measures 2'1" x 3'. Contact for more info.
price:  POR
Konya Prayer Carpet, 162 x 103 cm (without frings), ca. 1900
Designfull Antique Tekke Tribe with Salor Guls big storagebagface end 19th century 151 x 88 centimeters
Anatolian – Karapinar Taurus mountains, Tulu rug with mixture of Angora wool. It must have 40-50 % angora wool in it as ... read more
price:  O.R.
Antique Uzbek wall hanging, 120 x 86 cm . link
Shahsavan small bag,Size:27x24 cm
price:  Please ask
Central Anotolian Mucur Prayer Rug Size125x92cm
price:  Por
Antique Persian Bakhtiary rug from the 1920´s with a classical garden design, size: ca. 205x155cm / 6'7''ft x 5'1''ft
persian rug fragment 101x326cm
price:  500$
Chinese textile 25x44cm
price:  100 $
Early 19th Century Qashqai Bag size 43x53 cm
price:  on Request
Central Anatolian Yastik probably “Sivas” Size:82x55cm / 2’9”x1’10” / 33x22 inc...
price:  Hold
Anatolia Bursa silk chain stitch embroidery on angora felt which feels like silk. Majdiyeh, Floral imitation arrangements of 19th century European design ... read more
price:  O.R.
Central Anatolian Yastik “Konya” Size:96x58cm / 3’2”x1’11” / 38x23 inç...
price:  On request
Antique Türkmen Baluch Prayer Carpet size: 155x97
price:  Ask Please
Anatolian Konya – Karapinar Turkmen tulu type of all wool rug. Made of all natural high altitude wool and traditional step prayer ... read more
price:  O.R.
Zari (Real Silver)Brocade Skirt(Ghaghra)From Varanasi,Uttar Pradesh. India.Its size is L-90cm circle is 360cm(DSC02192 New).
price:  On Request
Anatolian Shawl fragment, 187 x 100 cm . link
Daghestan Rug 1,54*2,94 good colours
price:  r
Antique Qashqaii Bagface Size.70x52cm
price:  Por
Chinese Textile Size: 127x75cm Made in period 1910, it is a piece of a collector and used to be hung up.
price:  €375
#1b562 Hand made antique Caucasian Kazak rug 3.7' x 6' ( 113cm x 183cm ) 1890.c
price:  $7000
Antique Tekke Dip Khali measuring 44" x 41" in full pile. The ends have been bound and are secure. The piece is ... read more
price:  $500
This Caucasian / Moghan rug measures approx. 3.8 x 6 ......has overall wear, especially edge wear. Checks drawn on u.s. banks preferred. Thanks ... read more
price:  POR
Qashqai chanteh or vanity bag, flatwoven. 12 x 13". Good condition; some fraying at top and bottom. Similar to ... read more
price:  Sold, thank you
Anatolian Bergama Rug Size 110x118 cm / 3'6'' x 3'9''
price:  On Request
Chinese Robe
price:  On Request
Baluch piled animal trapping, 7 x 60". Excellent condition, full pile.
price:  $135 + shipping
Fabulous Rasht embroidery, very good condition, 90 x 97 cm, 35.4 x 38.2 inch
Antique Ersari or Kizil Ayak large flat woven chuval complete with original back. All dyes appear natural.
price:  Reasonably priced. Please inquire.
Turkmen Chodor Embroidered Tea Bag 14 x 22 cm / 5.51 x 8.66 inches
price:  On Request
Antique Chinese Ningxia rug, Ninghsia,the 5 ply cotton warps appear to be hand spun, and the rug likely dates prior to 1860, ... read more
price:  $550.00US
Antique Chinese rug, hand knotted wool, China, ca.1920, floral sprays on a blue field with a lighter blue border, the two inner ... read more
price:  $1495.00US
Semi Antique Baotao Chinese Rug 135 x 67 Circa 1920/30
price:  POR
Veramin Bag Face, n. Persia, 19th c, 2'4" x 2' Unusual design, all natural dyes, no repairs Please inquire for further information.images/price
Ersari(?) "Chuval" (storage bag), Central Asia (middle Amu Darya region), 19th c., 3'6" x 2'7" Some repair, all natural dyes. Price - us $1300 ... read more
price:  US $1300 + shipping
Antique Sarouk Mohajeran 1'9''x2'3''. Both ends slightly missing top end missing a little more than the bottom.
price:  $325 Free shipping USA
Earyl 18th Century Central Anatolian Karaman Fragment Rug Size.165x138cm
price:  Por
Turkmen - Yomud Kilim, recycled from tent bend fragments. Saturated colors. Circa 1900 or earlier, size : 55" x 38.5" - ... read more
price:  O.R.
Old Tabriz .good condition .size 600x395
price:  P.o.r
size cm. 221 x 131 cm. ANTIQUE lory nomadic persian carpet. In good condition. All wool and all natural dyes. Other ... read more
price:  on request !
Uzbek Lakai Tea Bag 16 x 21 cm / 6.3 x 8.27 inches
price:  On Request
Antique Caucasian Tree Of live Karabagh Rug Size.200x158cm
price:  Por
Turkmen Yomud Embroidered Utility Bag 21 x 22 cm / 8.27 x 8.66 inches (Flap closed )
price:  On Request
a planty of small embroiderys. Wool silk metal on cotton. Probably Europe Vienna Ottoman. From collector Gillis Görz.
price:  por
Central-Asia Turkmen-Yomud a pair of silver cuff bracelets. (Arm-band) original ethnic tribal jewelry Good condition ! Circa-1900 Size : ''8cm x 6cm'' ... read more
price:  O.R
Central-Asia a pair of Turkmen ethnic tribal silver bracelet arm-band wiped with silver polisher Good condition Circa-1900-20 Size : ''6.5cm x 6cm'' ... read more
price:  O.R
Mahal muskabat rug 3,75*4,75 good condition decorative
price:  por
Chinese Bamboo Carving: Delightful bamboo fly whisk handle pendant from the Hani (Akha) minority, Yunnan. China. Great patina with intricate designs consisting ... read more
price:  $140.USD
Antique Caucasian Shirvan Carpet size: 200x113
price:  Ask Please
Shahsavan small khorjin.back kilim is joined by nomads,Size:79x29 cm
price:  Please ask
#1b500 Hand made antique American hooked rug 2.2' x 3.4' ( 67cm x 103cm ) 1900.c
price:  $950
Antique Art Deco Chinese rug, hand knotted wool, China, ca.1930, tone on tone rose / pink all over floral with a cream ... read more
price:  $1495.00US
Qing Dynasty Imperial robe of exquisite quality. Please ask for details. Please visit our website to view a variety of Antique Carpets, ... read more
price:  SOLD
turkoman camel bag face wonderful colors and excellent condition all original and some silk knots circa 1900-1910
price:  On Request
Great Old Yomud Asmalyk Fragment ( ıt needs a good wash , just presenting it as found ) 115 x 77 cm ... read more
price:  On Request
Antique Caucasian Avar Small Rug Size.114x82Cm
price:  Por
Early 19th Century Karadashli Cuval size 88x116 cm
price:  On Request
Lori Bag Face, w. Persia, 19th C. Unusual field design, brilliant colors Please contact for further information/images/price
price:  POR
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